Listening to: your mom
Feeling: torn
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Three Months Later...

so wow. yeah. its been three months. does anyone still even use this shit. i know everyones so wrapped up in .. :: OMG! :: MYSPACE!@ oh goodie. who doesnt have a myspace thses days. josh shut up. we know you dont. but yeah. this thing is getting kind-of lame. check out my myspace if you really want to. i think im going to re-do my sitdiary right now cause im that bored.
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Last Night was VERY FUN!

Feeling: detached
Wow... last night was soo fun. i went to nancys for her "get totogether" ( it was going to be a HUGE party but SOMEONE didnt hand out the effing flyers so i think shes going to have one next weekend..) but it was still fucking crazy fun.. Nancy, Ashley, Lauren, Kirsten, Jessica, Chrissy, Jessica, Kyle, and Paul could NOT have been a better connection! dude it was crazy fun, we rode the fourwheeler AH AH HA HA HA and watched jessica almost fucking crash into a telephone pole going down the road and not the field can we say ILLEGAL!! then cake .. wow that enough said. KYLE WAS MICKEY MOUSE holy shit just way to much fun.. Should Have Been there ;) tired as hell so going to bed.. just got home 12:00 .. this is ashley .. Peace Ashley ♥
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Long Time

Hum.. its been a long time since ive written in this bitch.. almost a month? i never really thought that would ever happen.. lately ive just been hooked on ♥ .. but eh .. nothing really new and exciting to talk about anyways.. that pathetic.. a month goes by and nothing new.. i need more friends..
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IM HOME IM HOME IM HOME!!! YES!!! I just got in not to long ago.. man it is so fucking good to be the hell home! i miss everyone!!! COME AND SEE ME!! IM ME AND SAY YOU LOVED ME AND MISSED ME!! AAHHH !! LOL IM SO FUCING HAPPY!! <3 Bitches
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Two Days..

two days till im home bitches.. miss me??? p.s. like the new set up? the left and right switched places.. ha ha x the names ashley bitches x :: Note to self I miss you Terrbily:: They Know who the hell they are.. ::tears:: LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!! FRANKY!!!!!!!!NANCY!!!!!!!!DAN!!!!!!!JEN!!!!!LISSSHHAA! MEL!!!!!!TIM!!!! CHRIS!! EVERYONE!
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Kurt Cobain.. R.I.P.

Feeling: empty
Well As many of you know.. or dont know.. today was the anniveristy of Kurt Cobain's Death... al day ive been listening to Nirvana and it makes you think.. about death in sucks man.. i mean im not trying to say that we didnt know that it sucked.. its just that its a dose of reality when you think about it.. Suicide Murder Accidental Sickness (Cancer.. etc) Drugs Crash's Operating/Surgury ....... Love... wow... Emotional Thoughts.. x the names ashley bitches x
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Feeling: itchy
yeah well today i got bored so i pressed RANDOM diary shit to look at what other people do and only actully saw about 3/10.. every fucking one has there diary FRIENDS ONLY!! what the fuck is up with that shit.. what else bugs me is if someone leave me a comment and is like comment me somtimes and then you go to the sitD and tis FRIENDS ONLY!!!!! FUCKNIG GAY! x the names ashley bitches x TTenderHHardworkingEExhaustingDDreamyAArtyRRareKKindPPrettyRRadiantIInfluentialNNeatCColorfulEElitistSSensitiveSShockingName / Username: Name Acronym GeneratorFrom
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In Texas....

Feeling: antsy
it feels sooooo good to be ni texas right now.. i missed it a lot.. im only here for 2 weeks and i kidna like that.. not like its as long as the whole summer ( like last time) .. but i miss everyone already.. not to mention that im going to be missing a week of school so theres a lot of shit i have to make up.. everyone here like my brother in all.. there spring break is already over.. so im in the house with ma Daddy and Step Mommy Debra.. its good to be back.. *note* when i come back on April 9th.. its only 10 days till my brithday.. (April 19) ON APRIL 19TH THERE IS A SHOW AT KAHUNA WITH DAVE THE ONE MAN BAND ( HES FUCKING AWESOME) AND BOMBS AWAY!! ITS GOING TO BE ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS EVER!!! AAAANNNNNDDDD ITS ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY SO THATS HOT!!! x ashley x
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Going to Texas...

Yeah. well right now its 10 am and im going to go to texas today for two weeks to see my dad and al my family down there.. it shall be fun.. im going to miss a lot of people even though i know its only two weeks.. ugh im going to miss a week of fucking school which sucks major ass! thats a lot of shit to make up inclusing a fucking midterm that i cant remeber anything of.. but in the end its worth it?? x ashley x
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Listening to: nothing
Feeling: swamped
welp today is easter so HAPPY EASTER!? Yeah i got up this morning and i went to church.. yes.. its true.. I went to church in the morning early when im normally sleeping ;) lol.. yeah it was long and borning and gay.. the only good part was that there where THREE hot guys there and they where intertaining my bordness.. yeah today im going to go see my baby working! cant wait!!!!! i miss him.. ( no we dont go out.. because of me.. i dont need a boyfriend but he can still be my baby) have a good day with all your family dinners and ish.. i dont have to!! HA! HA! .... ok x ta ta for now my love x
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Feeling: eager
welp today is the first day of spring break :: yesss!!!::: i just got up and im tired so heres the just of it.. im going to texas.. lol enough said.. i heart texas.. i get too see my dad and bro and all my family.. plus im there for two weeks so im going to miss a week of school.. thats has its advantages and disadvantages... then i come back on April 9th, which only leaves me 10 days till my birthday!! WERD! well.. now you know.. thank you for your fucking time.. x the names ashley bitches x
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Awesome Show..

last nights show was so awesome. i had a ton of fun.. way better than the kahuna shows even though i cant let down my dawgs Bombs Away ;)... ha ha but yeah it was a blast.. this was the line up.. 7:00 PM - ABORTED EXISTANCE 8:00 PM - SHUTTER 9:00 PM - THE METROSEXUALS 10:00 PM - EVER SINCE RADIO 11:00 PM - SIN IS IN The list from greatest to least ( in my opinon) was.. Ever Since Radio, The Metrosexuals, Shutter, Aborted Existance, and then Sis is In.. I got a pic from the bassist of Ever Since Radio and a drum stick from the drummer and had the whole band sign the drum stick.. also i got Two Pins and a sticker from Shutter.. great grest show! The metrosexuals where AWESOME! I cant wait till Sammies party cause there going to play there to! great times.. Well if you didnt go last ngiht then shame on you cause it was effing A! x the names ashley bitches x
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NO MORE DSTP'S!!! ( for now..)

Listening to: nothing
Feeling: numb
Yeah.. well its about fucking time that then damn DSTP's are over.. until later in the year when we have to take the social studies and science one.. ugh Sumemr School Here i Fucking come.. anyone wanna join me?
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Pretty Poem

Feeling: alone
To realize the Value of One Year, Ask a Student who failed their AP Exams To realize the Value of One Month, Ask a mother who gave birth to a prematur baby To realize the Value of One Week, Ask an editor of a weekly magazine To realize the Value of One Day, Ask a daily wage laborer who has 6kids to feed To realize the Value of One Hour, Ask the lovers who are waiting to meet To realize the Value of One Minute, Ask the person who missed their train To realize the Value of One Second, Ask the Person who survived an accident To realize the Value of One Millisecond, Ask the person thats drowning ------ UP-DATE!------- Just to let you all know and to give her her props.. Melissa made my letters Big.. yes it is true.. i cant make letters big :( so sad.. i know.. But Melissa can.. thanks babe!!!
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