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Wed, 18 Oct 2017 15:15:26 CDT http://www.sitdiary.net/ 1422 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Thu, 5 Oct 2017 11:11:09 CDT Accomplishment today :&nbsp; Parking the truck on first attempt (far away from other cars, of course) AND backing out of my stall and driving away on the first try (without a three point turn to avoid hitting the neighbors car).&nbsp; <br>yay!&nbsp; It only took til day four to do these things....<br>Borrowed my sisters truck to get a new couch.&nbsp; Traded my little tiny car for the truck.&nbsp;<br>With her husband gone to Japan it all seemed to work out, me coming to get the truck, she driving me to it, me driving it back, people buying things from her storage unit that day in droves, her sudden idea of emptying out her storage unit with the rest of the cabinets the last day of the month so she wouldn't have to pay another month,&nbsp; me being there so she has a truck and a driver to help transport, us taking both vehicles and filling them up to reduce trips to storage unit, and the two of us and her son being able to manhandle all the stuff from storage, to truck to garage in the dark and in the rain.&nbsp; Yaay.&nbsp; Accomplishments.&nbsp;<br>Then I got a new couch on Tues.&nbsp; Yay.&nbsp;<br>Now I just need to get rid of the old couch.&nbsp; More accomplishments!<br>&nbsp; 1418 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Tue, 26 Sep 2017 16:16:49 CDT &nbsp;<br>This will be the generation, the time for a new one to go down in the history books,<br>where a war will be started by a tweet from the President.&nbsp;<br>Our forefathers are probably turning in their graves, appalled.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp; 1417 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Mon, 18 Sep 2017 15:15:51 CDT Happy Birthday my Maylee baby!&nbsp;<br>5 yrs old! &nbsp;Yer tall enough you don't look 5 tho.&nbsp;<br>Just missed the kindergarten cut off, have to wait until next year.<br>Bummer, you can't go to kindergarten with your cousin Gunner.<br>But you can go to kindergarten with the twins next year.&nbsp;<br>I got you a white Build-A-Bear you can dress up. &nbsp;It came with the disney pink dress, big girl underwear with Minnie Mouse on it and the Minnie Mouse ears with veil. &nbsp;I also bought a Happy Birthday cupcake for the bear to hold when you opened the present too.&nbsp;<br>I gave you some money and you went and picked out some skates and a helmet for the bear today on your birthday. &nbsp; Hopefully you got to go mini golfing with your grandparents and a few cousins to celebrate today.&nbsp;<br>I was thinking about my Aunt Patsy and how much she has influenced me in my life choices and how much I want her to be involved in my future choices. &nbsp;I hope I can influence you my dear Maylee, even if in just a tiny way, like Patsy did for me.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved."&nbsp;<br>-Thomas Monson : Finding Joy in the Journey&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp; 1416 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Mon, 11 Sep 2017 12:12:04 CDT Last week every time the boss called my name, it was usually followed by some cursing...<br>I though it slightly odd. &nbsp;I finally figured out why.&nbsp;<br>He called my name and I was close enough one time I heard his cell phone chime right afterward and Siri talk to him, followed by his cursing and fumbling with his phone.&nbsp;<br>Apparently my name, starting with an "S" always triggers Siri on his phone when he talks to me.&nbsp;<br>Slightly hilarious.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>"Life's too short, babe<br>Time is flyin'<br>I'm looking for baggage <br>to go with mine"<br>-Rent 1414 http://sitdiary.net/wednesday/?cmd=view_entry&eid=20955 Thu, 7 Sep 2017 12:12:58 CDT &nbsp;<br>OneRepublic concert with Maddy last night!<br>Maddy's first concert. &nbsp;<br>I'm not sure what you call those concerts that are tame and polite with no questionable folks, no police standing by, sitting in an auditorium, sitting in assigned seats, clapping at the right moments, entering and exiting punctually, silently listening to the music and/or the lyrics.&nbsp;<br>But this was her first concert where no one came on time, lots of beer, police everywhere, everyone on a lawn outside standing, rocking out or dancing and most singing along at the top of their lungs.&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>"Yes I'm neurotic, I'm obsessed and I know it<br>Can't take vacations in the brain<br>Or believe me, I'd be on one<br>Hawaii under warm sun<br>Yeah,yeah<br>&nbsp;<br>Think I lost my mind<br>But don't worry about me<br>Happens all the time<br>In the morning I'll be better<br>In the morning I'll be better<br>&nbsp;<br>I swear I'm not insane<br>Yes, most likely not insane<br>Everybody goes through moments of losing their clarity<br>At least I'm never boring<br>But I've been losing sleep so call the doctor, said to take one of these<br>And call me in the morning.<br>&nbsp;<br>Think I lost my mind<br>But don't worry about me<br>Happens all the time<br>In the morning I'll be better<br>In the morning I'll be better"<br>&nbsp;<br>"So here's the question asked<br>Of all the things you love, the people, places from the future and the ancient past&nbsp;<br>Of every one of those, which one will cause you to let it go, let it go<br>Need to crash"&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>-OneRepublic : Better