February 2024 Update

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All, Happy 2024! As you've noticed if you're here, Sitdiary is being renovated in a big way. That's not to say that it's being completely overhauled; the initial motivation in bringing it back to life is to give people access to their old stuff. Part of me felt for a long while that it was time to let Sitdiary kind of fade, but over the years, people kept reaching out here and there to ask whether it would ever come back up and I'd been noncommittal at best. However, recently, hellboy (Christian) reached out to me (thank you, Christian) and let me know that people had formed a subreddit dedicated to Sitdiary and there was a bit more interest than I'd previously perceived. After digging into that a bit, it kind of inspired me to bring things back -- at least to the point where people could log back in and view not only their own private entries but also their friends' entries as well. So, that's the short version of how we got to where we are. Now, with that said, let me address a few specific things: Passwords The old password system for Sitdiary was basically terrible and super easy to hack, so I made the decision to enforce a much tighter password protocol and encryption. Unfortunately, this means your old password won't work anymore. The good news is that you can reset your password, supposing you still have access to the same email! Of course, if you don't have access to your old email, that's when you'll have to use the contact form and reach out to me directly and we can discuss it further. Spam As many of you know, Sitdiary was rife with spam for years -- a lot of it still persists -- and I am trying to think of a good way to cull it all. In the mean time, here are the steps I've taken to help mitigate it: I deactivate spam diaries on sight and have been doing so for a while. I've added Recaptca to key areas (password reset, contact forms) and will be adding them to registration when that's back. Some of this is annoying, but it's necessary if we want nice things. Images I did migrate the old user images to a CDN, so they are technically there. The problem is that young Scott referenced them in such a janky way that it's difficult to consistently point to them from your entries (as you may have noticed). The second problem is that some just got deleted and are no longer reference-able. I'm still thinking through how to properly bring those back, but needless to say -- I'll have to bring back an image manager of some kind. What's Available Now Login and password reset The random button (woo!) Reading public entries Reading private entries Reading friends-only entries Commenting Comment deleting (your own and others' on your own entries) Settings (limited) Email Notifications (limited) Roadmap Now, as far as what's on the roadmap: User profiles Open Registration Entries (creating, editing, deleting) Image manager (as mentioned) Friend manager (and friend-adding in general) Settings (full) These are the core things I want to bring back and the survey I put on the site has so far indicated that opening registration back up is the biggest thing people want to see, so I weighted that at the top of the list. Of course, I am open to ideas and feedback, so feel free to use the contact form to reach out or leave a comment on news or scott. I want the site to feel like it used to, but faster, less buggy and with WAY less spam. All that being said, even if it never came back in a big way, it's been an amazing blast getting it to where it is now and hearing from people I haven't interacted with in years has been just awesome. That's pretty much it for now. Thank you all for your patience. Love, Scott
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Spring Cleaning

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After moving hosts a while back, apparently a few things got neglected, so I took it upon myself to get stuff working again. As it turns out, it was nothing crazy, but so far I've fixed: User Profiles Comments Viewer Friends Post Viewer Buggy stuff behind the scenes As always, my goal is to bring the back-end code for Sitdiary up to snuff, but for now -- at least stuff works. Love, Scott
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I have noticed the enormous amount of spam blogs on here and I'd definitely like to do something about it. For the time being, if you guys spot spam blogs, can you post the username as a comment to this post? It would help out tremendously while I figure out a more streamlined approach. Love, Scott
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Auto Save & Draft Mode & WYSIWYG

That's right, the following two changes were made to your editor today: 1.) As you type, your posts are saved every 30 seconds (this may be extended to every 1 minute, depending on server load) 2.) Posts are now 'draft' by default and can be switched to either 'Published' or 'Private' Ahhhh progress. Scott -- Edit -- 3.) You now have a WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE). That is all. :)
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Alipoli.com Launched!

Just when you thought we couldn't get any cooler -- SURPRISE! We just launched a new store- http://alipoli.myshopify.com There are only a few items on there now, but we're busy populating it with new things here and there. If you have comments, suggestions, let us know! Thanks, Scott
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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Index And Preferences

For those of you who hadn't noticed, yesterday I debuted a couple of new changes: - New index page (speedier/friendlier) - New preferences page (actually works) Please test them and let me know what bugs you find, if there are any. Be prepared for more changes like these in the near future. Thanks! Scott
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Sitdiary Is Now Virtual

Hey guys, I just did a bunch of updates so if you experience any problems, please leave a comment and I'll get to them as soon as possible. There's also the Sitdiary Forum if you want to see what other people are reporting. Currently known issues that I'm working on: - Preferences are slightly broken - Image Manager - Down for updates Everything else should be working smoothly.
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Spam Be Gone!

