A watched pot does nothing, wholly simple in colour and Gypsy in character. I have no shame. The amount of cruelty I have put on my body has been truly something and the month isn't even over. No hot wasser? Fuck it get used to cold showers. The first at thing I've done was pack away my toys except my telecaster and few items of clothing and have decided to sell or forgoe them entirely. The property? I'm staying because the rent is cheaper and the environment is just the right amount of conrete reality, a training ground for the real world. And where to go from here? I have a few ideas. When this entire property is cleaned and when my body is clean. That's when I'll leave. I've finally have something worked out with my roommates and I don't really care what's going on outside. My theory is this: if you have an addictive personality like I do, and you let your mind with nothing to do, boo action to take, the mind will find shot for you to ruminate and hate yourself. But when you're in the throws of life and busy all the time with struggle, you hardly have the time or energy to revisit yourself unless you wanted to. I've had enough of myself I want to see the next thing, the next phase of life to come.

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