Hello Diariers, It is now well into summertime and we hope you're enjoying yourselves. This entry will be a nice change to the traditional "bitch about sD" entries. Leave a note letting us know what your favorite thing about summer is.
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sitting in my house doing nothing...its grand (insert very sarcastic voice)
best thing about summer is the freedom to worry about more important things than school.

however, i would just like to suggest that you make it really easy for people to delete their diaries. that would give you a lot more room, and, well, i could delete my old diaries.
The smell of the sun on my skin. :)
black people get even blacker!!!<33333mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
the sun
no school
sleeping in
free time
everythingggggg :)
Its winter here,

but in summer I love the not-cold toilet seats and long swims on the beach at 6 am

The google seach thingy is great.

i was j/w if you got the money ? to keep them diaries? ok laterz
I need to know if SitDiary will be closing soon. If it is, I need to save all of my entries onto a disk. I have too many memories on this site that I don't want to fade as time goes by.
eating watermelon on your porch while the heat is hitting your back. the smell of sunscreen or tanning lotion while your squishing your toes in the sand. the salt water from the beach stinging your eyes while you still go at the waves. countless roadtrips with friends. my all time favorite things of summer
Is SitDiary closing?
being able to throw off your layers of stifling heavy clothes and replace them with what is effectively underwear. and the smell of suncream.

these are the two best things about summer.
I like Summer because my parents work all day, and I get to go to Jazz Camp.

But I hate summer because I sit at home on my ass all day, with no air conditioning, and its bloody hot. Plus I have to go to hell (aka, Lloydminster) every summer to visit my Jehovahs-witness grandparents. Oh, yay.

I really miss school! I always do.
Wearing my man-thong in in public. I.E., water parks. I'm very photogenic.
absolutly nothing
i like winter
my B-day, this year i'll be 18, so thats the best part of the summer i think=)
summer nights i suppose. what beats cemores, stars, and your friends hanging out in the dark?
why is the site down sometimes
summer nights with a sweater and a pretty necklace. being the prettiest girl among the mosquitos and the fireflies. feeling someone else's heat. sweat making me stick to the naked boy lying in bed next to me.
can someone help me? i dont know how to put a picture in an entry.. HELP. thank you.
favorite thing about summer...thats a hard one....theres so much great about school, hot guys, seeing friends, smoothly shaven legs, blue skies, clear nights, sun, pools, longer days, i could go on there really is not one good thing about summer it is all good...anything without school just totally rocks, then add everything else to it and summer is the best time of the year...yay
Sadly, I have been working all summer and having minimal fun, but that's life!
Other than that, I am trying to have as much fun as possible...
ahh beaing lazy, sleeping in
definitely not digging the ads on my diary page :(
100!! YEAH--i just wanted to be number 100!!
Need help? Check it out, The Advice Diary!

Scantily clad women.
dude i know oyu have alot on your plate with this server and all but i want you to know how much i apprecate it . however i have a question my friends found out my journal and i DONT want them to know so how can i change my name
yeah, seriously. the ads are helping to fund sitdiary since no one donates anymore. i don't really ask that anyone does donate, so it's better to have temporary ads once in a while than anything.

i don't ask a lot from you guys, so i think ads once in a while won't kill you. it won't be constant, just when we need to pay for .. you know, server costs.

that's as big of a guilt trip as i will give anyone.

just know that the ads are temporary and intermittent.

thank you, bye bye.
i wish i were able do enough, or more. god, these kids suck ass. donate money! the ads fund sitdiary.

i like the weather in the mornings. sometimes it gets so hot that it makes the mornings very cloudy. sometimes, not.

shows shows shows!
whether it be local or not.
there's nothing better than
going to shows in summer. <3
LIghtness in the air......
i dont like the links for the music part. its gay.
in regards to the ads- they will be gone in a few days, people. don't freak out please.

instead, C.L.I.C.K. on them as much as you possibly can.
These ad's must go away=[
warm laziness.
WHY ARE THERE ADVERTISEMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they STINK!!!!!
how come the music from iwebmusic doesnt work on my diary anymore?
Solero shots
that'c cool what you did like put the link for the music tiight! you got props from me!
the thing i love about summer is no school...and being update evryday but im on my friends name right now cause i lost my password ...wut do i do? my diary is Shyone042189 and my email is plz help i love this site
grrrrrr-eat news. i got a job, so i will donate as much as i can to sitDiary. and i mean as much as i can, because i do have to save for a car and pay for a cell phone. buut, i will do my best to help! bye bye!
"The smell of the sun on my skin."

