Moving on...

Good idea, deadpoetic! Name your top five bands, groups, singers, and/or musicians. Let's try, with all our might, to be nice to everyone else. Don't insult someone for liking Toby Keith, for example. I know I'll try my best not to. Maybe you'll make some friends. Theres Joy in Discovery, right? Alright then...get on with it....
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Top Five Bands/Singers:

1. Josh Groban.
2. Gackt.
3. Matchbox Twenty.
4. Journey.
5. Jet.

1. Bob Schneider / The Scabs
2. Third Eye Blind
3. The Beatles
4. Franz Ferdinand
5. JD Sisson, my own dear heart.


1. AFI
2. The Cure
3. Marilyn Manson
4. Bright Eyes
5. Taking Back Sunday
6. The Dresden Dolls
(I know I cheated. So what?)
haha awesome Scott!

well let's see:


I'll try not to make fun but if someone says good charlotte or yellowcard..dnaobdnoeubdouab

just kiddingggg
oh wait...good job sarah!

not scott. lol.
1. the used
2. matchbook romance
3. taking back sunday
4. something corporate
5. trapt

-michelle. hmm.. please nobody make fun of me :o)

-hawthorne heights
-my chemical romance

1.) My Chemical Romance
2.) Taking Back Sunday
3.) Matchbook Romance
4.) The Used
5.) Hawthorne Heights
i know this doesn't go along with the topic, but Scott, could you please email the password for keepsondreamin to ? it is the email address the diary was made with and the password has been lost for months. i miss my real diary : (

thanks, becca
2) Brand New
3) Led Zeppelin
4) Three Days Grace
5) The Beatles

ps thats all in no particular order, and theres some otehr groups i forgot about... i jsut like a LOT of music lol
1. good charlotte
2. the used
3. bowling for soup
Humm just 5 ?!

1) Krisiun .. A Brazilian metal band that ROCKS !!!

2) Jem .. I just discovered them and so should you !

3) CCR .. Beer and CCR, woah !! Old rock, i know, but never out of style !!

4) Talib Kweli .. Innovative, his lycs and rythms kick some ass !!

5) Joey Cape and Tony Sly with the 'Acoustic Album' .. Just awesome !! Every song is magic ! Just got to have it !

The Crown also is worth listening to !!

See yaaa
New Found Glory
Dashboard Confessional
Maroon 5
1. The Aquabats
2. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
3. Dashboard Confessional
4. Relient K
5. Reel Big Fish

mm...ska...emo...christian rock. rawr.
they change frequently with my moods but so far it's been:
2.Rilo Kiley
3.The Moldy Peaches
and finally
5.Robbers on High Street
1. cab for cutie
2. interpol
3. the faint
4. the beatles

hmm...this is a hard particular order here:
-blink 182
-the ataris
-bowling for soup
-green day
in random order
The Used
Ryan Cabrera
No Doubt
George Gerschwin
Reel Big Fish

Different Genres

<3 Amy*
2.Lionel Richie
3.Patsy Cline

LoL I Mainly Listen 2 Prince And Lionel Richie Is Next And I Love Patsy Cline And Garbage Is A Great Band. And I Can't Think Of Anything Else. Man Are My Bandz/Singerz Different Then Every1 Elsez!!!! Every1 Has Like Punk And Rock And Alternative,,,,And I Have Prince,,,,Cool!!!! HeHe
this is tough...
Joy Division,
W.A. Mozart, duh,
Sonic Youth
[Anonymous] day
2.taking back sunday
3.avenged sevenfold
5.alkaline trio

The Bands that I think kick freakin ass are as follows........

