Snowed in.

Listening to: Real housewives of OC
Feeling: irritated

It finally started snowing, after waiting for it all day. I think it's funny how everyone anticipates a snow storm, Only to bitch about it once it starts. I like snow but I don't like shoveling it. TACHI doesn't like it either

All 6 pounds of her. Lol. I still haven't found a job, I will take anything at the moment. I'm trying to stay positive.

I wish my snow mobile worked, I'd be ripping it. They say we're going to get 15 inches of snow.

I really feel so un accomplished at this point in my life. One side of me already gave up, the other side is trying.. .

I need to be stable, in all ways, and I'm not. Useless. If I keep wanting it ill get it eventually. I'm doing all I can.

I wanted this to be a happy update but today just has me so irritated. So irritated I don't even want to write about it and relive it. Ha. Mercury. Thanks.

The next 24 hours should be calm atleast, with all the snow coming. I'm looking forward to cuddling the day away with my animals. Coffee, movies, bongs..... am I pathetic?

I really miss going to concerts. They are essential to my mental health. The memories that came up on facebook yesterday made me long for them! Covid, I guess. I try not to go many places...

I just want to be content.


After I posted this, the ball joint on my car went cahoots....lucky me... Hopefully my mechanic cannfix it soon

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Hey there, i hope you made it through the years.

-be well