Hey, cheeseandbeans, isn't that something along the lines of cooking?
bathing suits
* In every girls life there is a guy she will never forget, and the summer when it all began *

Yeah. I dun care too much for summer. means being home with the parental figures. but this summer, has been the best. one I will never forget. <3
my favorite thing about summer

is frozen lemonade

Freedom from the BS of everyday life in Highschool.
its winter in austrailia.but i love summer
i live in the tropics, and we have thunderstorms at nite and they r so cool!
they knock ova trees and stuff!
its so mad
and it reaches 45 degrees celsuis where i am!
hooray for hot weather
im spent
iced tea
Hi. I would have to say that my favorite thing about summer is that i get to c my friends more and go swimming more. But I hate not being in school. I'm propably the only person u'll ever hear that from but it's true.
For me it would have to be no school. Which means I can hang out with my friends anytime, not just on the weekends :)
my favorite thing about sumer is the beach. you can lie down on a beach blanket and tan or go try to ride the waves. also looking for guys doesnt hurt either...
my favorite thing about summer is that I don't have 2 put up with teachers and "uncool" people talking to me... but I don't get 2 see my suke :(
no school
no job
free time
outdoors and friends

the end♥
my fav thing about summer is not having to do anything at all if i dont want to. basically having the right to be bored. when schools around you dont actually have time to be bored.
My birthday is in the summer. And I like summer because it's a way for me to have an excuse to be lethargic.
That I finnaly get to have a life and a girlfriend.
Getting rid of friends and habits that weigh you down. I don't know why this is unique to summer. Maybe just in my experience summers have kinda been a make or break test of friendships and people.

Oh and I like Ice Cream and the smell of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion.
my favorite thing about summer is drinking and sex.
all my other summers kinda sucked, but so far this summer has been crazy...first my mom laft to PR for like two weeks and i had the place to dude stood over with me most of the time and we got drunk and high alot...then she came back, so it was party at my cousins house...i got a job, so no smoking for me cause they give drug test *cries*...drinking aint bad though... and i've been doing that ALOT... ALCOHOLISM RULES!!! AA COULD WAIT!
My Birthday is in the Summer. :P That's one of the reasons why I like it.

Humid weather after rain sucks though. :P
welll.... the best thing bout the summer for one is NO SCHOOL. you can never beat no school!!although im not a summer kinda person no school just rocks.
Being summer is the BEST thing about summer! yay! It rocks the most! Does this mean, Sit is okay and we're not shutting down? Me and Becca would DIE if Sit shut down. Really we would. You just don't know. LJ sucks SO much, well, maybe it doesn't but I love Sit better. LOL. SUMMER IS THE BEST!!!
My favorite thing about summer: going out late, being with people I love and most of all eating!!!
Lack of having to get up early in the morning! =) But if I listen to the academic year I've got FIVE FUCKIN' DAYS 'til summer.

hanging out with my friends that are home from college...not having to go to college...the smell of the grass right after it rains...and fireworks.
The smell of freshly cut grass - or is that more of a spring thing?

The smell of the pavement after a summer shower.. especially when you are dodging future rain drops :)

And yay for sit being accessible again!