1-being my favorite

1.White Stripes
2.Grateful Dead
3.Alkaline Trio
5.(A TIE)Hot Hot Heat/Yeah Yeah Yeahs
1.) blood brothers
2.) pretty girls make graves
3.) rasputina
4.) chimaira
5.) atreyu

I just took a look at the lists of these bands that everyone likes and they are all so Identical.....I feel old I have no clue about who some of these bands are! lol!
Brand New
Left Over Crack
Save Ferris
Boys night out
Matchbox 20
Frank Sinatra
Pink Floyd
(Hermans hermits)


(1) Joni Mitchell
(2) Beatles
(3) Simon & Garfunkel
(4) Sarah McLachlan
(5) John Mayer
I'm sure no-ones ever heard of any of these people, but..
1. DJ Vix-n
2. Tambako
3. Umek
4. Goldfrapp
5. F.Kumatani (He composed many excellent songs in Sonic games, so I _suppose_ He counts.)
SUBLIME, Ill Repute, Agression, Dr. Know, The Ziggens
Taking Back Sunday
Brand New
Senses Fail
Fall Out Boy
Random Order:

List #1.

Pink Floyd.
Guns N Roses

List #2

Breaking Benjamin.
linkin park
pink floyd
Our Lady Peace
Coheed And Cambria
The Cure
franz ferdinand
save ferris
no doubt
depeche mode/duran duran/the cure
for a tie between the particular order though
hawthorne heights
story of the year
the used
taking back sunday
three days grace
oh my goodness. and the pixies. i totally forgot to write them down with the tie. damn those 80's bands. theyre jsut so good.l
new found glory
avril lavigne
good charlotte

thats all i can think of rite now
Mmmm. I can't believe none of these artists are on anyone's comments (that I saw)

1. Our Lady Peace
2. The Goo Goo Dolls
3. Beethoven
4. Muse
5. Danny Elfman
1. Riot Act
2. A Global Threat
3. Cock SParrer
4. The Pinkerton Thugs
5. Leftöver Crack/Choking Victim/Morning Glory/Crack Rock Steady 7/INDK (it's all the same people in those last five)
local bands are the best cos they havent toured usa and sold out
1. razel
2. the black market
3. toerag
4. gazoonga attack
5. the uglies
most people here like lame emo music
2]Avenged Sevenfold
3]36 Crazyfists
4]Mindless Self Indulgence
5]Taking Back Sunday
6]My Chemical Romance

Yeah, that's six. I cheated, so shoot me.
1.the unicorns
2.death cab for cutie/postal service
4.the blow
5.mate of state
3.Haste The Day
4.Taking Back Sunday
5.As I Lay Dying
1. Tom waits
2. Mirah
3. Radiohead
4. Kind of like spitting
5. the unicorns
wow seems like the majority is fucking emo :P not that i care Mine
-saliva,muse,paparoach,thornley..ihave alot
-sonic youth
-sonic youth
-thurston moore
-lee ranaldo
-kim gordon

How could I possibly only pick five!?!!?

My mind was not made for favourites. =(
umm any that include boys playing guitars... here are a few of mine...

-John Mayer
-Marc Broussard
-Gavin DeGraw
taking back sunday
the pixies
bright eyes
1. the smiths
2. the strokes
3. death cab for cutie
4. yeah yeah yeahs
5. nekromantix

deadpoetic is my idol

leo, i bet you loved that :]
In no particular order...
1. Nightwish
2. HIM
3. In Flames
4. Amorphis
5. The 69 Eyes

Top 5 bands for me:
2.The Used
3.Alkaline Trio
4.My Chemical Romance
and 5.The Rasmus
what are yours?
Five?! Only five? Really only five?

Okay, off the top of my head:

Eighteen Visions

...and all the rest.

(as well as all the rest...)
Hmm. At the moment i'd say...

Death cab for cutie
Elliot Smith
-and can't forget, The beatles
2.The Used
5.The Cure
1. Evanescence
2. Linkin Park
3. Smile Empty Soul
4. Seether
5. Trapt
[in no peticular order]

-Flogging Molly
-the yeah yeah yeahs
-No doubt.

