Listening to: Without You - RENT
Feeling: torn
Today the sun was shinin The breeze was blowin The time was flyin People were laughin And people were smilin And talkin to whoever would hear And I was laughin And I was smilin And I was shinin I might’ve been flyin So I started writin And hopef’ly someone will hear Life’s not about hurtin It’s not about cryin It’s not about lyin And it’s not about dyin Start list’nin Cause you need to hear You gotta start livin And you gotta start leapin You should be wishin Not sittin and whinin And spend your time lovin That’s how you get people to hear If you like what you’re hearin If you like what I’m sayin Go and start spreadin It’s all about doin It’s all about sayin If you don’t then no one will hear [Me] I wrote that and it's happy, so I'm happy. Lemme know what you think if you want. I love being me. I decided on a grad school 3 years in advance so I have time to prepare since it's extremely difficult to get in to. Wish me luck. On a bad note, I twisted my ankle today. Oh, well, it'll get better.
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Listening to: For Good - Wicked
Feeling: sluggish
Like a ship blown from its mooring By a wind off the sea Like a seed dropped by a skybird In a distant wood Who can say if I've been changed for the better? But because I knew you I have been changed for good [Wicked] I suppose I should update, since I haven't in forever. There isn't too much going on. I'm back at good ole King's College, but probably for not longer than the rest of the semester. Odds are I'm transferring for next year. So, what else is going on. Well we had a Super Bowl party today, which was pretty cool. Some people were really pissing me off, but oh well. What can you really do? I have to read the New York phonebook for tomorrow's class. Well, it's actually the Gospel of Mark, but if you've ever seen it it's the phonebook for New York. My theology teacher is horrible. She gives us ridiculously long reading assignments and then we only have one day of class discussion before we move on. Plus, all we have is class discussion. We aren't told anything to know or anything concrete at all. We all just say our opinions and move on. No one actually does the readings, so it's horrible. We just sit there and stare at each other. I have four skip days, and I've already used two. I can't skip again till Spring Break I've decided and I hope I can stay true to that. Other than that one, classes are actually pretty good this semester. I have Theology, Speech, and Lit on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've already talked about Theology. Speech is great because I'm actually good in it. I love speaking. Lit is by far my favorite class this semester. It's just amazing. It's actually farther ahead than I should be, and I needed special dispensation just to be able to take it, but I can totally handle it. It’s just an awesome class overall. Well, all except for Regina. Regina is an older woman that came back to college in order to become a lawyer. I'm sure she's a very nice woman, but I CANNOT STAND HER. She's just so annoying, always making weird comments while the professor is speaking. Then, when she actually raises her hand the things that come out of her mouth are astoundingly stupid. I mean I feel bad, but it really distracts me from learning. [/rant] On Tuesday and Thursday I have Advanced Writing and Philosophy II. Advanced Writing really isn't that bad, but a lot of things in it bother me. We don't get a grade until the very end of the semester and we need to stick with the same topic all semester long. I chose modern theatre, so I can talk about things I actually like, like RENT and Wicked and the always heavenly Idina Menzel. Should be interesting. The teacher is really strange, too. You can't tell if she likes you or your writing style at all. She’s just so ambiguous in speech and the looks she gives you. Yeah, well, I'll survive. Philosophy is exactly like it was last yaer, only there are only four people in my class this time around. Oh, and I finally got a job. I work in the theatre on the shop crew, with the painting and building of sets. I can't build anything for shit, and I hope they know that, but it's so much funn. They also told me they'd teach me how to do anything before they expected me to do it and all that funn stuff. I think I’ve finally decided what I want to do. I wanna do theatre. I know it’s a big jump from what I’ve been thinking about for the past three years, but it’s been in the back of my head since I landed the lead of the school play in second grade. I know it won’t be easy, but I really wanna do it. I won’t stop with the writing, though. I’m keeping that major, I’ll just probably add a double major on of theatre. I guess there was a bit more going on than I thought. Oh, well.
