...all folks

thats the end

my fingers bleed enough

my back hurts

and my knees are done


bones stickin out of my chest

but that just sounds better then my shoulder

my eye was filld with blood

and now maybe

the older i grow

i will know

or not

or just a glimpse

and its good to pretend

hey sunshine


yea u heard me


u are my sunshine...

ok, ok,

u can call me the moon


my best moments are when we eclipse

shit i have been so

pullin out my hair


im so glad to have such so much beautiful hair to spare

but have done my time

i like to think

some where else

there be wearin it

better then me

my split ends

my everyday to everyday

the works, the jobs

its like this one person was tellin me

he was like

boy, theres a time that comes and theres no reckoning to be done


yea its goin try to flow to some sort of idea that rolls with this try

what, i do as i go

yea, liar, follow ur lines

and shit

my fingers still bleed

at least they heal up fast

unlike that popin point

i like to think

its funny how somehow

i smash half my face in

and funk few months later

the other one goes too

this pass month i

been so stress out

at best i know how to lay

but not spell

i think i follow the ryhmes in my head

and the tieal


ti something

i hear it

but i cant see it

and it looks good

i could redo one room

but it looks good

call it a learnin ex...

to think to be able

or actully put the time in

build sky scapers?

maybe chicken coops are better

its all easy though

that one time

when it all seemed out of whackd

the doubles seem there

it need no sense

loss it once again

and go with it

shit this has have to be

the longest

tryin to be


it funny


my hands are cut

my back is sore

i have done so much

want some more

but i am an

at least?

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November 6th, 2008 @ 1:27am
Hey sorry i didn't reply sooner... i never get comments anymore so i forget to even check. and i was out of town. I didn't forget about sending the letters. I just cant find them! we moved and altho most things are unpacked some things are stuffed in boxes and tucked away in the closet.. things like papers and letters and pictures and stuff so i know i have them, i just can't figure out exactly which box they are in.. :[ But i will send them as soon as i do. i wont make promises and say that will be soon tho. cuz i really dont know.. sorry...
November 26th, 2008 @ 6:16am
hey shoe.. still no letters. I can't find those letters and its pissing me off because like i said.. i saw them like right before i said i had them and now i have no idea where i put them. bah. but yeah nothing much happening with me really.. no school because we moved and i cant find a good school with online classes. well lots of schools have online classes.. but not the ones i need.. and then theres the job thing.. can't seem to get one. oh i got an email last week about a game developer job, they contacted me so i was excited. but they didn't respond to my application so i dunno. we got a kitten tho. we're getting her on friday. anddd.. I'm just getting ready to [try] and make thanksgiving dinner. eek. what r ur plans for thanksgiving?? and what have u been up to as far as school, work, etc???? hmmmm??? let me know foo. bye

December 24th, 2008 @ 11:11pm
I am sure. Happy holidays! Be well :)

January 14th, 2009 @ 9:58pm
Im bored....
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