♥ Jess.
hmm, at the moment i'm always listening to...
-ani difranco
-the pixies (i wish i was a teenager in the 80's...)
-franz ferdinand

good stuff right there. :]
1.Brand New
2.Taking Back Sunday
3.Bright Eyes
4.The Used
1. My Chemical Romance
2. A Static Lullaby
3. Saosin
4. The Used
5. Beloved

Those are the bands I'm most into right now...but they aren't the limits of my musical scope...i like most punk, ska, jazz, rock...let's just say many things.
About Silence

Definitely...since i make their website...might as well promote.
Hey, I have a little question. I'm just wondering about the paid accounts. Is that still in the future of sitD? Because if they are, sign me up for one as soon as you get it started.

Have a great day, and thanks for everything.

1. Incubus
2. Dashboard Confessional
3. Something Corporate
4. Jimmy Eat World
5. Frank Sinatra

I love looots of others, but those are probably my top 5 :)
1. The Who
2. Green Day
3. The Killers
4. Simon and Garfunkel
5. Nirvana
6. Modest Mouse
7. Jimmy Buffet
8. Lynyrd Skynyrd
9. Jimi Hendrix
10. The Beatles

(no order)

wait, did you say 5? whoooops :]
1. Good Charlotte
2. American Hi-Fi
3. Bowling for Soup
4. Michelle Branch
5. Utada Hikaru
1. B U (of course
2. Superchic[k]
3. Hawk Nelson
4. Montgomery Gentry
5. Simple Plan
(only 5?? crap. how bout just a few more.)
6. Avril Lavigne
7. Relient K
8. Good Charlotte
9. No Doubt
10. Blink 182

Ok, I guess I'll stop now, but I have a lot more. Hey I didn't even do my Latin music list. hehe. You guys wouldn't know half of them anyway. But my music is a huge range. peace out -char
That's really hard....

(1) Armor For Sleep
(2) Mazzy Star
(3) Enon
(4) Ladytron
(5) Iron and Wine

Top five, I'm going:

1. Coldplay
2. Linkin Park
3. Chevelle
4. Thrice
5. Billy Talent

and, since everyone else is:

6. The Exies

1.Daphne Loves Derby
3.Hawthorne Heights
Top five...far too hard. No order:
1) Jimmy Eat World
2) Beach Boys
3) Something Corporate
4) John Mayer
4.5) Switchfoot (technically switchfoot about 4 years im marking that as a .5) soo...
5) Mason Jennings.

Yes, it's all popish. I can't help it...
ugh, just 5? fuck that. heres 8 off the top my head ive been listening to as of late..

1. Hanzel Und Gretyl
2. A7X
3. Steevie Ray

FUCK! oops...

4. CKY
5. the Birthday Massacre
6. Vesperian Sorrow
7. Snot
8. Bloodhound Gang
ooo my my my five...
1.Kids in the Way
2.Linkin Park
4.Taking back sunday chemical romance/the used/brand new/all american rejects/hawthorne heights/switchfoot/OOOOOOOOOOOOOO AND HOOBASTANK!
~Velvet revovler(sp) because slash rocks dude!
thats more then 5 but but hey.
peace out.
1. Silverchair
2. Placebo
3. Pearl Jam
4. Green Day
5. Smashing Pumpkins

that was fun. i enjoyed it thoroughly.
if you would be so kind, delete this account. thank you much.
Oh Deadpoetic is my friend so... i'll do this list...

5. Nick Drake
4. The Clash
3. Midnight movies
2. The Mars Volta
1. At the Drive-in (Great that they broke up)
Most Local bands suck thats why you should start one.... they usually are lamer than the most lame emo song
haha. silly newvolta!
Aren't WE alocal band?

Top 5...

5. Willie Nelson (my dad brainwashed my as a child)
4. Headstones (their Canadian, too bad they broke up)
3. Eminem (*cringe*, don't look at me like that)
2. Shel Silverstein (not the children's stuff, the adult stuff of the 60's/70's... Dr. Hook)
1. Dropkick Murphys (punck rock. with bagpipes!)

