Book Quiz

Author Gayle Kimball is writing a book and has asked me to post this quiz for everyone to fill out at their convenience. Apparently, the answers will be put into her new book for kids. Let me know if there are any problems filling it out or getting to it. Please turn off all popup blockers, as this is a popup link. Take The Quiz Thanks, Scott P.S. Alternatively, you can reach the quiz here. P.P.S. For those of you who have lost your passwords, here is a resetting utility: Password Reset
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yeah, i seem to be having the same problem as everyone else. it won't let me change the color or anything. hopefully this can be fixed...
i agree with resla, i can't change my colors and it's bugging me in a way that nothing else can.....grrrrrrrr.....
i still haven't recieved my varification email for this username. anything you can do about that?
how can i delete my diary?
question: are other people still getting comment spam? i seem to still be receiving them on entries that no longer exist, but the spammination is still visible for these non-existent under 'all comments'
hey scott.

can you PLEASE get rid of the "you know what to do"?

thank you.
ALSO. please fix the comments. when you press enter, the enter doesn't show up when you enter the comment so it's all one big paragraph.

andddddd please fix the preferences. THANK YOU.
There is no update button on the Page Preferences list. I'm a little confused as to why this is because every other page has an update button except that one.

Please fix it!
Booooo. The old look of the preferences page is better!
Hey, the menu bars on my page should be #000000 but they show up blue and in the preferences it says "PageMenu". What gives...?
ackk I need help!

since the menu for everything has changed, it changed my layout too. It won't let me change the menu background colors. it just says, "PageMenuBack" and each time I change it, it just goes back to that.

and is there anyway to block a certain diary from leaving you comments?
how do i delete my diary?
There is no update button on the colour preferences... it makes me sad.
mine has an update button. i don't know what the hell everybody else is complaining about. so basically this comment is merely me complaining about not having anything to complain about. dammit.
my menu colour keeps setting itself, and for some reason won't let me change it. i don't know what i should do?
Thanks for the fix, Scott.
when will the delete diary option be finished i want to delete like 8
how are the hits that are added up at the bottom of each entry? is it a count of the amount of people that click on entry or is it counted by who views it through your friends list?
get rid of the you know what do do.
hey dude man scott... the new prefrence thingy wont let me update color! how frustrating that is :(
Hey Scott. Can you please delete this diary? Or tell me how to do it? Thanks.
could you delete my diary? i never use it anymore
~single tear drop
Hey cool I took it.
it's not working.
even though i turned off my popup blocker.
yeah, don't work sugar.
Hmm, weird...

♥Much Luff xx
all better.

Is it possible to get some sitD stats on here? Like, how many entries, how many users, how much time spent on the site... It would be cool.

hey. what's with the you 'know what to do'??
hi i have a question. could you e-mail me back with the answer. i changed my password for my other account dontleaveme is it possible you could e-mail it to my new email ... is that possible?
okay look scott you really need to answer everyones e-mails about our lost passwords. okay im going to seriously kms if i dont get my diary back im in tears writing this.

i lost my password to dontleaveme the e-mail for it is either or but when you get this send the password to my new e-mail

please help! dont look this over!
Scott!!!! I dont mean to be a pain in the ass, but I havent used the email acct i signed up with in like ages....I need to some how get into my Jamster70shippy journal.......can you help me another way? because I have no other way of getting into it, unless you pretty please if you can-help me.....I'll love you forever!!!!!

Scott! thank you so much for the password reset ! I feel so much better playing around in this diary again.'s not working.
is something supposed to pop-up??
scott, i have got to admit, you are amazing. i have not been able to get into this diary for over a year. thank you so much!
SCOTT....please leave me a comment back. Is There Anything You Can Do About The Site Just Randomly Logging People Off?!? i'm getting sick of typing a long-ass entry and then having it log me of when i press post message and it doesn't post it!!! please, if you can, do something about it!!! LEAVE ME A COMMENT!!!!! -my1mutilation
right-click. copy. log-in again. paste.
could you tell us what the deal is with the youknowwhattodo and how to get rid of it?
click the links. make sitd money. links go away. for awhile anyway.
in regard to time-outs after a long period of time while writing entries, there has been a solution in the works for a while now. i just need to finish the concept. for now, go with what nick said. that's what i do as well.
is there any way to delete my diary?
Good work on the preferences page. It's a nice improvement.
is there any way i can delete some friends??? let me know. thnx. -cayla
I have to say, I completely hate your new Page Preferences arrangement. You can't even see the boxes, nor is there a way to access them, to change the colors of your diary. Only on certain computers, and even then 1/2 of all the boxes for the color codes were cut off. Now, what was the need for renovation in the first place? It was fine the way it was before. It doesn't need to look modern, it's the backbone of every diary.