Slip yourself into a time That’s a little more comfortable A little more gone, is best to describe Some past That’s a friend of mine But never that smile Eyes that take you in, and take a while Slow That’s what you are I’m glad it ended the way it did I’m glad it stopped Someone had to grow up And the other had to continue being the kid Nagging at me, something left unsaid Someone to wish being blessed While wanting to put a gun to their mutha fuckin head Bleeding like you’re alive, through the tears But you’re really dead Nagging at me, something left unsaid…
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blessing in disquise

time crawls leaving me in it's sick and twisted stead i'm so angry so lost all i see is red eating and eating you up not the cancer but the lack of love if i gave you this and told you you have my heart would you care could you feel it there in the corner where you shed your pain and you can't evolve can't stay sane stuck and lost out of love if i held you it'd still be so cold your lips your hands being the man never too warm and i feel the burn, like ice too cold the burn from an internal urge to leave exsistence lost everything relative your heart to mine appreciate living i wish i could give you nine lives
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trance hold it there cash in the sweet and plain it keep it real and just leave it's so much more sweet
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cavernous soul new places to hide myself from the cold wind whips chilling hands that reach for someone to understand capital heart you breathe with your head when you're gone you won't be able to analyze death lose this number so I can give it to you over and over again until sour wishes turn vengeful actively sin see this happiness with it's painted face paper thin as faith but guide me, adrenaline pumping to believe without seeing caring for a subtle touch lead you from the dark illistrating it's blank with art your empathy like sand transfer to where it's needed to as desolate a land you fall catches you is sand that cradles you in all molds around you so you can grasp the reality through unclenching teeth
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kick me in the gut it might hurt but it will be a happy release... hey miss? my soul's dying my heart probably can't take much more it tries too hard, to give. and now it's almost empty. my tears really don't provide for me anymore. my money is spent and faces turn I was wondering, do you know where they turn? If possible could I freeze my heart? To save what's left? I thought maybe i'd give it to someone like me. Lady? Stranger to me I guess? I promise to try, try not to be angry anymore. if I have to go out, I'll just leave quietly I'll whisper and say things that can be nice I'm hurting, Lady, like you wouldn't believe. the muscle, my heart is like on drugs: weak there's no fight anymore but lady? I'm not stupid there'd be too much to lose... sincerely thank you, lady. I can't imagine that you'd sit here unjudgemental just listening, but I think you know I just needed to say it out loud Thanks, it's appreciated only... lady? I just wish, maybe someone else could do it for me... not meaning anything by it, you're a good listener.
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eternal home

Don’t look in death It isn’t that nice Look down There I stand Still reaching for your hand Though it doesn’t posses A soul I can’t let you go You’re part of me My other half The tears stagnant They’re there, Oh believe, They just lie dormant My hope won’t accept them You didn’t go away Stay with me Don’t you leave It’s like ice in here Maybe it’s the drugs But it’s like ice in here My flesh crawls Skin and red Would like to teer it And give it to you Will it tie you together So you don’t fall apart? Will it mend you? Even if you have broken heart? Will you hang on? Attach yourself to life Cling to it, like a love Don’t give up I love you I love you You can have my heart Really, it’s already yours Just promise me Goddamn promise me, yeah that’s right With tears in your eyes You can cry But promise you’ll stay and fight I know you can’t hang on It’s too much Pain overwhelming you But, For me A little time? How do I prove to you That I love you? You already know? I know you do But it’s not good enough for me I can breath, I can think But I’m just pretending I won’t let you see me slip See the tears never fall You say It’s okay, it’s okay Be strong. I am! Goddamn, I am! But only for you I can be strong if it’s for you But not for me Without you I’m nothing Don’t say those are lies You bring the best in me Give me reason To endure this life, and keep living I should go home!! You need to stay The world will be less It will be less Do you hear me? I’m nothing And if they miss me It’s only I was good for you I tried for you They liked me for you I did it for you Just stay Or trade my place
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Listening to: doree's music
my soul invites you to stay near where its warm and you're safe i know who I want to take me home the guilt didn't arise though i know it's not that certain love in his eyes i know he cares without a doubt it's really there wish i could huddle you close to me just tell me if you need saving I gave up once I promise not again so lets lie close and close our eyes together maybe it will be easier to suffer their lies hope you don't get cold with your feet so bare I have the love for you too it's warm to know you care like reality is so much less bitter congratulations this is the only poem that has ever been genuinely happy kiss your cheek by this you preserve the innocence in me.
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the little drops of blood are soothing me when the come together and it just adds to their beauty i want to rip my veins feel real pain want to break the skin put patterns in places if you put patterns you just wont live take a knife and hear it teer tell someone yeah i've been there it makes me light headed my heart leaden soul too good for you the paperweight masterbates the papers to come to you it sits heavy and serene on thin cream with words out of my mouth like a dream
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sorry for just about everything

