Viagra B.S.

If anyone is getting ads in your COMMENT area, please let me know so I can put an end to the problem. It's disturbing. Also, don't forget to use the HELP diary for your questions/problems/etc. And the question continues (from Sarah), what do you like best about Summer? -Scott
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Ever thought about Updating The Look of the SitD News?
Yeah, Ive got tons of SPAM replies. Like 0 pages worth. I limited my replies to only those with SitDs which has helped.
♥ Summer Lovin'! =)
the water parks definataly
When you edit private entries, they aren't private anymore. That's irritating.
hmm...summer.. Summer loving..summer partys..summer holidays!..and of corse the weather x.X
so sitD was down again for a REALLY long time.. i was sad.. i hope it doesnt turn out to be like the last server.. :(
Whoooooooaaaaa..... what just happened? Sit-d just went out for the longest. Most people I knew couldn't connect to it. : Thats is some scary stuff there Scott. :'( Save us from the Sit-monster that gobbles up access to our diaries. ':o
hey can you cancel my account? the SN is: Losthope
public nudity!
I like being able to relax and I like the weather.

the best thing about Summer is staying up all night on sitD yakking it up with friends on the opposite coast and having to drink coffee like a maniac the next day.

Oooo erm.. Summer Romance.
driving at night with the windows peeled, good music, and a friend to enjoy it with.

thats my epitome of summer.
now they are trying to convince me that online casinos and saving san mateo high school are somehow related.

crazy spammers.
im getting them on not even the latest entry but entries way back...and my diary is set to friends only.
its mucho annoying.

i just found this hidden message:

blog blogger blogs diaries diary free journal journals free online diary write entry entries log private public friends only members only live open melodramatic dead teen teens easy journal rememory diaryland futureme diarist blurty greatest random access memory dear diary inthewire in the wire unrealworld unreal world desktop diary gigantic history project google paid

.... LOLOL.... u buggin
I have gotten at least 5 a day for the last week!!! Thats 35 things of SPAM bullshit!!!
i'm getting them. i've gotten tons, all on my "on the rocks" entry. i've deleted most of them, but they are annoying as hell.
I am, I am, me, me, me!!! One day I deleted, seriously, twenty comments about home loans and online poker and pharmacies, and that was the total for about three days.

They're not on my other diary or on most of my friends' diaries, which is weird. I wonder why they picked who they did.

Although after I mentioned the comments were too long for someone who doesn't have an account, they became much shorter. Interesting...