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Feeling: tickled
So let's find a bar So dark we forget who we are And all the scars from the "Nevers" and "maybes" die [Out.Tonight] So I've been severely ignoring my sit and it makes me sad. It's been almost two months since I've updated. Not like anyone really checks it anyway, but, yeah well. I guess you could say lots has been going on. My first semester at college is almost over. Two more weeks. I can't even believe it, it went so incredibly fast. For most of it I didn't have a computer, since it broke, but I finally got it back. I love my Uma. (I named her Uma because there used to be a poster of Uma Thurman from Kill Bill hanging over her) I spent a lot of my time in the 24 hour computer lab, which was definitely not a good time. I've decided to add two words to the English language. Well, only one word added, the other with a new meaning. The word "cool" has been replaced with the word "tits." That movie was incredibly tits. Also, the word "titch" is being added. It means "a small amount" or "some." It's a titch cold out today. So spread the words. I've added them so they're obviously cooler than life itself. So college is really tits. The only thing is I have so much work due this week coming up, and then finals the week after. I have a presentation in Composition class on Monday and then the corresponding essay due Friday. I'd personally rather just be graded on the presentation, but the teach doesn’t agree. I have a math journal due Thursday for Quantitative Reasoning and a Philosophy paper due teh same day based on the book The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell, which I haven't even read yet. My two new favorite movies came out in the past month, too. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was amazing. I went with a bunch of people to the midnight showing and was completely blown away. A lot of people think that being 18 and all, Harry Potter is childish and stuff. I started reading them when I was 11. I'm not gonna stop just because I'm older. The books are awesome and the movies are amazing, not to mention the scores are breathtaking. Plus, since when have I cared what people thought of me. Oh, yeah, never. RENT also came out and I'm in love with it. I've been listening to the soundtrack (which cost a pretty 30 bucks) nonstop for the past week. I've listened to it before, but after seeing it I love it. I need to see it on Broadway, and luckily, I'm going to soon. Probably early next year. If I go see Sarah over Christmas break it might even be sooner, but I definitely still wanna go with Maggie and Bridget. I almost pulled off a 4.0 too, if it weren't for Spanish. I really don't like that language. I'd love to learn something like Latin or Italian or Japanese, but the didn't offer me Latin and they don't teach either of the others here. It's not like I don't like language, I just don't like Spanish. So, what else is going on. Eh, I'm having trouble wiht some older friends. It's stupid, really, and totally not cool. I don't deserve to be treated badly, and I won't be treated badly, it's as simple as that. If people wanna be friends with me, I deserve to be treated like a friend and not a stray dog on the side of the road, is that really too much to ask for? College is getting me really excited for life, for the most part. Of course I'm a little concerned because within the next 6 years I'm just gonna be unleashed on the world to do what I can. It's kind of intimidating, but I try not to let things scare me. I want to write. That's what I want to do. No matter how it happens, that will be what I'm doing for a living. That and art. I've got a new appreciation for art and really want to learn about it. Graphic design, character design, drawing, illustrating. Art in general. I'm either transferring for a degree or cross registering for a Minor. I'm so excited about it. I've been feeling kind of weird the last couple of weeks. I can't really pinpoint why, but I have been. Something just doesn't feel right. I feel uneasy a lot, and usually pretty bad. I don't know what it is. Well, I think I might, but I won't admit it. So, that's it for now. I hope I start updating more often. I'll just leave you with this bit of Harry Potter wisdom. Hermione: Everything's going to change now, isn't it? Harry: Yes.
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Listening to: Glycerine - Bush
Feeling: confused
I'm never alone I'm alone all the time Are you at one Or do you lie We live in a wheel Where everyone steals But when we rise It's like strawberry fields I treated you bad You bruised my face Couldn't love you more You've got a beautiful taste [Bush] I love you.
