Here's Mike
Feeling: amazed

Funny Video

Here's Mike. On his Segway. Enough said.

Edit: no that's not me..but it was fucking hilarious

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How the fuck can I still stay positive?
Feeling: psyched

First, I'd like to go about bitching about school. I have class from 5pm-1am, monday-friday. That doesn't bother me one bit because I'm used to this type of schedule but the way it's supposed to go is this: we arrive at class on 5, leave at 8 or 8:30 for dinner break than come back for lab an hour later and stay till 1am. My professor decides to lecture till 10 o'clock... What the hell? You can't understand him because he has a heavy french, italian, spanish, and cuban MIX accent...Ok that being said, these past few months have been shitty for everyone I know. I'll list a few of the things that have happened.

My parents getting divorced - COMPLETE SURPRISE TO ME. They seemed to be getting along fine and all of the sudden I get a call saying my parents are getting divorced. ??!?!!?!?!?!

My brother leaving for Iraq- he's in the NAVY and just recieved news that he's leaving for Iraq in march...nice

Best friend's parents getting divorced-another complete surprise

Friend of mine's boyfriend died in Iraq-Just last night she recieved news that he's died in Iraq

Good friend of mine is having depression problems and women problems

Another one of my good friends just broke up with his girlfriend, and she's doing everything in the book in spite of him...

I could go on and on about things that have gone wrong in the past few months.

Somehow, I still remain positive and in a great mood! I'm really happy and enjoy talking to my friends and making them feel better also. Ataraxia is bad ass... Even talking to both of my parents, I make them in good moods!

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Time with my friends

The start of this weekend wasn't a good one. It turns out Sams dad was diagnosed with colon cancer, therefore he couldn't come. He went to visit his dad. =[ I wish Sams dad the best of luck with his surgery and I hope he makes it out of there in tip-top shape! Sam was missed this weekend. :-( But we made the best of it!

This weekend was definitely a needed vacation. With school running 40+ hours a week and ending at 1am every night, I needed a break. We first went to see my mom and picked up Trey. Too bad I didn't get to talk to his sister. I like her a lot. (Yes he knows I like his sister and he's OK with it. He actually WANTS me to date his sister.) We've been at the lake since 2pm or so on Saturday. We are jamming on Rock Band right now, although we've been watching movies all afternoon. It's a very nice chill weekend.

We are getting ready for the Super Bowl tomorrow! Go Pats!

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Trip Home
Feeling: longing

Background knowledge: My school is intense, for lack of better terms. I'm getting a Bachelors Degree in 2 years; therefore semesters are 1 month long. I take 2 classes per month and those classes are 8 hours long each.

It's semester change time so I get a couple days off from school before I have to return. YAY! I get to go see the family and a few friends from North Carolina (where I lived for 10 years). A friend of mine named Kyle came up with me from Florida and I'm looking forward to spending time with my friends at the lake house, watching the Super Bowl and playing video games; on a 109 inch hi-def TV might I add? (haha sorry=] )

We (Kyle, Trey and I) are leaving for the lake place tomorrow and we are to pick up Walt (Sam) on the way there.

Although I'm going to hang out with some of the best friends I could ever have, I do miss the company of a female partner. :- I would love to have someone I could talk about anything with. I mean, I could tell anything to my friends because they know how open I am with anything I have to say, but it's a different story when you're talking to a girl. But, how can I meet other girls when I'm to shy to initiate a conversation with them to begin with?

That being said, I'm so excited to hang out with my friends tomorrow playing video games and watching movies all weekend. Oh, my brother is coming also. =]


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Feeling: antsy

I have a test for school tomorrow that determines whether I stay or go...

I only need a 48 on it, but it's the hardest test I'll take throughout college. The average of last months test was below a 50.

Wish me luck!


Update: AND I PASSED! WOOooooooOoOoOO!

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Why don't women date better guys?
Feeling: bewildered

Why are women so infatuated with guys who have a knack for trouble, partying, and making ridiculously puerile jokes regarding the size of their cocks?

Please help me understand this. Why not go for a guy with a significant understanding about the world around him rather than a guy who cares nothing about you and everything about the next time he's getting laid?

You ladies should, instead of trying to find another guy that will treat you like dirt beneath his shoes, turn to the guy you call when you're pissed at your current boyfriend. Turn to the friend who escorted you home from the party you got drunk at and never took advantage of you. I'm talking about that geek friend that you relate all guys to, but won't date because you're 'better off as friends', or you 'don't want to ruin what you have'. We all know those lines are complete horse shit. You just don't want to date him because he doesn't count his body-fat percentage. Don't you realize that he has always been there when you needed him most? When your boyfriend got angry at you because you just wanted to lay with him rather than have sex, who did you call? Surely not one of your other girlfriends...You called the guy you know would be at his house, not out getting drunk. Your geek will be the most loyal lover you will ever have. Not that guy you met playing beer-pong at the party.

The geek is the one you should be dating

Read this: Girls guide to geeks

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A bit about me
Listening to: Silence

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Height: 5'11"

Eyes: Dark Brown-almost black

Hair: Dark Brown-almost black

Race: Caucasian

Religious Beliefs: None

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Body Type: Athletic-Slim

Anything else for that? Guess not.

Well hi!

Don't know where to start about my personality...sooooo....

I'm very big into the entertainment scene therefore I love music, video games, and movies.

I like to listen to almost any type of music, having a definite variety in tastes, including anything from classical, jazz, rock, ska, and everything in between (except country and rap).

As for movies, I'll watch just about anything. Action, comedy, love stories (yes, shut up! =])...anything.

Video games...I guess you would call me a nerd. I'm currently in college to major in Computer Programming...Game Development to be precise.

As I said before, you can call me a nerd. A different type of nerd at least... I grew up playing ice hockey and excelled at it. I would have gone to college to play hockey and possibly take it up to a professional career, but decided I liked computers and intelligence more than brute strength and knowing patterns of play styles.

Ummm...past relationship experience?

I've had once serious relationship in the past and it lasted for 2 and a 1/2 years. From my junior year in high school till just before I left for school. The relationship had some good and bad factors to it...mostly bad. She was a hardcore Christian while I was more of an Atheist... She (like the majority of the religious community) tried to change a lot of things about myself. I'm sure I'll type more about my past experience with her.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...Anything else?

I guess if you have any questions you can comment and ask me to write about certain things

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New to this
Listening to: Laughter of the classroom I'm currently in.
Feeling: experimental

Hi everybody!

I'm kind of new to this diary stuff; therefore I just wanted to pop in and say hello while I think about what I'm going to put into my first entry.

Perhaps a little bit about myself for starters?

I shall start when I get home than!


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