I'll hear your voice outloud, when you're whispering
Listening to: underoath
Feeling: alive

It's been so long since i've written on here, like i said in my last entry 2 years ago. Ha. Life is good somewhat, been working at Stewarts for almost a year now making good money. Love my boo, love my fam. The only negative is that I lost my Gramma and i'm still not myself since she past. I miss her so much. I know she would want me to be happy &not being so down like i've been the past few weeks. I want to say.. LEO [inyearstocome] I, for some reason am thinkign of you right now cause you were a good friend when I was younger, even though it was only over the internet, i loved our conversations. I want to just send a HEY HOW ARE YOU out there if you ever see this :] pickelssssss. I was listening to Glass in the Trees and you just popped in my head! I know this is kind of weird but whatever :) Tumblr owns my life, but I think im going to start updating more and venting 'cause i know it will aid me in NOT ripping someones face off, hehe.Adios! <3 

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