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Listening to: Wonderwall - Oasis
Feeling: burned-out
So, wow, an update! Not like it matters to anyone, but still. I'm at college and it's slightly amazing. I love living on my own and making all of my own decisions. Classes are getting really tiresome, though, and I've definately decided this is my break-down week. So far everyone I know has had their "college breakdown." They start saying how much they miss everyone and how hard it is to be away for so long. That's not why I'm gonna have mine. I mean I miss people, ok, I really miss people and want to see them, but I know that if we're really friends everything will be ok through this experience. I'm just getting run down and ym depression keeps flaring up. When I'm dead tired and that starts happening it means things are gonna start going bad for me. And I just wanna say quick that yes, I actually do have depression. I have the imbalance and I should be on pills (even though I'm not) and the illness is still around. I know there are a ton of little 12 year olds running around screaming about how depressed they are, but that's not me. I'm 18 and I have a problem and that's the end of it. I have no idea why I just decided to explain myself, since I never do that, but I did so take it for what it's worth. So this week is gonna be hell, I can tell already. It started Friday night actually, and it just snowballed until now. I went to Lancaster this weekend and had a pretty shitty time. Let's not get into that. SO then on Sunday I came back up to school with Dunner. It was around 11 and we were hungry so we dropped my stuff off at my dorm and then went over to his and ordered a pizza. Him and Ed needed their cars taken over to the field across the river (I know none of this directional stuff makes no sense to anyone, but bear with me) and I didn't wanna stay at their dorm alone waiting for it so I took Dunner's Rav and Ed took his Beretta. So we got to the field and Ed decided to lock his keys in his car with the lights on. Damn. I called AAA and the bitch on the phone told me someone would be there between 12:30 and 4:00 in the morning. Fuck. So I tell him I'd wait with him. I don't know why, probably because I'm a loser (no matter what they seem thigns aren't ok between us yet). Once 3 rolled around we decided we'd waited long enough and just left. I walked home and crawled into bed around 4. Kill me. I've been tired since. So yeah, I can tell this week is gonna be hell. Other than this week college has been amazing. I've been meeting new people and trying new things and it's just a great time. The thing that's pissing me off is I might have to transfer. Ok, here's the thing. I'm an English Writing major. The English Writing curriculum isn't helping me with what I want to do. I wanna write books and fiction. Creative writing. All of my classes are technical writing, something I'm not gonna need to do what i want. I also decided I love Art. I love to create things people want to look at. I love using color and designs to make people go "oooooh." There're two problem: my school has no Art program and I'm not that good at Art yet. So what do I do? Do I transfer and do what I really want to do, even though I don't know how to do it? I mean that's that school's for, right? I don't know. There's that other little problem that only Karen knows about, but let's not get into that. I'll just leave you with some lyrics. Backbeat the word was on the street That the fire in your heart is out I'm sure you've heard it all before But you never really had a doubt I don't believe that anybody feels The way I do about you now And all the roads we have to walk along are winding And all the lights that lead us there are blinding There are many things that I would Like to say to you I don't know how [Oasis]
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Feeling: contemplative
Nobody on the road Nobody on the beach I feel it in the air The summer's out of reach Empty lake, empty streets The sun goes down alone I'm drivin' by your house Though I know you're not home [The.Ataris] So I just realized I go to school in about 13 days. I also realized I've updated a whopping 3 times this summer. I think it's about time I gave everyone an update. Where to start? Hmmmmm... My name is Padfoot and I have a problem. Ok, not really for once, but it's fun to pretend to be in a rehab group sometimes. I guess I really should start at the beginning. So, here goes. I basically started summer with no friends. My two best friends weren't talking to me (and still aren't) and for some reason every single other breathing organism was sending me into fits of homicidal tendencies. So I started off with work. Boy, what fun!!! (Sarcasm.) The good thing is Maggie and Jean wrer still around so me and Jules would go up and see them and hang out (they were some of the few people that didn't make me wanna kill them, oh and Erin). About two weeks into the summer they both had to go to New York for an internship. So then once again day in and day out I had work and when I didn't I just kinda sat around and twiddled my thumbs. Me and my sister would occassionally go out to a mall or something because things with my sister were quieting down. Then, one day, my Mom decided to flip out on her cause I accidentally brough her home 15 minutes after her curfew. My Mom decided to fake an overdose on drugs which sent us into panic because what the fuck were we supposed to do. We found she faked it and my sister went to stay with my Aunt for the night and then back to my Mom's the next day. So right about now I realized how much I missed Maggie and Jean and decided to go see them in New York. Me, Jules, and Neal (Maggie's boyfriend) packed up and settled into Angelina (my car) and set off to the City that Never Sleeps. What should have been a very good vacation turned into insufferable chaos and we all had an absolutely dreadful time, well, except when we were eating