Stupid Server

Dear loving sitUsers, So the site was supposed to be working glitch-free by now. It isn't. I got the admin to make it so the server wouldn't crash every few hours. Now the http server doesn't crash, it appears as though it's still running but won't let anyone on - like it's frozen. I've got my admin guy working on it. We never had this problem before the upgrade. Sorry for any inconveniences and all that jargon. Good day, Scott
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hey your site rules, and i havent had any probs with the html. BUT my mum IS listening to tony jo white, nothings ever right with tony jo white. WO i ryhmed!
did you dis allow picture posting for non paid users?
and..thanks for all your time and effort on this site. i especiate it very much.
Question: is there a Help page somewhere or what? ie, how to pick pictures in entries and such?
Yey! You got "friends only" back! I ♥ you! You are a god.
hi, um, i have a question. when im updating my prefs, i want a new header. before there was the upload pics thing, and its gone. i want a new header- help me out, bud!
hey look it will pass
I have a q:

how do i make my background a picture??

well thank you for trying
im a nuwbie and i really apreciate ur efforts, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!
hey scott..i was curious to know if there was any way we could transfer old entries to a new diary?? i tried looking for the FAQ that used to be here but i couldnt find it..
this will all be resolved soon. Good job Scott! No rush.
I like jargon.

With pickles and mustard on rye.

Excellent site here, sir. Do what you can do and nothing more. The whiners can go eat crap.

hey scott...i just wanted to let you know that i love sitDiary like a lot...and if i had money I would have like 5 million paid accounts..just so that u could make sitDiary the best out there...but unfortunatley i lack in the money dept. so when i get a job, (i'm 16...) I'll upgrade my account to a paid one..i promisee!! Byee!
Erm..Did you get rid of the "friends only" setting? And was there one for only members who are logged in to be able to read your thingy? Er..if there was, can you get it back? Because people found mine, so I only want sD users to be able to see my journal thing. Thanks. ♥

hey i have a technical ? about my diary.can you email me please?
I stil love you.
i DO indeed mean YOU

i'm clogging up your server with pictures
It's ok. Through server problems and all, I still want your body.
I still think you coo
thanks for trying to resolve it. it's really not a big deal though, it'll get fixed.
thanks for all you do, take care.