Seven years.

Listening to: My loud brain
Feeling: high

Seven years seems like a blur to me really. Have I wasted most of it? Probably.. I'm alive, if thats of any value. I've struggled mentally alot.. who even reads this anymore.? Hello.. ha ha. I forgot what it feels like to ramble on this thing.

A bunch of run on sentences.

Do I dare mention the big 19? Covid, that it. I'm 30 now.

Ended up catching it. What the fuck was that? Am I just a constant disease now?

People watch the news too much and I don't think that's good for their own mental health.

I really want to get out of this country before they ban that too.

Where would I go? With my dog �

A beach. No, the mountains. Somewhere with fresh water and fruit.

I should have started digging my bunker when I said I was going too.

Maybe I should start typing my random thoughts more often.

I don't know what to do about Anthony. I love him. But he treats me like, not that great.

I don't feel loved. 9 years is a long time. Who knows. I don't

Who ever reads this, I apologize for not making any sense.

I use to have pen pals or something on here, what happened?



I don't know.

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I was off for awhile too. I was writing a post last night, got distracted, and it all deleted.

I love the forest. I wish their were more around here. I love being in nature, the quiet is just so calming. I tried archery once, I for sure was not good at it. I'm sure you will have better luck with it! Keep to it.

I find happiness in my animals, family and friends. I guess I just feel useless to certain people which dims my light . I can be happy myself, I just love loving I guess and go nuts when I can't! I'm the happiest depressed person ever. Ha.

And yes I am a doctor Doolittle. I just rescued a bearded dragon yesterday. He was so sick, but doing better! All of my animals are rescues (:

Hope to talk again. Maybe ill finish a new entry tomorrow.

Hey there! and a happy 2021 to you, as well.
I've ben offline for a while because this feels good sometimes. I've been to the forest and practiced some archery - which is now my new interest for this year. Lets see if i will built up on and stick to it. But it gives me some inner peace - and backpain, because you activate muscles, usually not being soo used in an office job :-)
Maybe don't try so hard finding happiness, try something new you can do in your time - that works at least for me. Cats are awesome - so you are generally a Dr. Dolittle as i imagine now?

Good to have someone to write with: i like that :-)

-be well and enjoy your time -it's the only thing we've been givin.

bye, Christian
I am 100% for being pen pals. Honestly, I think that would be good for my mental health right about now.

I also LOVE cats and I rescue them also.
I had 5♡ sadly 3 passed away all around the same time,
They were old and lived long loving lives.

I guess its alright to waste time, as long you have atleast an ounce of happiness in you.
I've really been trying to just be happy , and its hard.

Also.. its 2021 now. Hope you had happy holidays.

I love sledding. It just started snowing here actually.

Snow is calming. I might just go for a night walk tonight.

Talk to you again soon!
Yes, lets be penpals :-D
That was very big hearted of you to rescue a dog. Even though i‘m more the cat person, i love dogs aswell as they are motovating me to go out more often. Sometimes i borrow a poodle off a shop clerk to go for a walk (not the way irban dictionary is translating it). Time is somehow alway wasted whem you think you shoulda done better or more. But at some point it surely figures all and makes sense. I believe that. Yes we don‘t know each other, if you keep up writing, maybe we get a chance to know each other though.
Gonna go sledding now.

Take care.
Yay, I have a friend!

I have a miniature pinscher/chihuahua mix.
I rescued her when she was near death.
She is the happiest pup.

If I knew how, I would flood you with pictures of her. Haha.

Maybe I'll write more soon since it might make a little sense!

If they were indeed wasted, I atleast want to make up for it!

Times a wastin!
All of it makes sense. To be waiting for love in a relationship is horrible. I also thought, that my twennies were wasted. In fact now i think they form us into the adult shape. What kind of dog do you have? :-)

Was longing to read something from you.