guacamole at El Rio Grande (less than three their guac). We came back and I told Maggie me and Bridget were gonna come up again to go see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We went home and I rediscovered Bridget. We started hanging out hardcore which was awesome. I'm sorry, but nothing compares to Wal Mart at 1 in the morning (Purity Power!). Me, Bridget, Anthony, and Julie went to the movies one day and I asked Anthony if he would have liked to come to the Met with us and not two weeks later I was on Interstate 80 once again. One big difference this time. I got a fucking speeding ticket in Jersey. I think Jersey should die. I now hate that place. Even their scenic overlooks are shit and they're a bunch of racist assholes. Their beaches are dirty and their cops are crooked. Alright, that was a rant. But once we go to the City it was an amazing time. Absolutely amazing. The Met made me touch myself in an innappropriate manner and I got to have Rio's guac again. So we came home last Sunday. I still haven't called about the ticket. I have to do that soon. I went to Warped Tour on Thursday with Erin and James and a bunch of little kids. That was fucking amazing. The Starting Line signed a sandal for me (*stroke of genius*) and Senses Fail signed a poster ("Look! it's free!"). I met Funeral for a Friend but didn't get anything signed. Some nice guy stole me and Erin some "Mosh Water" and I'm saving the can and turning it into something cause it looks really cool. I saw so many bands (m/ Senses Fail, Fall Out Boy, some group I didn't know, The Starting Line, Funeral for a Friend, the Dropkick Murphys, MXPX, and Thrice m/). I almost didn't get to see Thrice because one of the other kids that came with us got hit in the head with a full Gatorade bottle and had her eyebrow split open. I refused to leave because of her bloodloss. My sister was also put into foster care because she said my Mom hit her. My mom say she didn't hit her and my sister's story fell through completely but no one really knows. The cops were just annoyed with my Mom for always calling them and they believed my sister cause they're also crooked here and don't really care if justice is served as long as they get their paychecks and donuts. But, anyway, that was my summer. The rest is gonna be spent working and finishing up getting ready for college and spending as much time with the friends I still have and possibly trying to get old friendships back. Wish me luck. I'm not sure if I'll get to update again before school starts, so until then.
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Feeling: empty
Can't you see That I wanna be there With open arms It's empty tonight And I'm all alone Get me through this one Do you notice I'm gone? Where do you run to so far away? I want you to know that I miss you I miss you so [Finch] I miss you.
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Listening to: XO - Fall Out Boy
Feeling: vamped
I'm not dead, kidds, I've just been really busy. I've basically had work everyday non stop for the past forever. Umm, I bought a bitching hat: I got a car, too, but I have no pictures of that. Otherwise nothing really has been going on. well besides work. Wait, i already said that. Ok, now I'm rambling. I should be shot. Something's wrong with me. I can't really pinpoint it, wat, yeah I can - I just don't wanna admit it. Let's not get into that though, let's just say it really sucks and they have no idea (or care). So, I'm going to New York next weekend to vistit Jean [saveyourself55] and Maggie [breakingthegrl]. I can't fucking wait for that, I'm so excited to get away. Then the weekend after Jess is getting married, so I'm going down to Philly to see that. I'm happy for her, but let's once again not get into that arrangement. Believe.
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Feeling: nutty
What the fuck is wrong with everything? Why is everything falling apart? This life thing really sucks, I want to return mine. People suck. Family sucks. "Friends" suck. I want a new everything. All new friends, cause yanno I could almost live without the ones I have. There's the difference between, I fucking need you guys. But, oh well I guess cause they could care fucking less about me. "Oh, sorry, I just didn't think of it." Yeah, after you ignored me all fucking day. And why, why am I not furious? No, I'm not angry at all I'm upset. Yeah, upset that I was forgotten once again when I should be livid beyond belief. And why can't I just fucking let go. I tried, I tried damn hard and I fucking can't. Why do I have to be cursed to care so fucking much about people that could give two shits about me? Why is any of this happening? After everything how can either of you do this to me? I can't hate my Mom. I want to so bad. I don't wanna care about her because she doesn't care about me at all, but I can't. Why am I fucking like this? I don't wanna be. I wanna be like everyone else who can just throw people away like a used tissue. Why can't I be like that, everyone else gets to. And no, maybe I don't wanna talk to people who throw me away for two weeks or two months (what's really the difference anyway), but why can't I let that not bother me. This is all fucking killing me and what does it even matter. It doesn't, I guess. The sharper the edge, The cleaner the wound So I'll be keeping it dull tonight For I deserve to hurt Disfigure the outside To show how ruined I am There's no pain and no pleasure When you're too numb to feel There's a pedestal across the room And if I try to climb again This time the fall is fatal I don't deserve such and easy exit So maybe my spine can snap on impact And I'll have to crawl away [Bayside]
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Feeling: alright
