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These characteristics in the Suns Java RFE list have early, Google is simply building them. <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Office 2010</a> &ndash;save your time and save your money.<br>&nbsp;<br>But using the reason I can with Apache class library is advisable. So Google can not be the realization of the complete thirds about open source Java. And in a lot of respects reason much faster. <br>From the first day release SDK starts, it found that Eclipse integrated ability is surprising. Anyone can in minutes using Eclipse developed the first Android applications. <br>The Eclipse DDMS perspective can control and monitoring simulator, this is I have seen the best simulator management console. And other simulator after DuoNian development to be mature, The invention of <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Microsoft Office 2010</a> is a big change of the world.<br>such as Microsoft or Symbian may give you leave the impression: simulator, you shall not need not not human nature DuoZhong different tools "connected" them. And in the Eclipse DDMS perspective view, you can immediately perceive what happens, can control from the inside. Log view not only can output continuous words, can still additional filter, for example through the process, severity or his own tags. L equipment processing power did not play out local. Microsoft Office http://sitdiary.net/stefanie2/?cmd=view_entry&eid=30446 Thu, 7 Jul 2011 1:01:05 CDT &nbsp;<br>L can upgrade the server application is a development challenges. <br>L development Ajax application is a trouble, expensive and slow. <br>L no standard interface for accessing the browser outside of the local equipment services, such as GPS, camera, contacts, call list, a microphone or the speaker. <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Office 2010</a> &ndash;save your time and save your money.<br>&nbsp;<br>Imagine today you suddenly had inspiration, the inspiration developed application can transcend existing applications (rosen jiang note: can also be called killer mobile application), but also want to have it deployed to all over the world, would you like to choose which kind of technology? <br>If you still don't try so hard release you, you should take the. Here is why Android will win reason: <br>Location based services <br>Google owns a server infrastructure (server infrastructure) technology to provide location-based services. <br>Adnroid SDK provides two very useful bag: com. Google. Android. Maps and android. Location. You can be in Google maps establishes own cover figure. If you are in a position within the radius, LocationManager allow development "ProximityAlert" this way to awaken the phone or trigger other events. <br>Money and advertising resources <br>Google. The invention of <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Microsoft Office 2010</a> is a big change of the world.<br>&nbsp;<br>Open source <br>Android is free beer, such as free as I can with Apache License open source agreement followed. Anyone can get Android components with a call to the technology. Why some companies still take several years and investment to re-invent the wheel of millions? If they reuse the Android components, these costs are unnecessary. If Google engineers always stand in the forefront of development, then those private technology branch will eventually come to Android unity. <br>Strong ecological system I was late November 2007, Microsoft http://sitdiary.net/stefanie2/?cmd=view_entry&eid=30446 Thu, 7 Jul 2011 1:01:52 CDT learned that Android, just above the corresponding to their acceptance speech! People don't know is how think, don't do mobile application does not do mobile games have a future, or have nothing to say to my speech at only? If so, we look at the later may let you like a dream sleep... early <a href="http://www.officeoneplus.com/">Office 2010</a> is best for all office users. <br>&nbsp;<br>For the mobile equipment, born of the Android software development set bag have released a week. As db4o object database founder of I speaking, this is our product and the company's most to get excited about one of the events. Do you know the details of <a href="http://www.officeoneplus.com/office-2007-c-2.html">Microsoft Office 2007</a>?<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Android will the scattered mobile development platform to unify, and it can be based on the development of the application to service position around the world to the user. This is why will arouse a mobile field winds cause. <br>content <br>(slightly, the detailed reference title.) Many people like the <a href="http://www.officeoneplus.com/office-2007-c-2.html">Office 2007</a> software.