Sitdiary making a comeback?

It's been a long time since I've seen Sitdiary growing like it has been lately and I must say, it feels good. I saw a day with 5 new users, 4 new users and now today- 3 new users. It's just like it was back in 2001 when things just started getting hot. It makes me proud. Just wanted to update you guys and tell you to enjoy yourselves this holiday season. Peace, Scott
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quick scott. you need to delete my diary since the control hasn't been created for it.
if you can delete it yourself i would appreaciate it. it's time to move on away from this. that which kept me here is already over and done. do me a favor yeah bro
Scott, I just wanted to thank you for never giving up on this site, it means so much to many of us anonymous users. Thank you a lot.
I definitely hope this site stays on pretty much forever because it's definitely grown on me! I pretty much check mine everday and write in it whenever I have something interesting to talk about...Even me and my friends use an account to solve our problems between each other...This site is a part of my life, so you should definitely keep it going for as long as possible!
hey, people are spaming viagra ads in the comments.. is there a way to delete multiple comments at once? or a way to make them stop?
wow i haven't been on here in a while now..I hope everything gets back to how it used to be with everyone. i miss that

Someone with this IP address is sending spam comments (
thought you should know
i still use sitdiary! =]

i love it
yea man keep it goin
this will always be a place that is special
and its all cause of ur time
thank you!
Hey. Can you help me out here? How'd i delete friends? I added someone by accident! Help! -bx
hey scott. so i can't remember the password to this diary i had a while ago, and the e-mail it is under got cancelled so i can't get a new password sent to me. any way i can get a new password sent to my new e-mail?
hey scott, i just changed up my background today and now none of my entries are coming up...

i dont know if there's something wrong with it or something because of me changing it but if you could possibly look into it i would appriciate it... my email is
You really, REALLY need to do something about the forgotten password stuff. I've had my account hacked a lot in the recent few days. I would really like to have it stop.
You should update monthly or every 2-3 months at least. It would be nice. And don't lose hope on SitDiary. You need to come back with some change and I know it will grow again as it once did.
I looove Sitdiary and I just passed on this wonderful site to a friend. He shall sign up soon enough.

Can you help me out with my journal, I can't delete friends or interests. Any ideas?
Oh man, I miss those days. They were so much fun!
Heya Scott, i used to have two other diaries (xpiecedangelx, xpiecedangel2x) and recently i've wanted to view them (as they are years old, started them in 2003?). Everytime i type the username in, it tells me the user cannot be found. Did they get deleted when you transferred from the old site address? i miss them and want to get them back!!!

Thanks, Vienna.
Whoa guys. Sorry, I didn't see that there were so many comments here. I'm going to have to go over each one individually, so bear with me.
it will never be like before. le sigh
UNLESS... you keep your word about taking over myspace with our great interwow skillz and thus,making sitdiary the ultimate web blog in the world, including part of Mars

I think I started a slight trend when I began spreading the word of my (new) sitdiary. I remember when there used to be horrible difficulties on the site a few years back, but things seem to be a lot better now. Thanks for providing such a great site!
@Ashley- Thanks!

@Michellesaid- Awesome, much appreciated. Yeah, we can definitely use the publicity once again. :)
I loooove SitDiary.
Thanks for doing a great job with this site. Happy holidays, here's wishing you and your family a wonderful year ahead! :)
Scottieeeee! Thanks for keeping the site running. SitD is like the little corner shop with the nice things and lovely staff, who you always go to first (because department stores are so bloody annoying). Merry Christmas!!
Scott, its been great years brother. Sitd pretty much kept me sane at times.
you should have a mode where we can only have sitdiary readers that are logged in be able to read our diaries
sitD has kept me sane over the past month, i dont know if i would be in teh same place without it. thank you!
You are the absolute best. Just thought I'd mention it.

is there anyway of being able to post entries from a previous date, but still have them show up on the side in the correct order, rather than the actual date they were created?
You're amazing, bud.
I hope this isn't completely random, but I (think) I recently changed my password in a rush to keep someone from signing into it and forgot all about doing so/the actual password. Oops! I clicked the forgot password button and typed in my email and username but it didn't work. Is there any way I can get my password back that you might know of? The username I can't log into is royalxtragedy if that helps any.
It probably doesn't help that the comment I wrote below this one is anon. It was from me.
I just wanted to thank you. I just realized I've had this diary for nearly three years now and it's been an outlet that entire time. It's not fanatical and superficial like myspace and facebook. It's just a quiet, close knit community of people spilling their thoughts. And I love it. Thank you. Kelly
Is there a way you can give me my password to my old username? It was soo long ago i dont even remember what email i used with it. i probably just made one up anyways. i just wanna read my old entries and stuff. is there any way u can do this? :-(
hello... i've been trying to change my webpage link on my preferences because the one i have there is not mine but i can't. i keep deleting or typing my real webpage and it keeps going back to the same. help!