Of course I am a spur of the moment music listener, but I always come back to these guys.
2.)Black Eyed Peas
4.)Simple Plan
5.)Maroon 5
1. dave matthews band
2. bright eyes
3. john mayer
4. ben folds
5. matchbox twenty

i also love country. martina mcbride and kenny chesney are my favorites there.
if I could actually get on this thing at home instead of just at school, then maybe I would take the time to put my favorite bands on here...but I can't get to it at I don't have time....maybe you could look in to fixing that problem please
1. Coldplay
3. Weezer
4. Taking Back Sunday
5. Keane
1. the beatles
2. ween
3. bob dylan
4. starlight mints
5. prince
1. No Doubt
2. Taking Back Sunday
3. The Cure
4. Bush
5. The Cranberries
Woohoo! Another Coldplay fan.

Come on guys, check them out. They're the man.
Hum...5? ...lets see..
Random top five...

1-The Used
top five:
-Linkin Park (number 1 and always will be)

and really, I cant think of any other that I honestly like. well I do like a lot of other bands, but they aren't my favorite.
In random Order:
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Led Zepplin
Jars of Clay

hahaha leo. wow.
senses fail
off by one
the beautiful mistake
motion city soundtrack
Mine have to be

1. The Used
2. My Chemical Romance
3. Sense Fail
4. Jimmy Eat World
5. Modest Mouse

3)Insane Clown Posse
4)Afro Man
1. Linkin Park
2. Evanescence
3. Cold
4. Three Days Grace
5. Breaking Benjamin
6. Seether
7. Avril Lavigne

I'm nothing...Kari
top five well here it goes but there is definetly more and these are in no particular order:
1. i can make a mess like nobody's business
2. motion city soundtrack
3. the format
4. my chemical romance
5. fly by night
here you go!
laterr sit diariers!
1) Josh Groban
2) Be Thou My Vision
3) Phantom of the Opera
4) Carmen (the opera)
5) Linkin Park (anything by them)
6) Behind Blue Eyes
7) Land Down Under- Men at Work
8) Feel the Beat- Darude
9) Lifehouse
10)The Way You Like It- Adema
1. the cure
2. david bowie
3. dropkick murphys
4. depeche mode
5. the clash
My top 6 would be:
1.A Static Lullaby
2.Fear Before the March Of Flames
4.Norma Jean
5.The Bled
6. Jessica Simpson/Brittany Spears
1. The Smiths
2. Damien Rice
3. LeAnn Rimes
4. suicidal Tendencies
5. Backstreet boys
I already left a comment, but now I am comment #101

Wow, I've never been this annoying before.
in particular order:
1. Rasputina

in no particular order:
2. tori amos
3. club decease
4. poisonblack
5. the dresden dolls

the last few are subject to change, of course.
1. Dashboard Confessional
2. Seether
3. Audioslave
4.Big & Rich
5. CMF (i'll give you a hint on what it stands for...the first word is figure out the rest!)
#1 at the gates
#2 amen
#3 in flames
#4 children of bodem
#5 cradle of filth
#6 dark tranquillity

iam i the only one who likes metal here...

also punk bands i like

amen,adicts,killing joke,casuties
Hmmmm .... I don't like music much.

Can we do porn stars next?
Nah, Nick, my vote's for movies.
No Order..

Nirvana, Sublime, Pink Floyd, Incubus, Led Zeppelin
1. yanni
2. yanni
3. yanni
4. yanni
5. yanni
i cant chose only 5 BUT the first 5 that come to mind... Nirvana, HIM, The Offspring, Muse and Sugarcult
4.Jack Johnson
3.Ben Harper
2.Pink Floyd
evanescence, green day, apples in stereo, sum 41, and dashboard confessional

oh there's many many more...but these are the top 5...and toby keith's okay...

