whoops! guess i forgot you again, old friend

this will be a short one, as my hands hurt a lot today. the scars from the surgeries are healing well, but the insides still flare up. it'll take time for that to diminish, but at least my hands aren't nearly as bad as before.

im back to work again, and the only person who realises COVID hasn't gone away. there was an outbreak when i was out for my surgeries, so i fortunately missed that - but nothing has changed. im a high-risk person, so i do what i can to stay safe, but it's frustrating being alone in it.

John's son just signed up for his 'graduation time-slot'. it's his final year of school, at the end of which he plans to move out. five more months until freedom!!!! i am giddy with excitement; being able to remove the cabinet locks, not having to be on guard whenever he's here, and to not have to hide our devices anymore are all going to be an amazing feeling.

maybe i can start planning a road trip. whee!!

this coming Saturday, John's son will be by his mum, so im planning a surprise 'party of two' for John and i: a karaoke night. i plan to set up a YouTube playlist of songs we both like to sing, make some slips for us to write our 'requests' on, and dress as if we were going to a posh spot. i might even decorate a bit.

John works so hard, and he always is so thoughtful and appreciative; i really want to do something special, and as we both love to sing (we met at a karaoke night), i think he'll like it.

what kind of surprise would you love to have from your partner?

PS June will mark the 10th anniversary of leaving my abusive ex-husband. i may throw a virtual party, lol. but what a difference a decade makes!

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Hey there. Thats awesome, that you were immediately online again after the site came back :-)
Hope youre doing well these days.
-be well
Hey there. I think a surprise Karaoke Eveneing is pretty cool, so you're on the right way deciding your own good surprises for your partner ;-)

Congrats also to your upcoming anniversary. It's better to leave assholes then to live with them.
But thats sometimes not so easy. God, that you were that strong.

Take care and be well,