my funny valentine.

sup, my peepees?!?! ha. alright. what are we doing for valentine's day? boycotting? buying something cute in an attempt to....? being alone because no one likes us? which is it? i dont know what i'm getting my valentine. let's all share ideas and be tight-knit. good day.
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heh well completly avoiding it at all means .. i hate this holiday something bad always seems to happen
I don't celebrate v-day, partially because I'm on a college campus that has a ration of 4 girls to every 1 guy. I'm celebrating Feb. 15 instead, Unofficial Chocolate Discount day!
~Amyelk Out
well, this is not my favorite holiday. I'm not good at shopping for gifts, and i don't particularly enjoy recieving them, because i never no how to react and the other persons like...oh man did she like it or no?? lol so yeah...and if i did have a valentine, i'd just enjoy cuddling on a couch and watching a movie. oh and the little heart shaped boxes of chocolate...they rock.

happy valentines day, all.
& dinner
doing = thinking of a boy; maybe go to his house :D
mmm well we're celebrating on Feb. 15 instead cuz my friend and I have late classes on Tuesday so we're having a small formal dinner at my house with our prospective husbands hopefully unchaperoned and full of good loving in the end.
no matter what anyone says, valentine's day is my second favorite holiday. period.
under halloween of course
I'd imagine that being in love on V-Day is great... but since I've never experienced that I will instead go shopping for a new outfit and maybe do something nice for someone else. I've discovered just because I can't "love" as significant other doesn't mean I can't love on someone else who needs a reminder that they are wanted and needed. So yah for Valentine's Day!
I'm one of the boycotters, haha. I'm having a bunch of my girl friends over, and we plan to watch will and grace, eat lots of chocolate and ice cream, and bash relationships. it will be fun :)
WELL this girl said she would make me a valentine and that she would have bought me a flower but they sold them WAY in advance.
Hopefully that will manifest itself into a happy v-day.
Valentines's day is just a way to poke fun at all the people who aren't dating/ in a relationship with anyone.
so lets
eat ice cream
&watch ROMEO & Juliet!

being alone becuase no one likes me :(
It's on Wednesday... so I'll be working. Then I'll come home. Vacuum, clean the brakfast dishes, do laundry, and make an easy dinner when the bf comes home. I won't give a gift or card. And the bf definately won't get me a gift or card. After 8 years together I think we're past that schmoop. Maybe I'll treat myself to Starbucks.
nothng cuz i dont have one... YAY?
Yay, the old ads are back. You freakin' rock! :)
I went to see my puppy!
I baked my boyfriend a cake and he made me dinner and bought me a kitten that i name mischeif
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I held hands with my Valentines <3
So I'm leaving this post-valentines..

My boyfriend didnt get me anything, so my friend and I ripped branches off trees and exchanged them. Something like, "greatest sympathies on this belated Valentines day"
This valentines day reminded me of elementary school.

I made a girl a valentine, but she was sick so I left it in her locker. She's cool and we're hanging out this weekend.

yes, high fives to me, i had a hot date, skite skite!!! he took me to the movies, and then around a whole world of lovin afterwards. :o)
All alone because no one likes me that much to care.

what's with the "you know what to do"
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wheres the option for those who WANT spend it alone because we think it is a useless and pointless holiday? lol.. i mean valentines day is just for "recognizing" those who have "loved ones"... all its doing for everyone else is reminding them how much of losers they are because theyre lonely. it hurts some people lol...
Most likely with Mike my new boyfriend as of last night lol, I haven't a clue what your supposed to get guys for v-day.
um... *being alone because nobody likes me*
time with the boyfriend i guess...and all that grand stuff &heart; but yeah i'm making him a scrapbook of all our pics together...should be good i hope.
Wow I Luv that scrap book idea!!!!! hmmmm maybe ill use that. Im gettin my bf a dvd of DoH season 1...uh yeah dukes of hazzard for those that dun kno....he's pissed cuz i have money to blow oh well. I love my bf to death, its our first v-day together, n we been together almost a year, pretty good eh for bein together from freshmen year and we're halfway thru sophmore......heh been awhile since ive posted on ne of these threads!

I have no freaking clue, I've never had a good v-day, so I have nothing to model the day after. I don't like to get all sappy. Maybe I'll make Nick lasagna and we can eat it by candle light.
you called us pee peee's
mmmmmm... scott I think we need to go out for dinner with the ladies. drinks are on me but only YOU will be consuming because I will be driving...your car of course
I havent experienced a really Valetine day so far :(. Any way feel like just being with my loved one is all that's great to me. Wish u all to have a wonderful Valetine day!
i hate v-day
total waste of money and a con
i am ignoring the day if possible
it is however two my mates bdays, they are 17 and 18, plus my cousin's 2nd bday :)
well if i'm not working then i'm hanging out with an old friend since the boy i like is in the marines and won't be home for at least six more months
i work in a small, candlelit, italian restaurant. meaning v-day is our busiest day of the year, no joke. i'm working 10am to midnight. i'm thinking any romantic time with my girlfriend is going to have to be rescheduled.
wow that hott ill be you valentines<3
maybe i'll send my lover a long steamy romance novel-esque letter..

maybe i'll forget valentine's day.

maybe i'll have a dance with myself.

i just love christian holidays that have been stripped of all original meaning.
Oh! Oh! I ♥ sharing ideas and being tightknit!

I'm actually...Not doing anything. At all. Cause I suck at shopping...ESPECIALLY for the BF.
So I'm stuck.
Any ideas anyone?

but if i had someone special id prolly make them a cute card and buy them a loverly stuffed animal and cook them a tastey dinner, cuz im one of those ppl who have good cooking talents :D
hey... how do i put music on my sitd.? comment back!

happy valentines day!
I'll probably stay home from school and be depressed in my bedroom instead of at school where I'll see everybody be all lovey dovey. Another lonely year for me ):
Valentine's Day has always been not so good for me. It was Valentine's Day when JD broke his back. It was Valentine's Day when I went into premature labor. I'm going to be cautious this year.

However, I want to write JD a novel about how much I love him. I don't know if I'll have the attention span for that, so I'd better get

Lots of love!!!!!

Man, Valie's is on tuesday... and both the miss and I have school. That sucks badly. I was thinking that I should write her a song and play it for her? Or maybe I could make her dinner and give her a tiny flower and a kiss? Hmm... all of those sound good. :D
question: what does the "Back by popular demand." underneath all of the google ads mean??

just curious. (=
boycotting :O i thought it would be unfair on my boyfriend, seeing it was my birthday last week. we might see a movie though.
I was going to boycott with my bfff, but then we couldnt get anyone else to boycott with us so instead we're going to be each other's valentines!! maybe next year!
what if u forget ur passward and u lost ur email how r we suposed to get our passward back
ehh...V-Day sucks. I've always hated it, single or not.
thank you for fixing the ads!
and is it just me or do they automatically match with the diary colours...
chh awesome
you rock
People seem to really hate Valentine's Day.. personally, I think it is what you make of it. That's why I've decided to rent a good movie, get some chinese takeout and have a good night... alone or not. Although as of now it looks like I'll be relaxing alone haha. Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope it's a good one.