With Linux, Java and Eclipse IDE, Office

Google has chosen open source ecological system the most powerful combination.


Google offering a $10 million reward to ensure that all developers challenge applications can developed as soon as possible.


In order to build "the skyscrapers, the first" issued by the SDK showing some the most intelligent Java engineers have had enough time to realize autonomy and the foundation of the building from scratch parts.

The compression of the improved bytecode format Dalvik VM running in Java, in consumption of resources and rarely between applications to interference Dalvik Java VM can run simultaneously DuoGe application. These characteristics in the Suns Java RFE list have early, Google is simply building them. Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.


But using the reason I can with Apache class library is advisable. So Google can not be the realization of the complete thirds about open source Java. And in a lot of respects reason much faster.

From the first day release SDK starts, it found that Eclipse integrated ability is surprising. Anyone can in minutes using Eclipse developed the first Android applications.

The Eclipse DDMS perspective can control and monitoring simulator, this is I have seen the best simulator management console. And other simulator after DuoNian development to be mature, The invention of Microsoft Office 2010 is a big change of the world.

such as Microsoft or Symbian may give you leave the impression: simulator, you shall not need not not human nature DuoZhong different tools "connected" them. And in the Eclipse DDMS perspective view, you can immediately perceive what happens, can control from the inside. Log view not only can output continuous words, can still additional filter, for example through the process, severity or his own tags.

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