Listening to: the tv
Feeling: bored
what an uneventful day. nothing happened at all. i think estebans girl broke up with him, i dont know. i hope she didnt. got my knife today so im siked. after school me and dennis went to monkeys and hit the bad. its was pretty tiring. i got too see my little cousins. they are so cute, its funny.
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finally...god damn.

Listening to: sublime
Feeling: anxious
god damn andy's band took a god damn long time to finish recording their shit. they finally finished and im going to mix it cause, well im good at that i guess. now we can finally record!!! i hope we do it good and i hope there's no problems. recording brings the worst out in us. we got all frustrated and get all testy with each other. i hope it all goes well. overall today was pretty good. ate cheetos for the first time in like a year. i always have the hot cheetos but today i went for original. it was amazing to say the least. i hate stupid people. we should all comitt an "idiotic genocide". we are going to have a song called that. its going to be about killing all the stupid people, but then, wakka would be single again...poor him. im out, peace
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fuckin new years.

Listening to: the croix, defiance
Feeling: alone
i wanted to go andys party but i feel like shit. i hope its not broncitus again. im home alone with no one to kiss. im bummed. 2005 went by fast. as i sit in this prison of a home i realized that my time here on earth is going by fast. life is good right now, like always (not sarcastic.) and im greatful for every second im here. im kinda bummed im not with my homies, i dont do well without them, i need them (dont tell them i said that) but ill see them tomorrow. peace out niggas.
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adams b-day

Listening to: home alone (tv)
Feeling: annoyed
adams b-day, hes 14. love that kid to death. we hung out with a shit load of kids. me, wakka, dillon, esteban, ryan, kc, adam, andy, dustin, eric, seth, kayla, shay, rafa, and angel. it was fun. good times. i met dustins girl. shes FINE!!! im siked for him. went to band practice. band dramma. long story short wakka and dillon are fuckin idiots and me and esteban are the shit. hope new years dont suck balls.
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Listening to: NoFX, AGT, Black Flag
Feeling: bored
im actually kind of happy right now. nofx cheers me up. they are bad. i cant believe i use to hate them. my family is over right now. we're all eating and drinking. it doesnt feel like christmas eve right now. its weird. i dont even care for christmas now adays, i dont care for most holidays. today i shoped for a present for my mom. i got her a glass angle that says "mommy's little angel" i felt so gay buying it though it was funny. i know she'll like it. im really bored right now. but not for long...
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Listening to: Black flag
Feeling: accomplished
the show was...well, different. there was an insident with dillon. we played a fun show, we didnt play as well as weve dont in the past but we didnt play for 2 mothes. oh well everyone had fun. it was kind of stupid cause there was stupid kids there i dont like spreading all kinds of rumors. other then that i had all kinds of fun. im glad people came to see us instead of DC
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punk my dick

Feeling: euphoric
well i guess im going to come back. im not going to let girls get me down anymore. not even worth my time talking about. the shows coming up and i know we are not ready. im kidda nerverous cause me and the guys have only played 1 time in 2 monthes. well all i can do is hope for the best.
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so long...and thanks for all the shoes

Listening to: dr. know
Feeling: relaxed
well i now know what rejection feels like. its probobly the worse thing ive ever had to endure. i thought it was cause shed loved someone else. now i realized its some fault in my own. this is the worst thing thats ever happened to me. i finally feel "love" tward another girl and it only hurts me. this is probobly my final entry. i really dont care about anything anymore except getting fucked up. bye everyone, i hope you have better luck than i did.
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"it builds character"

Listening to: grass (the movie)
Feeling: different
well. shit doesnt go my way about 95% of the time. i feel sad and angry alot of the time. before it was just anger. i dont know whats wrong with me. i use to be soo happy all the time. i really shouldnt be bitching cause alot of people are happy and they have it way wrose than me. i have a roof over my head. good friends. good family. thats what its really all about. thats what lifes all about for me. if i didnt have my friends and alcohol i would seriously kill myself. i can only hope things go better in the future or i have a feeling my alcohol dependencies will get much worse
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proles show

Listening to: tv
Feeling: alright
we played a show. we didnt do to well for obvious reasons but the other bands did good and it was fun watchin them. got to huge bruises, cut on my elbow, cut on my thumb, my nose got smacked hard, and right by my i have a bump. other than that it was good times. summer has been AWSOME so far. good times with good friends. be sure to ask me about it anyone. i want my hair back soooo bad. im not too fond of having my hair like this. be sure to catch us at the underground on the 23rd at 7:00. we will play better this time. LOVE YOU KATIE!!!
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ug show

Listening to: lower class brats
Feeling: annoyed
nothin much goin on, we got a couple shows comin up, the underground 23rd. go. got to be with a woman today for the first time in a while. didnt go down to well with others but i could seriously give to shits of what other people think.
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lifes a bitch huh?

Listening to: (clerks on the tv)
Feeling: depressed
fuckin pissed off. whats new eh? actually id like to think im a happy person but not lately. cant tell anyone why im mad or it will cause alot of trouble i know other people have it alot worse but seriously fuck the world. if i had a gun with enough ammo id fuckin shoot you all right in the face.
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Listening to: defiance
Feeling: active
i saw johns band last night. they are pretty funny man. random shit. i saw the thunder boys too. eh i wasnt too fond of them. but i still had a good time. check out our site.
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fuck mypace. i cant believe i had one. are you myspace whores are such faggots. go eat a dick. and kc is a sexy beast. this is my entry. oh yeah, check out our site
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