update squared.

hello again friends, we are a lot closer thanks to a handful of people. so far we've received $140...that's almost halfway... we still need $160 until we can move!
Donation Amount
if you don't have a paypal account, dont worry. email scott at scott@suchisthis.com and he'll send you his address. we'll take any form of money except coins. thank you so much to those who have already donated. you'll get something cute in the mail very soon if we have your address.
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yea i cant get into my diary... i just made mine and i cant seem to get back into it.... i'll sign in and everything and then it takes me to a link that says this page has expired do you think you can fix it for me??? thank you i would really appreciate it ~Sara~
hey! i was just wondering why i couldn't upload ne pics from paint even when i've saved them under jpg/gif...if you could, please tell thanks!!
How do you delete an account?
Please could you delete this account
How do you get bold and italics and underlining in the text?
how do you delete usernames?
Question: can you put like short movies in diaries? like.. a music video or some such? if yes, what would be the code?

because I make short movies of live footage of this band that I'm sorta managing.. and I was just wanting to put one or two of them on here. but if i can't then, thats fine.
I can link them from my website onto an entry, like you would a picture?.. i think?
not trying to complain but it will probly end up happening
Hey yehh i was just wondering if you could erase the screen name xoxlyssyxox it was my old screen name umtil pple hacked it and yehh the meial adress on it should be xxbamchickyxx@aol.com if you dont belive its the real owner AND the origional password was dallas until they changed it so yes thanks ALOT!!
what is paypal?
sorry man.. but i can't donate.

i would give you some if i could.

but anyways. i have a problem and i've been noticing it on other journals. pictures from quizzes and other sites won't show up anymore. why is that?
u told me 46 bucks and i donated 40... SOMEONE DONATE 6 BUCKS!!!!!! um... that outburst got me sleepy... BYES!!!!!!
i promised, and i delivered. is 15 bucks enough?

i can't wait for the paid accounts. =)
im sorry i have no money i can spend right now. but when i do i can problaly send like 10 maybe more sorry wish i could help now
please help. none of my entries show up anymore! what do i do?
do you mean mail-mail? or eMail? lol ^^ (just curious)
hey scott tell this assfucker irishxfreak to leave me the hell alone or i will kill him and his stupid computer
um... im new to this diary thing... just wanna know what will happen when this site is moved? will we have to pay monthly to keep writing or will it just be the same... will my pages be deleted? um... thats all i could think of asking right now...laters
i love the site and i donated but ill send more later if i can
i emailed you about a picture problem a while ago...please email me back!!!!
A p.s to my previous comment, as my diary notes are unreadable, here's my email address: jcl@supanet.com.
Hi, I've got a technical problem with my diary and was wondering if you're the person to speak to about it?
Since the problems with the SIT Diary server a few months back, the text that made up my entries has been "scrambled". Is there any way that can be corrected?
hey scott, can you possibly delete the diary LateBloomer? thank you.

pee ess, im sending money via snail mail.
i have pictures over 100 kbs in my image manager that take up my space, but when i try to delete them, it says the file does not exist, what shall i do?
I feel so guilty for using this as my playground and not paying anything, but I have no paypal, no credit card and live in europe, so how will I get the money across?
Any suggestions?
By the time I get any money on my hands that I can spend, you will already have enough. I'm tryin' man...
just wanted to let you know that ill be donating again soon. I'll have to mail it but i promise as soon as i my pay check ill send another 5 dollars







I'm working on it.
Right now.

I think my donation email and journal email are different...or that I use that email for a different journal. But I guess this note is pointless because I check that email anyway. That email being snadek@hotmail.com.
But yeah, I like nice things.
Shiny nice things that massage my feet especially.

Be well, scott and helluva job here on the site.

My bad.. I could just e-mail you. :
ahh I want to donate some money, buttt I need the address and what-not. Just e-mail it to me; fightingxstar@aol.com