In the event of an emergency please begin running around like a crazy person and break all valuable items in sight. I dedicate this to all mah niggaz who fell in 'Nam to the dreaded PingPong disease. Damn I'm bored.
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Ohhhh Dannnnng...

Feeling: tenacious
I almost bought Superbad yesterday but I got Employee of the Month. Don't hate me, I'll get Superbad later. Harley has the 5-speed in her now. Giggity. ;) I missed the Anime Expo this year, but I'm not crying yet, it was at the LA Convention center and that place is hell to get into and out of. Oh whhhhellll. I'm still a super dirty sumbitch. Work sucks so I'm transferring soon. Went to Vegas and had a hell of a time. Maybe the next time I'll actually get married in a drunken stupor. And afterwards, I'll take over the mantle of marrying people as an Elvis impersonator. Uh huh. Come play with me, I'm bored. ~-=Quote Of The Day=-~ "Envy is what makes you, when an aquaintance is lustily telling you that she's dating a Greek god of a guy, ask, "Which one, Hades?" --Regina Barreca, Envy
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Listening to: Shittyshitshitshit
Feeling: high
Well... I got Harley sideways trying to avoid a douchebag semi truck driver who decided that he needed to make a left in front of me while I was going 40. Toasted the rim, bent the axle shaft, and I really almost cried that night. Fucker. Got new axle shaft. Got plans for the big block. Gonna get smashed and watch Venture Brothers. Ooo yeah. Fuck the rest of this.
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'Tis Time

Feeling: jumpy
So it's official, Harley is pregnant. Who is Harley you might ask? If you don't already know, she is my doting, loving, horribly cruel and unusual girl of a Mustang. I expect her to be due in about a year and pop out a 460 cubic inch big block engine with all the trimmings. I've decided not to supercharge it because I can't afford a drivetrain to handle it...yet. Too much? Nah. I expect a paltry 550 foot pounds of torque and an at least equal amount horsepower from the maniacal little beast. Mmm, it makes my pants water in anticipation. Yet another girl to suck the money out of my wallet. But you know what? She'll beat the shit out of just about anything on the road and they'll love it. Sniff my high octane exhaust of death bitches!!!! ~-=Quote Of The Day=-~ "If I could kick the person in the tail that causes me the most problems I could not sit down for a week." --Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)
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I Am Me

Feeling: greedy
There isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret killing her so horribly. No, not that I killed her, but that it was so horrible a way to go. Painful to think about it. Oh well, let's carry on shall we? :D 4 days until Anime Expo. Booyah!!! Got my Cheshire tattoo. Mmmm, it's tasty and scary delicious me friends. Does it frighten you? Good. ~-=Quote Of The Day=-~ "Nature never makes any blunders, when she makes a fool she means it." --Archibald Alexander
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What's Your Price?

Feeling: neutral
The derisive ability to differentiate what's right and wrong is not always a good thing. It's more important to know what's best and worst for yourself. Is that selfish? Damn right. Do I know what the hell I'm talking about? Ask me later. I had a great thing to say but I forgot it. I think it had something to do with prophecy or graham crackers. Either way, it's not that important yet. Anime Expo is coming up. That should be fun. Hundreds of girls dressed up like school girls. Giggity. Who wants to meet me there and have some fun? Good. Party on Wayne. ~-=Quote Of The Day=-~ ...obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken." --Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945), Mein Kampf
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Listening to: Gin and Tonic
Feeling: tenacious
I think I'm in love. Watch the second movie in Grindhouse, Death Proof, and you'll understand. That little kiwi broad makes my mouth water. I'm gonna go drool now. Giggity. ;) ~-=Quote Of The Day=-~ "Whoever said 'Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting' obviously never licked one." --John Alejandro King, Real Men Don't Get Published
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You See...

Listening to: Ilusions
Feeling: geeky
~-=Quote Of The Day=-~ "It's not that I am afraid to die, I am afraid to live in a world in which I know what will happen to me." --Who knows
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How's That For An Entrance?!?!

:D Just for the tutorgrrl then...mostly: Should my next entry be completely evil, or a comment on how good life can be? I've already started a little something on the sardonic side that feels very horrible, and I haven't done that in a while. Goody good? What use it is though? Maybe it's what I need. I'd like some happiness, some googly feeling, a bit of a heart flutter and some tingling in the ears. I like those little pseudo-strokes. I wanna go dancing and to get a girl all dolled up in a nice sleek black dress and to show her off to the world as mine. Sounds good. Then I'll burn it all down. What do you mean, you sound psychotic? I wish. A little bi-polar? Nah, just very strong extremes of good and evil. The teeter-totter of my angel/devil on my shoulder is either up or down. Very rarely do they just hang in the air. Anyway, I'm still a good kid I think, I just have thoughts that need to be purged with Jolt. Mmmmm, Jolt. Me miss Jolt. ~-=Quote Of The Day=-~ "Talk low, talk slow, and don't talk too much." --John Wayne (1907 - 1979), Advice on acting
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