So, ok, Thursday was my birthday (m/ 18 m/) and since then I've been non fucking stop. I had to go to school of course and had a terrible day because people are fucking dicks. Then I went with Christine to Wilkes Barre. It was an aright time, but I was in a bad mood, so yeah. I apparently don't let myself have fun anymore so I just get shunned cause that's the cool thing to do to the clinically depressed "friend." Whatever. Then I went home, right to bed, got up, right to work. We were so busy and I was so sore afterwards. Oh, well. Went home, slept, work in the morning. Anyone sensing a pattern? So, yeah, Saturday was a boring work day. Got home pretty early considering it was a tear down night (I'm a carnie) and went straight to bed cause I was so beat. So then I got up and did laundry and everything. Then off to Lauren's party. It started out good, had smores, made burgers, hung out. Then Ramona went to bed.... Here's where I fuck up. Ok, so Ramona went to bed and of course the booze comes out. So I had a little bit and it was a funn time. Me and Tucker had some lagers and I was still fine. Then I started the shots of Captain Morgan's. Yeah, suddenly it's not so fine anymore. Half a bottle later and it's definately not fine. So then I pass out and I wake up in the same spot. I feel damn good for everything I had and I just figured I slept it off. If I were only that lucky. Turns out I didn't exactly stay there the whole night. I was too busy throwing up my entire internal organ system. I had alcohol poisoning. Who knew? Bj helped me through it, even though he was pretty damn drunk himself. So I got up and I was still a titch tipsy, too bad life doesn't care. I had to march two parades. ARG! It's a good thing Miss Shafer believed that I was just sick. Got home, showered, sat around, and here I am. Yeah, non fucking stop since Thursday. I can't believe I did that. I'm not ever getting that bad ever again. I won't let myself. But, regardless, it wasn't that bad of a time till I messed up. Pretty good start to my eighteenth year of existence, eh? I'm gonna stay eighteen forever So we can stay like this forever And we'll never miss a party Cause we'll keep them going constantly And we'll never have to listen To anyone, bout anything Cause it's all been done And it's all been said We're the coolest kids And we take what we can get [Brand.New]
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Feeling: contemplative
So Prom was on Friday. It was one of the best nights I've had in a while. Jean's dress was so nice and her and her fake ta tas looked great in it. Christine was absolutely gorgeous in her wedding dress. Everyone looked nice in their formal attire, but it was proved once and for all that horses and gowns just do not mix. The DJ kinda sucked, but other than that it was an amazing time. So then a bunch of us went to Lauren's house for a party. Boy, was that a fun time. I had such a great time with everyone and Lauren is fucking hilarious when she's drunk off her ass. So now here I am. I spent alot of time thinking about that person that doesn't talk to me anymore today. I realized that all I want is for them to be happy. They were completely miserable and all I wanted was for them to be ok. I wasn't mad at them anymore, I wasn't anything, I just wanted it over. I want them happy and if that doesn't include me then what can I do about it. Of course I won't like it if it doens't include me, but all I want is them to be happy so if that's what they want, well then that's what they're gonna get. I just want them to know, because maybe that isn't what they want. I don't know. I thought I figured it out today, but I'm just more confused. Some say that time changes Best friends can become strangers But I don't want that No, not for you If you just stay with me We can make it through [Terrible.Band.Awesome.Lyrics]
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Listening to: Whisper - Evanescence
Feeling: misplaced
What the fuck is wrong with me? You shouldn't mean a God damned thing to me, you really shouldn't. I should be fucking happy that you're obviously upset, but the first thing I think is, "Can I help? I hope nothing happened." Why? It's not even "I wonder what that dirty fucking rotten piece of trash bitch did now?" No, it's concern for you and that's what makes me better than all those other wastes of life you call friends, but still treat better than me. After everything that's happened and how you're being I should be praying that your life is ruined, but I don't. I can't. My family is driving me insane. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow. I hate going to the doctor, it means I can't handle something by myself. I hate that feeling, I really do. I like to be in control and when I admit I need professional help it obviously means I'm not, but I really think the doctor is necessary. I've had this constant headache for the past month and a half. I can't sleep at night and once I do I'm so messed up when I wake up. I'm tired all day and just can't get any energy. That shouldn't be a problem at 17. I randomly get so sick I can barely walk. Something's obviously wrong and I obviously can't handle it. There - I admit it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Don't turn away Don't give into the pain Don't try to hide Though they're screaming your name Don't close your eyes God knows what lies behind them Don't turn out the light Never sleep, never die Servatis a Pereculum Save us from danger Servatis a Maleficum Save us from evil [Evanescence]
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Listening to: Broken - Bad Religion
Feeling: bipolar
Strong is fighting! It's hard, and it's painful, and it's every day. It's what we have to do. And we can do it together. But if you're too much of a coward for that, then burn. If I can't convince you that you belong in this world, then I don't know what can. But do not expect me to watch. And don't expect me to mourn for you, because... [Buffy-Amends] The only thing I can keep doing is fight. I don't know if it's even worth it anymore, but I'm sure as Hell gonna do it cause I don't give up, ever. Born and bred a fighter.
