Listening to: late night alumni
Feeling: crushed
Some times you makes me feel like so much shit . By saying fuck you. why em i still in this relation ship?? i feel traped. how can u say i love u one min and fuck u the next.
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what i really meant to say, is i'm dying here inside and i miss you more each day, theres not a night i haven't cried. and here's the truth i'm still in love with you that's what i really meant to say
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it's like a mini mosh pit

i had fun last night ♥ AND A FEW LAST WORDS BEFORE I GO... I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU ____________________________________ bored = drawing.. that kinda what i feel like right now
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spring break picture

Feeling: alive
I wish i had your boyfriend I wish you'd choke and die. yup thats mario !!!! his hair is awesome !!! i like this picture ALOT!!!!!!!! the clouds look fake haha i like this alot that was so f'n random haha
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Jose wrote me the cutest note today. Today I was the happiest girl in the world. I want to thank every one who leaves a comment i love you all
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Feeling: zealous
♥ so spring break was ok i have some cool new freinds!!!♥ ♥ i love this picture!!! it's so hot muahah ♥ he is my so called b.f i ♥ this guy ♥ hes a model !!♥♥ im addicted mario needs to go on my new show called pimp my balls
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Listening to: forget it - BB
Feeling: better
i've come to the conclusion that you can't trust anyone, not even your "best friends". once the truth is exposed, you can't even turn your back on it. ♥ Oh yeah, & I've been talking to this boy Jonathan & he's super nice and coooool♥ hope your happy!!
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So i told some bitch i would put the pictures on here when we made another music vid. for story of the year and here are the pictures hehe he was being silly! the band IS he cool or WHAT? PIMP on the phone LOL
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i am the target. i am completely unaware. in my mind i still believe that everyone has good in them and feels. i am the fool. i am unaware.LIFE IS GREAT. feels good... especially the pain. there's so much going on, i don't even wanna write about it anymore. ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ yes gottta love my new picture !!!! =)
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santa monica beach

tonight i wish i could treat you to a dance in the rain. splash around and play, being the little kids that we still wish we were. screaming at the top of our lungs just because we can.being heros to each other; the ones we never had.give it time, just breathe. things will work out in time.but what if the rain stops, and my heart follows the rhythm to the rain drops. and as each second carries the rain to it's last drop, my heart will just... thats ary on the left! ♥
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time can do so much

I havent been this scared in a long time and im so unprepared so heres your valentine boquet of clumsy words a simple melody this worlds an ugly place but, your so beautiful to me ♥yet still i dont have a valentine ♥
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today = shit

simple as that. ♥fuck♥ the title "best friend". i never want one ever again. except chad and polit. i dont know what i would do without those nigs. RANDOM: the way to hump a guy =) gosh
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spy games

hmm life has nothing new i think you can say....the music vid. is going to be out in about 1-2 months yuppers they have to edit if and stuff...so yeah it takes time.. well SOME freinds are bitches like always ♥ .... anyways i have a new next door neighbors ...i shall spy on them MUAHAHa.... and let me tell you every one of the guys is hott ♥ ... well i shall go back to my missssion on them
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at the vid. shooot!

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE!! ahh noo he looks fake so not good! but it's ok hes still hot He NEVER smiles 4 me ahhhh FRANK! BOB!!!! they are dancing lol thats mine!! lol im a be in there when jake kills me! or runs over me lool ok here is a corny picture with my cell phone i have more woot awesome you ppl have to c the vid!!! you have to c my booty dance i hope they dont take it out lol
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new drawing

Ashlee Simpson got booed before and after her half time performance at the orange bowl Source... yaya im not the only on that hates her!! yayerz (song that she sang was = you make me wanna lala) this week i get to c my chemical romance for 3 days to make the music vid!
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woot tresss rock

I'm gonna be in My Chemical Romance's new video for "Helena" the video shoot is in two weeks and it's gonna be @ a church in LA it's gonna be like a funeral so everyone will be in black.. HOLY MOTHER FUCKERS.. WOOOT
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