Stranded in Howard City Part One

I finally made it out and by fortune and hard work. And while I moved whatever little Incould under such hostile environments and having to keep watch over my mother and this Schmuck and His Son. So as to make sure that they act civil. I just had to come back and try this time with a smaller vehicle that wouldn't get stuck. I don't want to give full details of just how shady my Uncle and cousin have been last few days. But let me tell you that I'm only trying to move our things like he's been demanding like a child for the last three months. And now here I am suck a second time because we weren't able to get our all of basics and paper work. Stuck this 400 into the road. I feel like this guy intentionally drove his car and got himself stuck to cost me more for Tow or whatever misery loves company Shiraz it won't get me down tonight because I have the money, legal right, and everyone knows where I am so if any funny business goes on I'll be ready and there would be consequences. Hoping it doesn't get like that. I had a snow plow come and this guy was so helpful and just alike not my uncle/cousin/family that I was almost taken aback wondering is this how normal people are? I tell me u clean that I can't get a tow truck until they plowed enough for the same truck to get in. He blames me for the reason his stupid Jeep is stuck now. (Which I think is bullshit and that he's playing games). It's four wheel drive and the dude quotes 15 mins in. And tells me to figure it out, but then tells me that 10 o'clock is too late for him because he drove all the way in from d trout. I'm like dude why can your son just back the Jeepbup after it's been plowed? He never even consider asking him to lift a finger either because he thinks he's retarded or has like no faith in his son. Or they are trolling to cost meoney thinking it's going g to hurt me. Well gum that I'm dragging all of our things cross this mile long road in a cart and loading my Uhaul up I do t give a damn so that when morning comes whether they are up or not and ready I'm just going to have him yank his shit out. And get me on the side of the road, and since I will have filled everything up i won't have to go back down the trail. And I have just been throwing shit out material shit I not only have no use for but can't carry because my fucking arms like frozen and I'm pretty sure my lip have frost bite. But I know the other side of this is a better life infact this new place on the other side of state is what I've been hoping for and I can really take care of my mother and let her live her life without my Dad. Hope. I mean it has hot water and heat. Can I ask for more? My biggest mistake was taking my uncles word for it that we could come live here and everything would be hunky dory until we got on our feet. Now...we're just "cunts" to this guy. Why...? It's sad to say at its core: Family Mental Illness. Never have I learned so much about where I come from and what I don't want to be. And so if I'm stranded here until Tuesday night so be it. I have friends not tooo far ftoo I'm here that will take me and Indont want this to get uncivil physically because these asshole own fire arms (one of the reasons my mother stopped paying their bills because he spent his trump money all 750 on as opposed to O don't know...fixing the electric or hot water tank? We even offer to replace it...?Stupid Atwell Pride. So if I waste a few years of my life doing this don't give a shit. It has to be done. 11:30 is my start time and hopefully my socks and long Johns have dried. Wish me good luck and good riddance to this damn Teash Mpuntain waste of potential. Like this place is an ecological disaster. Shameful. And it's like no matter what I did and how hard I tried to help all they want is the money I do t ha e because yo, you aren't the only one...? And these aren't like bills we racked up? Hi at the simple shit...?bit but a new pair of boots costing 400 dollars and bleed 30 bucks a month. Man oh man.

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