Tender On My Tongue

Some days you wake up and it's the middle of the night.

Tornadoes. That's what my dream was about. Everyone was trying to take shelter cowering in fear. I wanted to see it. They all yelled, “Are you crazy?! You'll get yourself killed!” all I could think was, “So?”

I used to be angsty about feeling alone in large groups. Now I'm angsty about feeling alone because no one is around... I think it's a lateral move.

How bad would it be to call up my alcoholic friend to go drinking before her AA meeting... yeah that's what I thought.

I'm bored with being “good”.

“Tomorrow... we'll get it all done tomorrow,” she says. Meanwhile she hopes the wold will end tonight.

The worst thing about playing a part is suspecting that everyone else is acting like they don't know.

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