Hey guys, I just spent a good hour getting rid of over 50,000 spam comments. If you find any I missed, please let me know. I hate that. Thanks, Scott
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New Help Forum

Hey guys, I created a new forum separate from the main Sitdiary so that you can contact me regarding any bugs you find or any features you'd like to suggest. You can find it here: Sitdiary Forum
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Sorry About The Confusion

Anyone who posted after logging into Sitdiary through the main page earlier today were probably surprised to see their precious posts slipping into the dark abyss. Well, your posts didn't slip into nothingness -- they were held in tact. I had to do some tedious work to re-attach them but they're all there and I'm sorry for your trouble. Regardless, the login problem has been fixed and you can log into Sitdiary from any page, index or not. If you're having any other problems or have a comment/suggestion, please let me know! Going to sleep now, bye. -Scott
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Lots Of Updates

Hey guys, It's about 3:30 AM here and I'm going to go to sleep, but I just wanted to let you know what's going on with the site if you're wondering- Remember when I talked before about consolidating all the tables to make Sitdiary faster and easier to upgrade? Well, I'm doing that. I want to make Sitdiary as popular as it was before and even more so, if possible. For now, I'm going to bed. Thanks for not jetting at the first sign of trouble. Thanks, Scott
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Updates to Comments

You may notice a couple of things that have changed since last night: 1. Sitdiary is faster. 2. You will receive less spam. The reason for both of these is an update that took quite a while but seems to have gone into effect nicely. Now when I look back at the code I made in 2000, 2001 and 2002, I realize that I must've been drunk. Anyway, I added Captcha to normal Anonymous comments. If you're logged in, you can still leave Anonymous comments but if anything gets out of hand, I'll have to update that as well. Next step: updating the posts. Until next time..
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Sitdiary making a comeback?

It's been a long time since I've seen Sitdiary growing like it has been lately and I must say, it feels good. I saw a day with 5 new users, 4 new users and now today- 3 new users. It's just like it was back in 2001 when things just started getting hot. It makes me proud. Just wanted to update you guys and tell you to enjoy yourselves this holiday season. Peace, Scott
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Sitdiary gets indexed for the weirdest things

I was just checking out the publicly available extremetracking stats for Sitdiary and I noticed the crazy people search for and find Sitdiary with, for instance: "how about pizza and sex" "sandrabullocknude" "dave barnes and shoola" You can check it out for yourself right here: ExtremeTracking Stats Oh, and in case you want to see how popular your diary is, check this page out: ExtrameTracking Referrals I thought this was pretty interesting as well. -Scott
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Registration Is Open!

People of Sitdiary- Registration has been officially re-opened! Last night, I sent out the email blast to all the people that signed up on the Sitdiary mailing list (on your left) but I thought I'd also follow up by letting you know via the news page! If you want to register, just go to the main index, and look at the right side. You'll see a small join box under "create a diary." Tell your friends. Sitdiary is back! Scott
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Server Move Complete

The server move is officially completed! Thanks to everyone for not freaking out too badly. I just wanted to let everyone know that their passwords aren't broken; the system has just been upgraded and I had to modify a few things. On that note, if there are any bugs you find, please let me know by leaving a comment or something of that nature. If you haven't already, please sign up on the mailing list (main index on the left side) to receive updates about Sitdiary. Thanks to all the loyal people! Scott
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Long time, no update

Hey guys, You know me .. always doing something. Lately, I've been missing Sitdiary a lot and thinking about ways to bring it back to full force. I check it nearly every single day to see the sad wasteland that used to be a vast bustling community. I have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes that few people have probably even noticed. There's also a super secret project going on, and I've talked to a few Sitdiary people about it but I will update the masses when the time is right. For now, I'm going to try to pry the registration doors back open so people can start trickling back in. Sitdiary will rise again. Happy 2007, by the way. :) -Scott
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Bear with me, guys.

Okay, So here's what's going on.. right now, we're in the middle of a long migration. Only the front page is in sitDiary 2.0 mode. None of your diaries have been moved to the new version yet. That's because I have to move all of the entries into a central database and all of the comments, all while not losing them or references to them. Anyway, the posts are all done and all your entries are being written to the posts database already. Now I just need to synchronize the comments database with all the individual comments tables, so I can delete all the individual tables and be left with about 10 total. Right now, there are about 3 tables to each user. That's a crapload. Once that's done, I can really put some polish on this thing. For now, please be kind and bear with me. Don't jump ship just yet! We're just getting started. Anyway, I think you'll like the new user area. I'm focusing on making it more user-friendly. Mostly because sitDiary has sucked a lot for about a year now.. always breaking down and whatnot. That's the scoop. I'm out. --Scott
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