<br>&nbsp;<br>The prospect of the wind <br>View from the globalization, a mobile phone operating system is very little. Mobile phone manufacturers and operators these key role, they all have their own a private technology. Is considered to be a global such as Microsoft and Apple, Symbian is smaller, they each year respectively for global provide 60 million, 20 million and 10 million mobile phone plan. <br>As there is no standard operating system, operators tend to write applications that can let ordinary browser to Ajax (Javascript) way to run. In the mobile phone run on it is not convenient: Ajax <br>L small screen user experience is very bad. <br>L application program can only be run on Internet connection condition. <br>L don't have any localization storage, structured data cache of plan. <br>L to develop the complex interaction application is almost impossible, because must be propagation delay, and the influence of the bandwidth. Jive Software practice. Office 2007 http://sitdiary.net/stefanie2/?cmd=view_entry&eid=30446 Thu, 7 Jul 2011 1:01:42 CDT &nbsp;<br>We put this kind of practice is called "internal progressive model" (from "a progressive tax"). It means, with our product earn the customer should pay for products, period. This is our source of income. But there are other users, academic user, start-ups, assessment of the trial, they should all <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Microsoft Office</a> is so great!<br>users can be free to get our products. In addition, we have the more big moves, we open source the OpenSpaces framework, this is we are in established on the basis of flagship of the API. We will return soon start OpenSpace. Org, this is a true community website, allowing the people to contribute code. We open all the documents on the Internet, and through free and open source project cooperation community version. These examples show that how we can not send "in free family heirloom" at the same time, and become a open enterprise. So I answered this way you question: are we in the foreseeable future, not going to be free and open source, but we strive to become open, community friendly enterprise. Matt Asay said well, our philosophy is rich, and not scarce. <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Office 2010</a> &ndash;save your time and save your money.<br>The September of 2007, I spend time with the writing "from Java EE to Java ME communication" this article. In fact this is not for two years ago were finishing projects and post out just, it's not the main purpose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br>Make the reader understand completely not my intention, I get is full of "article reproduced" such comments!!!!! The article statements I wrote, "to realize the daydream and explain the above problems to the developers to work hard together, put your spare time into the db4oME such Buy <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/office-2007download-c-15.html">Office 2007</a> Today.<br>technology in similar, if such distributed database can achieve, I think this will give mobile computing brought about a revolution, more relying on networks, database of mobile phone applications will be born, play to the advantages of Java strong!!!!!" Finally, there are two need to pay attention to, Microsoft office 2007 http://sitdiary.net/stefanie2/?cmd=view_entry&eid=30446 Wed, 29 Jun 2011 20:20:58 CDT &nbsp;one is in, everybody is usually OLTP three paradigm to reduce data direction, repeat, improve efficiency. But in OLAP everyone but went off in the opposite direction to go, because as far as possible DuoWei with the model, let the data in a inquires the sooner the better, and not in the data, so why save many found that a lot of times the expansion data. This is tricky place. There is a characteristic is in, OLTP query all fields can give, but only in a few fields OLAP can give. <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Office 2010</a> &ndash;save your time and save your money.<br>&nbsp;<br>We can use a few photographs to show the OLTP and OLAP, OLTP is like money to spread, but the data warehouse is very much money in one piece, mass of data, now I ask you a question, here, how much money, the edge is very typical OLAP operation, or one hundred dollars, how many bundle of 100, 20, 50, 10 of statistics. If money scattered here all words, I want to also don't do, DBA to bear hardships and stand hard work and do not, but finishing up, according to the column to put, you will find, as it is not difficult also to number, each word of ten thousand can still several bills come out of, in fact the data warehouse there were things like this. The invention of <a href="http://www.officialsofts.com/">Microsoft Office 2010</a> is a big change of the world.<br>&nbsp;Sybase have a breakthrough, let everybody in mass data inside fast to check your data, Sybase provide a new idea is listed type, it seems as if the storage just now listed in the press of there, I have good points for you to find out, actually very easy, not need thousands of several nights to found out things. So, by contrast, all of the traditional database to do is put, just have explained clearly have a lot of advantages, according to the line, a information we can quickly find in position. Also is when I do a statistical, certainly will should be put all the information scanning, and so on many problems will come out. <br>&nbsp;