www.sitdiary.net/wednesday - (Last 5 Entries) http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/ A feed of wednesdays diary entries on sitDiary. Tue, 12 Dec 2017 19:19:41 CST http://www.sitdiary.net/ 1435 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Tue, 12 Dec 2017 12:12:02 CST I've never experienced a hangover before.<br>But I imagine it's a lot like waking up to my roommate.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Too bright, too loud, too happy.&nbsp;<br>I'm not a morning person.&nbsp;<br>I swear she waits in bed until the precise moment she knows I'm out of bed and follows me around, just to torture me. I can't have a moment alone, to wake up, to adjust.&nbsp; At least children are somewhat cute when they pester you at all hours.&nbsp; This grown woman is not that cute.&nbsp;<br>I just want to smash my finger against her lips and say "sshhhh" while squinting my eyes.&nbsp;<br>There is no need to talk that loud so early in the morning...or afternoon, whenever I get out of bed.&nbsp;<br>She giggles at everything (in which things I do not see any humor in), esp my reactions or lack thereof to her 'oh so exciting' stories she tells.<br>I have not ever responded or contributed to the convo she carries on in the morning.&nbsp; I'm pritti sure I've never really acknowledged her existence in the mornings.&nbsp; &nbsp;But she just doesn't get it.<br>I generally tune her out when she goes on and on and on.&nbsp; But in the morning I suppose I'm more blatant about the fact I don't care.&nbsp; And she might actually notice.&nbsp; And it might offend her.&nbsp;<br>_______________________________________________<br>"Life (dating) is hard;<br>it's harder if you're stupid."&nbsp;<br>-John Wayne&nbsp;<br>&nbsp; 1433 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Tue, 28 Nov 2017 15:15:04 CST Thanksgiving was brief, but good. Black Friday shopping, napping and church, it was all great!&nbsp;<br>Until I got food poisioning that night I went home.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Lack of sleep that night, going to work that day, puking twice at work, and missing the Polar Express Train ride I paid lots of money to go do with family.&nbsp; I knew it was only a 24 hr thing, but that was the 24 hrs I wanted to actually participate in life.&nbsp; The rest of the week I can totally check out.&nbsp; But noooo... It's never convenient like that.&nbsp;<br>I thought I was gonna die.&nbsp; Okay, I didn't.&nbsp; But it felt like it at times.&nbsp; And I did find it refreshing to experience a different kind of sickness/pain.&nbsp; I'm so used to sinus infections and I know I can't last long with those without screaming and gnashing of teeth.&nbsp; But this was different... and not as long lasting.&nbsp; I found myself grateful this pain didn't effect my nose and head this time.&nbsp;<br>But I hate puking.&nbsp; I can tell you the exact year and month of the last few times I've thrown up.&nbsp; I remember it all.&nbsp; What I really can't handle is the nausea which tends to accompany flu and food poisoning situations, but puking is a close second.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>My roommate always has a hissy fit when I tell her I was sick and went to work.&nbsp; She uses any excuse she can to get out of doing, well anything really, sickness being one of the few legit excuses to use.&nbsp; She doesn't understand why I don't use excuses to get out of duties and obligations.&nbsp; *shrug* Besides the fact I was raised in a family of hard work. ("The cows and horses don't care if you are sick") it kind of felt better when I puked afterward. Just be doing the same thing at home as I was in the office.&nbsp; Maybe at the office I might get something done in between.&nbsp;And I did skip the train ride I really wanted to go to.<br>Besides if I'm really sick I sleep and sleep and sleep.&nbsp; She sits on the couch and watches TV like usual, so you can never really tell if she's sick or not.&nbsp; But going home to sleep when your stomach is indecisive on when it wants to eject stuff has never really turned out well for me.&nbsp;<br>Still afraid of food... but that's okay.&nbsp;Stomach still a little sensitive.&nbsp; I'll only eat what I'm willing to throw up, which isn't much. Maybe I'll get a little skinnier.&nbsp; Maybe I can keep my stomach/appetite smaller, healthier. One step at a time.&nbsp; I've graduated to bread now. woohoo.&nbsp; Actually, my body hurts all over.&nbsp; It's amazing the muscles it takes when you are wretching.&nbsp; Muscles you never knew you had/needed to pay homeage to the porcelain god.&nbsp; Scared to take any pain killer tho.&nbsp;<br>Just a small blip in the grand scheme of things.&nbsp; Life temporary on hold for 24 hrs.&nbsp; No big deal.&nbsp; Time to move on.&nbsp;<br>Well, I survived!&nbsp;<br>Just had to hold on.