another year

wow its been like only 5 entries this whole year and that does not do it justice

one night soon before the beginnin i must at least try

yea now i got web at home so expect alittle more of me if u dont mind ok

well guess what i got in school

2 B's and 2 C's

one of the c was fr a lab and only 1 credit so it aint that bad 2.6 GPA bringin mine over all to a 2.5 which should go up when i petition a class i redid i have like 3 more Fss to bring up

its funnin this last semester is my first gettin Css hahahahahhahahahahah

i so have to redo that class and lab worst of all its the class that if i major in it Geology i get a job for state makin bank but now im thinkin that ill go for philospy while at same time learn enough at job that i could still b hired

think about it i finish school with degree that has nothing to do with job then after 5ys savin money$$$$ out of blue go to law school and quite possibly get hired by state to sue things like evil corporations ahahahahahah im being alittle far fetch here but i rather be far fetch then realistic


it gives me passion and drive some how


my sexy hair is fuckin long really long like almost a foot long

ok i been growin for locks of love for while thinkin f it and go fr natural dred locks but mabe not now cause thats would be superfical and not what i started out to do but look at everything eles ive done its the same so why not think about me some more but i got to hold on to some sort of clarity of my formal self

i have changed sooo much that i had to add two more oos to so


so whats up nobodies?

well nothing just the same old bullshit and its funny i guess cause its like that nothing can be changed but why should i want to its mine damnit thats it i cant ask for this and ifs just that its mine and no one will take it or want it so yeaaaa


475 hit(s) are you sure?  
Not that far. I looked on my school's website for the major requirements and some of my credits will cross over, so that's good at least.
im pretty sure youve typed me before and i may have you.
its always good to sound like someone.
your email didnt work
Cheers to feeling good.
Cheers to feeling good.
do i kno you?
no. i forgot ur email. i wrote it down but then i cleaned my room and it went away. i sent u a message on myspace a while ago. call me.
its the lyrics to the queen song delilah.. im amber
haha, it's certainly interesting. my introductory geo class didn't do it justice though. read your entry. thumbs up for philosophy. happy 2008?
Yeah, it's the regular old east coast college... stereotypes apply. I was anthropology but realized that I didn't want to do it at all, now I'm global studies or IR. Not sure yet. And yeah, I'm too nice not to talk to the kids.
No it was one day till my days off. I was working two jobs for a while. One was just seasnal so its over now. I work untill monday then i have tues/wednesday off.
Yes i am sending you a shirt. It took me a long time to think of it thank you!
Congrats on your Bs and Cs
Hey, you commented me? You still want some advice?
I thought I was pretty before. But I dont think she thinks I'm pretty. I dont know, maybe I'm just not as pretty as I thought
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