... by the Terminator!!!

i love sayin this

its my shinin moment in my storm

shit! how many people can say such a thing

well, yea, about 22,000

and i hope this bit of absurdity will comfort those that are deeply afected by this cause this sum serious shit

i dont know what to think of this summer

it started out so a to b then c and 1,2,3 and the fan just keeps getin the best of me

and yea

i got really behind in my class

i didnt go buy the books

i thought i could get by

my friend bought the books

we were suppose to be like a team, i guess

help each other

but i mostly blame myself why that couldnt happen

i think i love her

i just need to accept it, i guess

one book sort of got me, i think

i didnt do workd

when your already out of breath its hard to sprint again

and the last paper

shit, i wish i could of made my pamphlet

cause if then i was to fail

i would still be content

i wanted to do it on what i feel passionate about

drum roll please... yes, fuckin bicycles

i am a loser but a happy one most of the time

it would of been something

i know its dry but it just needed a little rum to make it fun and puns and so many other techniques

and it would of been sweet

even if i failed

i would at least been true to myself

but no

and i dont know

a c or worse

i cant get a b

i know that at least

well i did get a c

and is happy as can be

i type the above on the 3rd

now its the 7th

the next 2 semesters are goin to be tough

but hopefully in the end i get 2 AAs

one in history and

one in philosophy and

their not even my major

at least not yet

im so funny

im goin to take classes at a higher university for a ba in philosophy followin the law path while

at the same time go back at place im at now for geology

i will eventually get a ba in that and not philosophy then

im thinkin of takin off

maybe to alaska

make a fortune then come home

i wish

but maybe

i wanna get some experience in petroleum

then come home

get job that i just lost

save money

get ba in philosophy

and then hopefully before im 35 become a lawyer

think about it

a lawyer with 10 years of petroleum production experience

i would love to work with the government

like the epa

that would be cool

im such a nerd

we will see though

time will tell and

life will happen...

i got sum tattoos a few weeks after i turnd 21

i havent typed about it here and thought now is good time

i really like them i will get more

it was a trip today

i was volunteering at the bike kicten

got no job might as well do something good

and i gave friend a ride home

he is main mechanic he is like 50

a nice guy

a good guy

and he was so down today

just piss off at everything

and he was talkin about getin old

it made me feel something i dont know what

we are all goin to get old

our youthful sexy bodies are goin to get old

and then we die but

before that people that are important to us will die first

we will look in the mirror and remember what we use to look like

it will be a journey to death that will have ups and downs with pit holes and broken images but more importantly with moments of heaven simply sublime

just make the best of it, i guess

oh well

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I do though, that's the best part..
I don't mind. I love to write. Take all you want.
I seem to grow more within myself from the beauty the clouds allow my eyes to see. Circles, seem to make me think of games. What would you like me to explain?

The air we breathe hurts to take it, but it's so much more exhuasting to let out. Imagine a world with no hungry.

It's like holding the world in one single moment..
What do you want me to explain? It's 6 am, so excuse me if I do not make sense at all. My thoughts are just flowing as a waterfall would be adored. I just have this one sitdiary. I made it because my ex of four years pushed me into this site and I haven't stopped coming on since then. I suppose I have too much time on my hands. It allows me to expand my mind. . especially when you feel the least bit significant.
I always go through my old entries.. it allows me to remember more. I love it also. It's pretty great. .
It all comes down to taking the little things in life for granted. All the things that make us laugh or cry, smile or frown, make us feel anything, in our day-to-day lives. We do not learn to appreciate such things until it is too late to show appreciation...
No worries gangsta. I'll be here for a while still. See you around the ball field buddy boy.
August 14th, 2008 @ 11:18pm
it's nice that you dropped by, came back, finally! this entry makes me realize so much has changed, so much is the same. &we're all getting older...
[Anonymous (]
August 14th, 2008 @ 11:20pm
...but there's still so damn much.

you're old. senior year starts soon, we're all ready &waiting to fall. (=
[Anonymous (]
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