Spring Cleaning

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After moving hosts a while back, apparently a few things got neglected, so I took it upon myself to get stuff working again. As it turns out, it was nothing crazy, but so far I've fixed:

  • User Profiles
  • Comments Viewer
  • Friends Post Viewer
  • Buggy stuff behind the scenes

As always, my goal is to bring the back-end code for Sitdiary up to snuff, but for now -- at least stuff works.



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Hmmm... I should probably make a new News post. 🤔
thank you so much for keeping this site up and running after all these years. I think I discovered it in the 8th grade - 2003(?) or so. I've just started writing again and I've learned it's helping me cope. PLEEEASE, never take this site down! :)
I really hope this never disappears because I've written here since 2003 if not before and rereading my stuff I'm like wowed. So I hope you know this is an amazing experience.
It's 2018 and i'm trying to change my color scheme. Nothing is working LOLLERSKATES.
Not sure if you will ever see this but I was looking for a way that I could archive my blog. I would hate to lose the angst years. I wish I had a better way to contact you, My email is the same as my username here just add 89 at the end. Its the (g)oogle (mail)s d(o)t (com)))). I was thinking spinning up ubuntu with Apache2 and maybe making a local mirror somehow.
Hope I hear from you soon.

PS. Posted this two places, not a bot.
Thank you for keeping this site up.
Hi I love you still! But can you for real delete this diary? It comes up when you search my name and that is bad news for me as a professional. What kind of parents let their 13-year-old write things on the internet?
Hey Scott is there an email address i can reach you at?
Delete me forever please! Just this one! Thx. Much clown love.
My friend can't remember her password to log into sitdiary, how do you go about retrieving lost passwords? I tried to go to the forum that was posted, but the link didn't work.
always good to come back and reread my teen angst :)
You're the best! Thank you so much.
you are too hard on yourself.

you're the man scott!