Logo Design: 2

Here's an example of what the logo will look like on an actual shirt: (click image) You can actually click on the image to purchase the shirt if you want to be awesome. :) Keep sending in ideas! Email: Logo Design
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i dont get why it says www.sitdiary.net
instead of diaries.suchisthis.com

hey scott-

[baki] left a comment on my diary, he lost his password and wants you to reset it. here is his email address:

thanks :)
that is a really ugly shirt.. im sorry but who is going to wear a shirt that has a chair on it and tells everyone that they like diaries.. its really lame. once again im sorry.
can u delete thisis2cool4me!!!
deathisceratin is mad hating on your skillz scott! want me to do something! I got yo back hommie. I actually like it on a shirt but will it come in assorted colors holmes?!
is there any way of changing the name of you example mybabylovex3 to xImAllyOursx3 with out getting a new email address and account?
Thanks so much ,
this is by far the best thing i have ever seen in my entire life.

the color, the recliner, the text...its amazing.

im so glad i get to make out with the maker of this here shirt. im not worthy.

your always encouraging partner,
the "h" is a chair holmes!!!!!
it would be a chair indeed.
so calm down!
im telling you scott my main man mayonaisse...we could be unstopabble!!!!!!!!!!! :]
awesome!!! i think you should make two shirt though, one like that and one that jsut has the big pic on the front and nothing on the back (i think most girls would, like me, be more likely to want ot wear it :P)
but yeah htey're still kickass!
xox watsername aka csquared
Personally, Scott, I loved the t-shirt. If I were presently capable of buying one I'd do so in heartbeat.

you know that FAQ page? i was just wondering whats up with it. is done and where is it? i havent heard anything so i was just wondering
yeah, thats mad! a bright blue chair.

If only I could...