The anthem of our dying day

Listening to: My cat purring
Feeling: abnormal

January 6th already? That escalated quickly.

The world scares me. I think everyone needs a hit of the fucking bong.

Their own bong, of course, because, COVID.

... my cat is mad that I'm typing,


I was high as a kite when I wrote the above ..

I guess I am now too..

Any ways, I always feel like such a failure. I still can't find a job, its been 2 months..

I don't know I feel useless. I'm getting too used to being sad all the time and smoking pot

That probably doesn't help. But it does (lol) its better than those pills they put me on. Yuck.

I'm not good at this.

I basically rescued a bearded dragon . His habitat was all wrong, it was hurting him. So I changed

His light to an actual sun basking light and what not. I could tell after awhile in the heat, he was allot

Happier and moving aroind....

I'm distracted right now

Alright I thought that got deleted but I guess not. Same shit different day.

I felt okay today. I can't sleep. It's 1:38am. My dog is sleeping on my arm.

Maybe I should stop watching murder mysteries and atleast try to shut my eyes.

Read 2 comments much elbows pushing you aside. But i think im just spoiled, because i live here kinda in solitude and i'm not a sucker for crowded places anyway due to my social phobia, which calmed down, but never is passing completely.
I hope, that there not any riots started in the uS on the 20th. It was weird and scary seeing these people capture the capitol. I think we need more hippies again and less cell phone zombies.

Be very well,

Hey Kristina,

i guess smoking some pot is a good disctraction in these days. Due to it makes me all paranoid it quit that some years ago and just take a spliff very rarely to listen to some space music :-) But my alltime drug is wine now. Calms me down (1 or 2 glasses) and makes me sleep well. But after all its alcohol and i have a history in my family with this, so i better be careful.

Bearded Dragon is some kind of Lizard? i didnt translate it, but these are nice animals, good that you did something for him :-) Sorry to hear that your not finding any work, but the global pandemic shit is surely biting a lot of people in the ass. Here all the small shops are closed now, some only had 3 months of income in 2020 wich is not enough to keep business alive. I wish, that you find something to keep you going - what kind of job are you looking for? And as for the forest: yes, i literally live in them - it's awesome and i love it. I think i'd die in a city. Too much unpersonality...