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the families of domestic state-owned and even some overseas in financial institutions, is in advocate do business intelligence, elite analysis, business intelligence to bring you a direct challenge to the amount of data is significant, the number of multiple inflation, all kinds of data, not only is the enterprise business data, including unstructured data, and so on, in a such data, the formation of the expansion, they will have a lot of challenges, data expansion, data explosion, Microsoft Office 2010 is so great.

slow performance and so on challenges, there is a very interesting place is, everybody is a database BBS, actually database this library word for everyone in here, we are in fact, how to play of the storage of data storage down, how the data through some operations inside information, make the data into information, into value and gold.

From the earliest time, data storage is through the tape, slowly become magnetic tapes, disks, tapes to disks have a jump, able to randomly positioning, the hard disk data, large capacity. Now with a coin hard disk has been about the size of a lot of information integration, can, but there is a very important point hope everyone can see, that is all the ETB, effective transmission bandwidth, Office 2010 is my favorite.

a disk its effective transmission bandwidth what was the rising or falling, what is called effective transmission bandwidth, it is assigned to each unit DuoDa exactly have the bandwidth to transmit to the outside, the overall efficiency to be played out, and there is a number of communications,


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