..out of my ass

another semester another magic show

next semester ill do it right ill do it better


we shall see

i had a week

too weeks

a whole weekend

and now that week is up

and im runnin for it

why must i always do this really

insanity some will call

movevation mabe

but why cant i spell?

i dont know

need to learn from past

im suppose to be smart damn it!


i guess im just bored...

ok now morning i had like 2 hours of sleep tried studing but just winged it and now finishing take home portion of it

i hope i do good shit

i dont want to go to work!!!!

ok its 431 and im tryin to finish my last essay of the semester and i farted yes i did

im in the computer lap at school yea i know but there wasnt anyone around until my old overly friendly profossor wholm is not that hard on the eyes come by and talk

the whole time im thinkin she has to smell that but she playin off that she dont

well she does teaches acting so mabe she is just good at it?

yea i need this day to end!

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i started reading brave new world, but i lost my copy.I lose everything, its quite ridiculous.In the past month I've "misplaced" 300 dollars. Anyways, what other authors do you enjoy besides Huxley?
Currently, I'm reading teacher man by Frank McCourt. I've also been reading alot of Sedaris and some of Sarte's short stories. I genarally just enjoy good satire but I'm into biographies too.
Some guy who works at spensers says im weird but in an innocent kind of way.
i pull the last minute thing all the time, im doing it right now what am i still doing here..anyway good luck for yours!
I don't think Sartre wrote Stranger, I think it was another French author.Anyway, you should check out Nausea by him. Also, by Sedaris I recommend you read Naked or Me Talk Pretty One Day.
what size shirt do you wear?
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