Kiss me again

We fell apart.

And I'm to blame.

I am so apologetic.

I am so ashamed.

My eyelids flood at the thought of you and I;

How beautiful we once were.

All our memories and

Our discarded and unborn future.

I just thought you should know...

You were perfect to me.

You deserve someone better.

It hurts to think that someone else

Will make you happy someday.

But you deserve it;

Truth. Honesty. Love. Happiness.

I will never stop loving you though.

There's a place in my heart for you.

And I will re-visit it often.

Just... not as your significant other.

But as your friend.

I hurt so bad.

I wish I could tell you.


I'll be okay.

Is that what you want me to say?

It's called break up,

cause it's broken.

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i'm really sorry :( i hate that it is one of those lose-lose situations for you. well, or win/lose-win/lose. i don't know if that makes sense. but i'm still sorry. i really hope that with time, things will work out and start to make more sense. and you'll feel reassured that you made the right decision, hopefully, as much as it may hurt. and i'm really sorry you can't go back home for a summer far away is home?
yeah i can understand that...michigan, what about you?
well that is not fair. it's 2 am here. not trying to be nosy but what part of cali? northern, southern?
mhm, i have been to southern california before-orange county and la
i got to go to venice beach? lol
hmm, paper writing :/ what is it there, midnight?

oh and i am from michigan, but i'm at school in missouri...where it has finally decided to reach the 70s during the day
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