Amy xxx
eesh...I don't like summer I'm a winterkid..BUT...nothing beats having no school!!! yay!! I'm glad Sit is working I love Sit!!
Having no school, period.
laying around doing nothing and bein a fat kid is the greatest. swimming, playing field hockey. waking up @ noon and goin to sleep @ 5am, doing whatever you want unless you have a job, which sucks.
My favorite thing about summer is going to the pool. You can tan, you can play volleyball, you can swim, you can eat, you can dive... the fun! Hahaha.. I love the pool. I'm starting to tan a lot! :)
Summer isn't going well this year.
Someone, anyone, please read some of my latest entries and help me. I need someone to talk to. I need advice on what to do. Read the entry titled drugged.raped.killed. and some before that and tell me what you think.
i really need people to talk to.
Sleeping in until whenever I feel like it. It's the life <3
loving the damn summer.. schools going to be a bummer.. sites been down a lot.. whys that? working on it? talk to you later.. -ashley
I've noticed that this site hasn't been up and running much lately. I really hope it doesn't get shut down. Me, and many other people I'm sure, would be very upset. I keep all my memories on here. Things I cherish. It's sort of like an addiction- to write in it every single day, and read past entries over and over again. I don't know what I'd do without this site.
i hate the heat but i love how responsibility seems to fall to a minimum. im more of a 'fall' person tho.
I wanna donate to the diary site, but are we going to get the server up and going or what? I mean, if it's being all screwed up and stuff, is it worth donating? Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitching, I LOVE SIT DIARY!! I just was curious.
Going to church camp...taking a boat out on the lake with friends and acting stupid. Good times! Camping by the beach! These things get me excited. I'm getting butterflies as I type...summer rocks.
i know you probably dont care, but i live in las vegas, and it is 6:47 pm and my backyard temperature is 118 degrees in the shade... i hate summer.
this is kind of off of the subject (of what you were talking about), but i was just curious how you got the picutres for the homepage of sit diary. i really like them....
sleeping, doing whatever i want and being able to sit around and stuff! lol no school!
Most would say no school, but there's always that nasty anticipation that you have, knowing that you must go back in the fall.

So I would have to say that hot, sweaty boys at the beach are definitely what make summer great.

naturally, living in Britain, you can hardly call it "summertime"...
Scratch that scott, Im going to keep it for awhile more. Thanks. Shelby
Protecting myself from UV rays when still getting a nice brown tan.

yeah...UV rays.

At first summer is nice because you are out of school and have lots of extra fee time, but after a while that all gets old. It isn't really all that great being on break if you can't get out everyday and do things. I've noticed many of my friends are irritable lately, maybe I am too. I don't's just a summer thing. I hate to say this but I kind of want to go back to school already.
i hate summer, nothing ever good comes out of it. its when ppl change most, and you lose the people who you love. and to top all the pain and suffering of 3 months. you have to go back to school.
I love people. Being with my favorite people, meeting new people, seeing people I haven't seen in a while...all three happened yesterday.

Summer is the cool.
i love the summer thunderstorms...those really big ones, and going outside after it and seeing if any damage had been done. and running around like i was a little kid again. aaaaand no school as always is cool :DDDDD
i love everything about summer.
Hey Scott,
I've been loyal to sit for awhile now and I think you do a great job. (plus your journal entries crack me up). Its time to move on though. Could you erase my journal on monday the 11th or anytime after that? Thanks. You do a great job! Good luck with everything!
And my favorite part of summer is driving 8 hours to camp on the beach for a week...its paradise! have a good one!
No god damn school! Whee.
Thats about it =)
I love summer rain :) and everything else about summer i guess.. staying up all night talking to people and sneaking out to swing :).. summer is just radical

I love summer bcuz it gives you the chance to be who you can't be during the school year.. Everyone becomes who they are supposed to be.. untill august lol.
OHHHHH....... and my 21st birthday is on july.15th........ THE PARTY HAS JUST STARTED!!!!! it would probably end once i hit 30..... or when i get pregnant.... whichever comes first...... :-P
ohh yeah... tomorrow im going to a club where there will be live music and girls got to be 18 and over, but guys gotta be 23... we getting in free, but the rest of the ppl gotta pay 35 bucks!!! hahaha... we rule... its not like a rock/metal/ ect club though... i will be dancing REGGETON(i am puerto rican u know)... so basically it's just mad ppl dry-humping eachother... lol... what my baby dont know wont hurt him... ITS GONNA BE CRAZY...