which is to say that you save the data Office 2010


 does not have a problem, but can you want to use the data in the CPU time can with the fastest speed for the CPU, over the past 25 years inside the capacity of the disk ten thousand times, very increased terrorist of the Numbers, but we on the market on market we can buy a TB plates, 10 million have already been regarded as the great before the hard disk. I DuoNian 20 before when the contact computer hard drive, the five million 10 MB hard drive capacity, an increase of ten thousand times, actually the transfer rate increased by only 100 times, that is ultimately a truly effective transmission bandwidth is down and not rise. Microsoft Office is so great!


Everyone here is, we get the data for DBA some words, do a more precise argument, for example, ten years ago, we don't push twenty-five years ago, ten years ago the disk is commonly 5 GB, now is 500 G, ten years increased 100 times, but a single set of IO transfer rate increase by only 20 times, from 3 MB/s into 60 MB/SEC, the past 10 TB to for 2000 pieces of dish, now twenty dish is enough. But, in turn, general IO throughput, if each plate 3 million transfer rate, Office 2010 –save your time and save your money.

 this two thousand pieces per second dish can provide the transmission speed, six G but instead it down, so that if a 10 TB data warehouse, to do the operation involves the ten TB, originally only need to spend half an hour, and now need two and a half hours. Also is why now, with the expansion of our data, computer system and even than the previous system some extent is slower.

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