Well, I'd have to say:
5)The Planet Smashers/Aquabats (they tie):P
4)The Tragically Hip
3)Dropkick Murphys/Real McKenzies (punk with pipes baby)
2)The Vandals
1)Social Distortion
Thank you.
2)tool/a perfect circle

though i like most stuff based on my mood
2)Elliot Smith
3)Pink Floyd
4)Modest Mouse
5)Something Corporate
(no order)
-death cab
-alkaline trio
-say anything
this one is hard for me i'm not sure what ones to put but if i had to
1)Babygirl by sugarland
2)He gets that from me by reba m.
3)This love by Mooron 5
4)Over and over again by nelly and tim mcgraw
5)a song by jojo he newest one but i can't remember at this moment
randomly my 5 favorite bands at the moment

The Used, Lola Ray, The Smiths, Army of Freshmen and Rancid.
Hey this isn't about my fav. bands but is there any way to make a private diary's entries not show up on the main page?
Korek, we must start the porn revolution. Though, to keep this comment on topic, how about people's favorite porn soundtracks?

See? Porn and music. See how that fits together? It's like magic, only instead of a hat and a rabbit, you have a .... uhhh .... [edited for content].
I love rock music! But I love to dance, so I also listen to rap and r&b, but only if its like dance/club music. My favorite bands are the following:
1. Taking Back sunday
2. The Used
3. Finch
4. The Rasmus

I also like Emery, Skillet, Brandston, Brand New, Unwritten Law, Thursday, The Secret Machines, The Postal Service, The Juliana Theory, The Donnas, Sugarcult, Snow Patrol, NOFX, My Chemical Romance, Muse, Hawthorne Heights, etc.
my top 5 musical artists would have to be:

Great Glass Elevator
Kevin Devine
Die Radio Die
A Storybook Ending
The Smiths

Dream Theater
Finger Eleven
Van Halen
Brain Salad Surgery
Neil Young
Senses Fail
Taking Back Sunday
Story Of The Year
i would have to top 5 bands would be:
1. Simple Plan
2. The Used
3. Mest
4. Taking Back Sunday
5. My Chemical Romance
and one more
6. Story Of the Year
my top 5 favorit bands or singers would have 2 be
-N*SYNC(dont laugh but i love boybands)
-good charlotte
-hilary duff
-simple plan
-ashley simpson
yeah i'll admit it i like pop music
Rage against the machine

I am old, and have fat fingers, and cannot read or type. This was all performed through translators and super-intelligent lawn gnomes. By this, I mean my typing.

For future reference, the gnome typing previously who typed 'korek', has been taken care of. You know what we mean by this.
OK, I've got a question...
on my diary, how can I put a pictures on there without it being the header for all my entries? Isn't there a way I can just put some to the side or something?
--brand new
--bright eyes
lil jon --*
snoop dogg --*
ATB --*
cam'ron --*
definitly linkin park!!!
3 days grace
lost prophets
and daley's not sure what its called but im sure their AWSOME!!
1.good charlotte
2.alexisonfire doubt
dashboard confessional
matchbook romance
blindside and dead poetic

(you know it's really hard to only pick 5 :P)
hmm hmm hmm

alien ant farm
early third eye blind
pink floyd
and one more: jewlius seizer!!!

we like to mix it up ;)
Top 5 bands:
1-Slipknot[seeing in concert jan.9th]
2-London After Midnight
3-Android Lust
4-VNV Nation
5-Kittie-[seen in concert]=D
1. Yellowcard
2. Matchbook Romance
3. Senses Fail
4. Story of the Year
5. Green Day
top nine, you say?...

no particular order:

*the flaming lips
*david bowie
*the smashing pumpkins
*ennio morricone
*a tribe called quest

sorry i couldnt narrow it down to five. its really hard to say that i like one more than the other.
Can some Radiohead fans give me the names of some of the better Radiohead songs? I'm looking into them.
1. Live
2. Guns n Roses
3. Muse
4. The Secret Machines
5. The Datsuns
6. Billy Idol
7. Coldplay
8. Blur