severe your beauty and I want to cut cut bleed and lick it up but i can't something holds me to the last recognize your intentions and set them free don't plan what you want to mean to me i'm sorry i'm so mean sorry so rude that i'm abrasive that i'm a little girl and a fool for you sorry i'm immature sorry i don't stay out of things i care too much i think too much and i love sorry for everything sorry for me sorry i'm not good enough sorry i bleed better yet sorry i breath sorry you can't stand me sorry i didn't do it sorry and i'll sit still sorry i have this ringing in my ear sorry i just want someone to love sorry i just want someone to love me sorry for just about everything.
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you retract your breath i can't feel you yet it's too deep i sit wild scraping my knees so i can't stand can't walk that distance to where you're my man but we generate heat and in all my heart in my lungs i can't breath pressure building no release the drugs just eat and eat and eat you cannot go back you're so lost your memories flat inhale you squirm notice me.. that i scream faking you are my ecstasy in hellish moments for you i phene like drugs they teer, it burns and i promise not to hear but your'e convincing with your awesome power and your extensive reach just slap me I promise not to scream the blows are mellow i can't feel you you see red and i see yellow the sun bursting in my eyes but I hide in shadows you cloak in lies so separate me pull it apart mend secretly behind my back like it's your art pretend you're still this way i'll cradle you till it goes away
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your fantasy is to devour me in thoughts pitiful and in the end you lose you say 'oh my god' i have a short fuse i don't believe you you're nothing to me and i sit solemn just comtemplating your existence for whom you love only yourself and it grows in volume swallow your poison i don't need your trust there's simply no one for whom i lust and your morbid eyes spitting fire wonder if you were genuine what'd it be like to hurry you into reality would you then forsake me i don't care it's a shame we breath the same air but i think again i'll just pretend that our worlds again will mend that i'm here for you but in the back of your mind do you believe such lies like youre really a good friend would anyone really stand by you in the end i think you know what's true that people simply tolerate you so slit your soul let it gush to run to your side and help, i know i wouldn't be in a rush
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say you're painful like the memories like you rolled yourself up to protect me from you and you melt like you were never cool but always frozen stiff
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same youre the same from your empty truths to you, endless blames your smile is fickle broke me when it came i'm sorry to say, youre the same my name burns your mouth so it fades on lips rancid with lies and pain so you feel cornered and drained but you with your apathetic teeth that teer away my heart stays as you stay the same far away i'm sorry to say same you're the same
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it hurts the way you do me like it's more important than what's got to be and the sand slips endlessly and wishing your tears away is fruitless we can't have this and i antagonize, but it's you im sorry for me, for i'm harsh and true girl your my backbone but really i guess im yours i love you with all my heart and you look down in scorn loved to call you my best friend knew we'd make it till the end but i just don't godamn know anymore every ounce of me is pitying i hate the way it rails screaming to my head no answer no avail so lose it all the way wished we werent like this i give you my all i insist but baby girl because you're my best one you make me want to slit my wrists.
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we tidy ourselves drapes thrown and ive pain from you plenty but i've grown if you kissed me i might die but i cant get close enough to truly look you in the eye because you're repetitve in your approach always tightening your grip and never slow so i bury what i know in this heart that grows like stone and cold i've known long enough but its already become old a keep sake that's hideous that wonderful moment that's really a bust so i pretend i've slit my wrists turning inside until it's bliss for the morphine to edge the fire keep it in before it turns into desire and i liked you more when you were fucked up could stand you stupid and your ways dumb but i've fallen away so near i'll hold you but i don't say a word you hear
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imature little bitches

Hey all you fuckin pussies, you can read my diary or not it's your decision but if youre going to leave a fuckin comment like freak, leave your name or diary because all it says is that youre a little bitch
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soft even when you pound me tenderness a little love can be healthy i want to sip you in undress me and i will whisper your name say it louder if you promise just to stay body shivering from the chills you make run up and down my body i regained that faith it doesnt have to be this way or that hard and sad and nothing else soft and i got it from you i would walk blindly into a raging fire if you told me to that's the kind of trust thats true but these chains that bound me to you will never rust or change their hue because this moment has happened over and over again here until we fade together, melt into eachother this will be near. soft.
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didn't mean it baby

enthralled by how easily you'll spit in my face disregard your girls for the thrill of the chase and you resume to loving us once again trying so hard just to laugh so you can live but then, with a sudden burst of creativity you fathom new ways of hurting me and let me tell the world how they sting but no one's perfect don't know who i'd turn to if i didn't have you though you throw it in my face with that blazing heat and I hope you didn't mean it when you made me bleed
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