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Feeling: dead
I can't do this anymore. I just can't. It's too much, way too much. I wrote this last night: I live in a world where darkness rules day Where no fraction of light can hold shadows at bay I live in a world where everything dies Where candy coat truth breeds sugar coat lies I thrive in this world and its evil ways Where angels are damned and bastards are praised You’re all in this place and none of you know Why it is Hell and who made it so But I am not blind and not yet dead I know why this evil was able to spread It's not done, but that's because I can't finish it. I don't know why things are like they are. I wish I did, but I don't. It makes absolutely no sense to me. I just can't fucking take it. This isn't just gonna work out and things aren't gonna be fine. Just leave me alone. Save Me.
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Feeling: hopeless
I shook my head. "If the shit hit’s the fan, this could end up like Hamlet." "How like Hamlet?" Stephen asked. "Everybody dead," I said. "Oh," he said. [The.Lunatic.Cafe] How true. How very, very true. I’ve been so close to flipping out on someone lately, anyone really. It wouldn’t even matter who you were. I’m just in the mood to flip out on someone. Flip out or break down. Take your pick. I’m so fed up with some people right now. I’m so close to my breaking point. If you thought I was close before you have no idea now, you really don’t. This has been such a terrible week. Absolutely horrid. If I had to live it again, I don’t think I’d make it through. Let’s see what I can remember: Ok, so basically all I can really remember is after school Wednesday when I went to Christine’s with her and Karen for a while. That was a god damn hoot, I’ll tell you. That was sarcastic in case you’re mentally challenged. It was just this side of a catastrophe. I’m sorry I can’t fucking stand him. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to and I’ll always think back to this and know you could do so much better. Ed’s being an asshole. Ok, so I’ve said that before, but it’s so much worse lately. No one can take it, it’s not even just me anymore. Ever since, well yeah. You know. And no I don’t mean horse. It didn’t help, but I don’t think it caused this. I’m almost positive this is because of that other person that makes me vomit inside my mouth. I’m in such a terrible mood. Everything’s falling apart and I don’t know what to do about it. This situation happens in my life entirely too often. I was doing pretty good , too, considering the situations. Then on…Wednesday maybe - I’m not sure exactly when - I just went to Hell. I can’t even hide it any more. I need help. Save Me.
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Feeling: sinful
Vomit. Ok, I don't understand why people feel the need to always talk about things that make me wanna die. They always wonder why I'm pissed off. I wonder why? Let's think about it for 2.5 seconds, although I'm sure that's way too much time to waste on me. Went with Christine for dinner last night. it started out a little shaky for obvious reasons, but then it was a fun time. Well, except that little incident, but let's not talk about that. I think I have clinical depression. I found this article on it: Although depressed people may seem lethargic, samples of their blood show a raised level of stress hormones such as cortisol and noradrenaline. This causes (and is caused by) over-arousal and agitation leading eventually to exhaustion and chronic fatigue. In addition, appetite changes often acompanying depression. Sufferers may eat much less than normal or much more. Likewise we may sleep less or more, both of which could lead to other physical symptoms such as headaches or dizziness. I hope I'm overreacting, but I'm not sure. My mom and sister both have it, so why don't I just join the crowd? Well, in other news: two of my best friends are dating people I absolutely despise. Keep in mind that I did, in fact, despise before they started dating. It makes me wanna puke inside my mouth just a little, or maybe a lot. I guess I'll talk about it later cause I'm really not in the mood to right now. Save Me.
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