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>"The message of this moment is so clear<br>And as certain as the rising of the sun<br>When your world is filled with darkness, doubt or fear<br>Just hold on, hold on<br>The light will come<br>&nbsp;<br>Everyone who&rsquo;s ever tried and failed<br>Stands much taller when the victory&rsquo;s won<br>And those who&rsquo;ve been in darkness for awhile<br>Kneel much longer when<br>The light has come<br>&nbsp;<br>It&rsquo;s a message everyone of us must learn<br>That the answers never come without a fight<br>And when it seems you&rsquo;ve struggled far too long<br>Just hold on, hold on&nbsp;<br>There will be light<br><br>Hold on, hold on, the light will come<br>Hold on, hold on, the light will come<br>&nbsp;<br>If you feel trapped inside a never ending night<br>If you&rsquo;ve forgotten how it feels to feel the light<br>If you&rsquo;re half crazy thinking you&rsquo;re the only one<br>Who&rsquo;s afraid the light will never really come<br>Just hold on, hold on the light will come<br>&nbsp;<br>The message of this moment is so clear<br>And as certain as the rising of the sun<br>When your world is filled with darkness, doubt or fear<br>Just hold on, hold on the light will come"<br>&nbsp;<br>-Michael McLean : "Hold On, The Light will Come"&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>Going to see The Forgotten Carols this Saturday starring Michael McLean.&nbsp; Juss revisiting my favorite song of his.<br>I totally want to spend my holiday bonus on season tickets to the theatre for next year!&nbsp; I won't spend that much money to get a gym membership even tho I've been going for like two plus years, but for the theatre, sure!&nbsp; Merry Christmas to me!&nbsp;<br>&nbsp; 1429 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Wed, 1 Nov 2017 10:10:01 CDT Floo powder, Mudbloods, Mandrakes, Whomping Willow, flying cars, Gringotts, goblins, dragons, Scabbers, prefect, Bloody Baron, Peeves, Dark Arts, Chocolate Frogs, Diagon Alley, Muggles, Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Leaky Cauldron, Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, Licorice Wands, Daily Prophet, Sickles and Knuts, Dursleys, Black Forest, Nimbus Two Thousand, Flourish and Blotts, Hedwig, Ministry of Magic, Dumbledore, Sorting Hat, Quidditch, Kings Cross, Platform 9 and 3/4, Nearly Headless Nick, Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Hogwarts, Voldemort, Moaning Myrtle, Weasleys, Harry Potter!<br>Oh how I've missed these words and have forgotten how happy they make me when I read them again.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp; 1427 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Fri, 27 Oct 2017 11:11:43 CDT "I'm sorry to have to tell you this, buttercup,<br>But my rights don't end where your feelings begin."&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br><br>"If you want to love me,&nbsp;<br>You better be a storm chaser."&nbsp;<br>-Stephanie Bennett-Henry<br>&nbsp; 1426 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Thu, 26 Oct 2017 12:12:40 CDT A day for me.&nbsp; A cheap date for myself.<br>Made chili when I got home.&nbsp; mmm<br>I skipped Ward Visits last night.<br>I refused any responsibility that night.&nbsp;<br>I spent $1.23 on a movie instead.&nbsp; I wanted to laugh.<br>Logan Lucky.&nbsp; &nbsp;Made me laugh.&nbsp; &nbsp;Reminded me of my brothers.<br>Bought an ICEE for $1.69 at the gas station and got my own popcorn at home.<br>Came home and watched Cloverfield.&nbsp; A movie where everyone dies!&nbsp;<br>I want to watch scary/halloween movies from now until Halloween.&nbsp;<br>Already watched Corpse Bride.&nbsp;<br>Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, What Lies Beneath, Cloverfield, Edward Scissorhands, Gremlins, Jaws, Jurassic Park, 1408, Priest, (the ones I own) etc.&nbsp;<br>Need more Channing Tatum tho after Logan Lucky.&nbsp; Jupiter Ascending.&nbsp;<br>I think I own Dear John maybe it might be that one.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>Had the sudden urge to watch Juno again too.&nbsp;<br>I took pictures of myself laying in a grassy spot full of leaves.&nbsp; I love leaves!&nbsp;<br>I had my roommate take some pictures too.&nbsp; I cropped, framed, and colored them to make them look better.&nbsp; And then figured out how to post them on Facebook.&nbsp; Yay.&nbsp; &nbsp;I quite like them.&nbsp;<br>The last "professional" pictures I took was last year this month.&nbsp; It seems I am okay taking pics of me to post to the world once a year, always in October.&nbsp;<br>My favorite month!&nbsp; Pumpkin everything!&nbsp; And endless shrimp at Red Lobster with me Mum around her bday!&nbsp;<br>I'm feeling impulsive!&nbsp; Oohh Amazon! This is not going to be good...&nbsp; The period must be coming.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;