Strong type link (link) auxiliary methods: in IDE), Microsoft Office intelligent prompt use strong type of expression to generate Controller and Action for specific links. Regional (Area) functions strengthened: Area offers a way will be a large Web applications is divided into different projects. Preview 2 simplifies the function, can be in same project in better organization applications, and don't have to split into multiple projects. Asynchronous Action: provide the development of Action of the thread not jam methods, which can improve the loft, especially in site need to visit external resources. Data mark Validation and Metadata providers function: Preview 1, the default in the providers use data for Validation and Metadata mark expression, Model Validation Preview 2 increased Provider and Metadata Provider Provider, it allows us to add additional Validation logic Model, and some other Metadata providing way. Office 2010 is best for all office users. MVC 2 Preview 2 can coexist, but with the MVC 1 2008, both in VS will show for each project type. But VS will directly 2010 containing MVC 2. As a paragraph languages (such as C, C + + and Pascal) Debugger, GNU Debugger 7.0 now supports Mac OS X Darwin. 7.0 enhancement including increased reverse commissioning and a JIT compiler interface. Users can download page in GDB to a new version of the software. GDB 7.0 now supports the new platform, added some major new features and enhance and did some bug fix. Support the new local configuration: * x86 / x86_64 Darwin * x86_64 MinGW Increased the following some goals: * Mico32 Lattice * x86 / x86_64 DICOS * S + core 3 * remote stub now support x86 Windows CE Major new features: * Python scripting support * Reverse debugging (Reverse debugging), Process records and reply (Process record and replay is) * no pauses (Non - stop debugging debugging) * multiple architecture debugging (Multi - architecture debugging)
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