Trey got accepted to Ballstate...YAYS for him ..i'm suppose to take Sam to her doctors appointment but i'm not sure if i can now since Brad has dissapeared i'm not sure can ...nice... Byes
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Holes in the roof

The toranado was just so nice... it was nice enough to leave 3 holes in my roof and broke my glass door... last I heard maggie was missing but the other 3 cats are fine..and the dog was scared shitless because he was in the garage when it happened dad and uncle got hit by a branch when it came through the roof and i slept through it all until it was over and i waled around the nieghboor hood ...with Sam and Jessie ....our area is pretty bad..but the trailor parks were horrible...luckily all the trees that feel down around our house didn't hit any houses. but yeah i'm staying at george's until everything is fixed! Bob
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I'm gooood !!!!!!!!!!! me and Trey worked out everything and ...everything is going to be okay ! i'm so freakin happy again ...
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lonelybob once more

yeah ...don't want to talk ...i'm not sure if i should be in japanese club ..i mean would be awkward ......actually i don't understand any thing any more....he was my everthing
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to the people who comment ...thanks for the comments sorry but i don't really have enough time to comment back to each of family might kill me of i'm on here longer than 10 minutes
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Trey came over ...Jeff stopped by

Trey came over ....later than he said ..12 became 2 ..but whatever we played some video games and hung out a little ...twas fun ..Then he called his dad and said we were going to wait for him outside ...and his dad wasn't happy Trey said we because Trey was the only one leaving ..but i was keeping him company and then his dad was 'ok' with it ...blah ....Jeff stopped by to show me his new motorcycle ..yeerahh.....i can't wait till school is out ...i'm getting out of this hellhole ..somehow ....i will least try ...i just need to get out of my house ...there's too much shit i don't want to be in ..well i'm going to go Byes
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Video Game Cafe

I WANT A VIDEO GAME CAFE ...if not me owning one then having one close by....that would be so friggin awesome !!!!!!!too bad it won't happen in evansville ....well i mihgt be leaving here one day ..probably not any time soon ...maybe after college..maybe with Trey ....maybe ...who knows???well umm that's about it ..yeah BYES teh bob
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always i know

I've been having troubles with Trey lately ...his dad hates me because i voice my opinion, he's moving soon, and it feels like we NEVER see each other...and when he moves it probably will be less than what it is now ...and he doesn't understand my point of veiw ...he only thinks it's going to be peachy with sun drop kisses ....and i loooove Trey to death ..but after a year i would assume he would be a little bit better at being a boyfriend..and he has gotten a little better ...maybe i'm setting too high of standards....but what worries me the most is him moving ...i'm really depressed about it ....and now i'm eating and eating and eating AND eating ...i guess it a security blanket or something ..i dunno ..well done i'm done with my worries and sadness
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Hello hello hello ! i SUCK at telemarketing .......chuck e cheese is the place for me ...:) well umm i have Corey in a few of my classes ..and we've been talking a lot ..i think he likes me ..i'm not too sure though ..i mean he likes a lot of people what makes me different ..ya know?i'm not too worried about it though ..i believe we will just be very close friends like me and steven were...i miss steven i'm still with my honey Trey ..and next tuesday'll be 1 YEAR :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) .:) :) :) :) :)..ect.well umm not much else to say BYEs
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Trey and a job?

Trey might get a job ! ...sounds pretty weird .....he's going to ask for Friday and Saturdays off so we can still spend some time together ...Yesterday we played video games ...and slept i'm not too sure what we'll do video games ....probably ....i train at me new job tomorrow right after school ...If Jessica starts there and she works at least 90 days i get $50 because i told her about it ....*sigh* SOmetimes i can understand the school dress code ...yeah i wouldn't like to see girls asses when the wear short skirts and shorts ...i understand why they made a rule for that..i don't want to see guy's boxers when the sag their pants i understand that rule...but WHAT'S WRONG WITH PAJAMA'S???????????????you don't see unwanted flesh showing ... they don't really sag ....grr ...i've went with the dress code happily til now ....there's NOTHING wrong with pj pants !...o well maybe since it's not really something you would wear to a job it's something you don't wear to school...sadness...o well it's not that big of i deal i guess ...i'm reading another Christopher Moore book ..THE ISLAND OF THE SEQUINED LOVE NUN's pretty funny BloodSucking Fiends is better though...i got through the Wild Act series yesterday it was pretty good ..Hot Gimmick is better :)...oh i have mrs Bohannon for 2 classes so far she's really nice just a little loopy ....IT WaS FUNNY ..she was talking about her class and out of now where she said "YOUR TREY'S GIRLFRIEND" i didn't know i was jk well i'm going to go ....i don't like upstairs ......people scare me BYEs
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And when i mean better's been better ....well i haven't been on and a lot has happened ....i quit my job was too exhausting for me ...and stressful ....i got a new job .....i sit and talk on the phone ....but still my family is very angry at me .....grandma hasn't talked to me and i'm afraid to talk to her that's that .......the bad thing about my new job though is i won't be getting to spend a lot of time with Trey i work ...7-10 monday through thrusday and i'm off Friday and Saturday ...and sunday i work 2:30 to 7 or 7:30 .....and me and Trey have NO classes together ....not even lunch the morning we get to wave to each other twice and that's it depresses me a little ....i still have Friday and Saturday with him though ...:) .....Byes
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Going to the chapel

Pringles are good .......ummm later Me and Trey are going to get Elise's wedding gift ...which i don't have a lot of money :( but we are splitting the cost and then going to see Elise ...yaya BYes
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well tummy really hurts when i walk or stand i took today off and i'm going to rest .....i'm really hungry ...there's no food .....blah and Trey are going to a wedding tomorrow ....well i guss i'm going BYes
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Well ummm i haven't wrote in forever ..just haven't had the time ..and ..everyone is on when i do well ....exciting news reports ....Went to the fair thingy in front of Washinton Mall and threw up twice after riding the Scorpian .....i saw Tim at Crazy Buffet ...i took "Shelly" from Crazy Buffet she made my car smell so JessSam mushed her in front of Trey's parking lot then we saw Wedding Crashers was ok i guess ....umm went to holiday world yesterday burnt a little .....went with Sam Jack ..Jordan Crysta Con-Air and Crysta's little brother ....Went swimming with Jessie Jordan Chadd and the real Shelly today got threw up 3 times and now i'm here ...waiting for Jessie .....i don't feel sick ...which is weird ...i think it's kinda weird that i've been throwing up lately the fair that ride did get me dizzy but i don't know why i got sick today ....well i'm gone Byes
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well umm....Trey picked Willem ....woo woo :/ o well i should have figured ........well ummi going to get ready for work day :) ..not really ...:(
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To JoBo/Tomorrow 11th months

To Jobo : It's awesome that we are the same age !!! My childhood sucked more than it does now ..but i still have my ups and downs ..i'll probably get over it though ! Well tomorrow me and Trey will be dating for 11th months more month and it'll be a year !!!!! awesome awesome awesome ! I decided not to quit my job is about to start so ....i will only be working on weekends and i can only work 8 hours i think ..maybe 7 i guess i'll keep it .....since i have to wait for the 10th Hot Gimmick to come out i've been reading a new manga called Wild Act's pretty funny ....i'm hungry i want tacos ..yum sounds good ...well i guess i'm going i haven't updated my other diary in a while ...
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