*[08] don't hold the phone!!

well... as a continuation of my last entry:

i called my cousin and told her that i couldn't believe that she had believed what i told her. haha. she said that she still believed it, and i said " fine... believe what you want.. i still can't believe that you fell for it." i kinda feel like a bitch for doing that though. i really shouldnt lie to family, but she asked me... so i had to lie to her either way... if i didnt... i would be completely insecure around her. yeah so..

i was just on the phone with my boy. oO0oOooh i love that boyy! :) anyway... my life is still a GIaNT mess and i dont kow... i am just annoyed by life... dont worry... i am not going to do anyhting drastic.. i guess i will just have to cry myself to sleep for a few more nights.[[as if it were only a few more nights...]]

- i am worried that this diarymay have gotten exposed... as to who i am... so i will probably make a new one soon... just thinking of a name.

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