[978] got somebody to lean on

Feeling: pissy

i guess this is just where i come to put down all my most uncharitable thoughts and feelings.

can't help but wonder why you get to have this and i don't get to and that is probably the meanest thought i'll ever have. i will look back on this in 10 years and have no idea what i was talking about here and that's probably for the best. i hope i forget. i hope i know better. i hope i feel better. i hope you feel better.

who would've thought i would make two diary entries in the same quarantine. covid got us all fucked up, huh.

i'm tired, but i'm always tired. i'm sure my very first entry talks about how tired i am because i've never not been this. anyways. time for bed.


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I am also always tired.
i checked it, you wrote something about death in your first entry. So you made it all the way, wooohoo!

stay well, we are all in this mess. I think coshit may have showed, that we were all together on this blue/green baloon, which can burst at any time. This is th right time to set priorities.