Is this thing still on?
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Tap tap!

-- Edit --

Sorry about that guys. I brought Sitdiary back but forgot to update some of the scripts so they work on the new installation. You should be able to write posts as usual.

For now, I have registrations turned off because we were getting tons of spam previously.


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I give you ... AUTO-SAVE!
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Now if only I can turn this thing into a proper WYSIWYG editor.


-- Edit --

WYSIWYG editor, done.

Well that was easy.

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So today I called Sarah up to see how she and Liv are doing while they're in Georgia. While we were talking, Sarah put the phone on speaker so I could talk to Olivia. I started saying "Hiiii Oliviaaaa" and then I heard "Dadad!" That's pretty much the highlight of my day.

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If this works, we're in good shape.

Welcome to the other side!

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Sorry about the date confusion

Just let me know if you're still having issues.

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Moving everyone over soon

The coding for this bad-boy is pretty much complete. I just have to transfer all of the comments into one table and make sure the system isn't dependent on the individual tables. I know, blah blah blah to you but it's very important.

I'm just testing the post functionality on here.

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i'm awesome

was there ever any doubt?

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this is another test! test tes

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How You Doin'?

Man, it's been a while. I've been kind of looking over Sitdiary for a while now and I won't say that it sucks, but I do feel that it could be much better. Every time I get up the nerve to give it a make-over, I either get distracted or FUBAR the current installation. No worries. Sarah says I should write in here to document my life. Hmmm ... FINE. So -- Olivia. She's pretty amazing. She's nearly eight months old now and developing a completely awesome personality. Also, I don't like to brag (much) but people do randomly walk up and tell us that she's flawless. Oh, and one lady just walked up and kissed her in the arm. C'mon now, it's not just my biased parental perspective. She's just beginning to babble endlessly. I can't think of anything that sounds better. Oh yeah, and now she constantly reaches for my fingers so she can hoist herself up into a standing position. What's cute is when I tap my foot when she's standing, she'll try and tap along but she gets all off-balance, but she's pretty much fearless at this point so it doesn't matter. If you haven't seen videos of her, well, you should. I'm sure Sarah has posted them somewhere where I've uploaded them. I've been trying to bathe Liv more lately and put her to bed. At first, it sounded like work; now I can't wait for my turn. When Livi takes a bath, she smacks the water with her hands continuously. Luckily, we put her tiny bath tub inside the regular bath tub and it only gets all over the tub itself and me if I don't pull the shower door in the way. Watching her splash is cool considering a few short months ago, she had no idea how to use her hands. Now she's grabbing everything and she's to the point where she objects if you take something away or if you don't give her something she wants. Either way, it makes laugh. I know it's horrible but I can't help it, her cry is pretty cute. Don't get me started on the pouty faces. Sarah and I are doing well. Despite her lack of sleep and my lack of focus, we are more stable than ever and still in love. Currently, we're still saving up for a house. Hopefully we won't have to move to make that a more tangible goal but we'll see. We just got a new car a few days ago and it's nothing short of fantastic. Now maybe Sarah can't use the iPhone and the Macbook against me. JK -- that will never stop. Speaking of which, I sold the iPhone to get two new 3G iPhones for her and myself -- $200 each baby. Awwww yeah. Except, now I have no cell phone in the interim. Did I mention I became pretty Mac-heavy as of late? Yeah, I'm a bit of a fan boy but I still have some love for M$, so .. no worries, Bill. Nonetheless, I love my Macbook Pro and I doubt I'll go back. Oh yeah, and I stopped driving to work. Now, I ride my bike and I recommend it to anyone who lives within a few miles from their work. My awesome wife surprised me with a bike a couple months ago because she knew I was looking. So I turned my expensive parking pass in and now I get exercise, plus four free parking days a month for being so GREEN. Hopefully riding will help me shed a few and also keep me from the slow and painful death of a cholesterol-gobbling carnivore. What? Yeah. I think that's about it for now. I'll try and update more but no promises.

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