i am so happy Trump will be leaving, i haven't the vocabulary even in multiple languages to properly express it.

(maybe think of like Russki Mat*, but a glorious & relieved version instead of just 57 ways to declare you shagged my mother.)

in other news, my health is getting better. ive lost over 5 kilos this month! & ive just tested negative for the bacteria that took me out for so long. i will be returning to work on Tuesday barring unforeseen circumstances. im due to schedule carpal tunnel surgery in the coming weeks, so im not certain how long my return will last, but i am going to do the best i can.

we've been setting up for the hols to make things feel more cosy round here, & it has lifted my spirits a lot. our tree is up & decorated, & ive got most of the decor i plan to use set up already. until John's son moves out, there's not enough room to display everything, and i typically go with the same items every year; however, ive made the space this year to put out my Rudolph stuff ive had since 2002(!) that has otherwise been relegated to plastic bins. our floor is carpeted, so when our very large dog Max does his high-jumping 'potty dance', it might knock some things over - but it's a manageable price to pay after 18 years.

bonus: i found an old record id thought had been binned ages ago. score!

this is what counts for entertainment in our house these days. ^_^


*Cyrillic is still not supported? bleh!

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Yeah and now its officially declared. I guss the Trumpster is going to be sued a lot eh?

be well.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm really curious (as for sure the rest of the world is) how it's going to end with the Trumpton. I wish you luck with your health and all the best. And congrats on the 5kgs :-)
-be well