I was looking for an account of mine on Google when this came up in the results. Yey!


In other news, my memory has not improved. 


This has been an exceptionally busy year, with April being the zenith thus far. I've just turned 34 (though sitD doesn't realise that yet. Shh.), and I had an introvert's dream of a birthday: quality time with John, a trip to the bookshop, a film at a quiet cinema, and an excess of cake (OK, that one is everyone's dream). We've moved house - literally: We bought a house, and it's half a block away from what I call our supa' fresh sea (Lake Michigan, which makes all other lakes seem like puddles. No salt, no sharks, win win), and we can even hear the waves over Hunter's incessant teen-aged hostility!* ;)


Our internet isn't connected yet (they couldn't get us in for a month!), so I'm using the WiFi at Big Apple Bagels right now, & I pop to our new library when I can (though, admittedly, I get so distracted by the books I forget to go online). I've distanced myself heavily from Facebook, as I don't have the time lately, nor the patience for the influx of superficiality or reminders that Trump is president (in my head, it's peripheral at best; I try to pretend that didn't really happen when I'm feeling especially stressed). I'll try to spend my time here a bit more (where have we read that before?), as it's a much more calming influence & I'm at the point in life where I need to embrace my introversion instead of trying to conceal it.


I hope all of you are well out there! 



*Hunter is John's 14-year-old, who lives with us.

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