....Sorry for going three over.
ben folds five
jump little children
fiona apple
rufus wainwright
oo fun um ok

1. my chemical romance
2. fall out boy
3. TBS
4. matchbook romance
5. senses fail

I forgot one. Here's my actual list now:

1. Coldplay
2. Linkin Park
3. Incubus
4. Chevelle
5. Billy Talent

Haha, I love how we're all serious about it.
1. Good Charlotte
2. Slipknot
3. Three Days Grace
4. POD
5. Disturbed
Brittney Spears
Destinys Child
Lindsey Lohan
Boys Night Out
The Used
Hawthorne Heights
My Chemical Romance
From First To Last
Deep Enough To Die
My American Heart

Okay. So I don't know how to count.. kill me.
when i go to my blog it turns orange... so can you maybe try to help me fix that?


Boys Night Out
The Used
My American Heart
hmm thats all i remember from the question asked haha opps?
top 5....erm...
Michelle Branch
The Who
Dashboard Confessional
Aimee Mann
oh dear....I've forgotten does that happen? And the Donnas....the Indigo Girls and Default....that should just about cover it

~Tell Them True Stories~
1. Mclusky
2. Modest Mouse
3. AC/DC
4. The Hives
5. Spoon
6. They Might Be Giants
7. The Flaming Lips
8. The Strokes
9. The Shins
10.Pink Floyd

and i know AC/DC is kind of out of place, but they're awesome.
and seriously. check out mclusky (esp. 'mclusky does dallas'). they don't have much of a following here in america, but if you like something thats rockish, punkish, and with a dash of pop, you'll definitly like them
1. guns n' roses
2. rancid
3. the adicts
4. afi
5. anti-flag
1. something corporate
2. the killers
3. snow patrol
4. the format
5. franz ferdinand
oops i forgot jimmy eat world

6. jimmy eat world
0.theblackdahliamurder/1.catharsis2.CIRCLE TAKES THE SQUARE/3.themarsvolta/4.thevelvetundergroundbelle&sebastianRADIOHEADpinbackasilaydyingnewbornbridgetosolacetalkingheadsthebloodbrothersmodestmouseminusthebearAMERICANFOOTBALLcap'n'jazzthedillingerescapeplanconvergethepostalservice[anything|CONOR]/5.takaru [[[------------------]]] there's just too many bands to list. (5) i hate your stupid limit. stupid scott, i love you.
most ppl on here like rock
yeah, guffaws galore as i forgot to mention the cure and the smiths. cheeses christ what's wrong with me. i've probably forgotten to list so many more... so why am i even doing this? because i'm a radical hurricane.
1-- Good Charlotte
2-- Switchfoot
3-- Something Corporate
4-- My Chemical Romance
5-- Lost Prophets

And my fave local band
x-- Styk Figure


001. iron & wine
002. tilly and the wall
003. bright eyes
004. mates of state
005. blonde redhead
1 misfits
2 led zeppelin
3 adicts
4 afi
5 lars frederiksen and the bastards
whoops i forgot the casualties, the exploited and (local band) pelvic thrust
1)foo fighters
2)tori amos
4)Avril Lavigne
5)Vanessa Carlton
1)guns n roses
2)velvet revolver
3)good charlotte
-modest mouse
-red hot chili peppers
-death cab for cutie
how do u retrieve lost or stolen passwords?
Please help!!!
Scott, as they say in France, "Je cracherai sur votre nom de famille et le déshonorerai considérablement."

Translation: it's time for a new "what's your favorite ____?" post on the news journal.
the postal service
bright eyes
green day
mi pelicula favorita es....

those are some pretty auesome bands. hmmm... movies:

dead man on campus
the butterfly effect
american wedding

those are some pretty auesome bands. hmmm... movies:

dead man on campus
the butterfly effect
american wedding