things may seem broken a bit for now but they'll be working soon.
Why are none of my colors working on my page?
Hi, I hate to disappoint, but I'd like to remove my diary, and the delete diary option says "come back soon". This is more than just a little frustrating, but if you could remove it for me, that would be great.
my entries disappear after a change the date?!?
Hey. . .just wanted to let you know comments are going screwy. . .

Just one thing after another, eh?

When it rains it pours.

Keep the patience :]
We appreciate it.

scott, i just wanted to say thanks for being on top of things.
i mean, after sitdiary was slow for awhile, now that things are picking up again, i'm glad to see that maintenance is up! lolz.
i've got memories on this thing. :]
Hey scott, as a few have already mentioned, the dates are all kinda screwy at the moment. I'm sure you're well aware but its happening across the board to everyone I guess..talked to a buddy...

Anyway..I'm glad to see some activity on sitd again! =] *cheers*
My diary is screwed up! All the dates say August 13th. And the text is either really small or really big, and I can't fix the text sizes under preferences, and when I try to change the colors it doesn't work either. What's wrong? Please help!
@lilbit: yeah, once I saw what was going on I jumped on it. that's highly annoying when that happens.
okay. . .so its all fixed now. . .

my page - the entries, side lists, titles, links. . .everything was centered - and when i clicked on other pages they were centered too.

i was wondering what happened.

. . .its not like it now. though. so i guess it's all better.

@lilbit: What's centered??
WOAH scott. . .why's everything centered!? Ohmigosh . . . I'm too OCD for this! *has mental breakdown*
i can't add anything to the chat box
like i cannot press the button.
Hey Scott my entry dates are messed up..they all say August 13th, 2008 @ 3:51pm. can you fix that for me please?
@callwaiting718: that's in the works right now. :)

@lilbit: definitely a good idea.

@oolongtea: in case you didn't catch it, my answer was yes.
just so you know, there's now a question in the chat box available for you to answer :)
everyones dates are kind of screwy

about the chat - it's kind of small and hard to find/see.

if more people ever get on at the same time you should think about just making a chat page. with like. . .a little link for it at the top. that way it's bigger and easier to see.

just a thought
can you please fix my diary?
i'm not sure how long exactly i've had it (you could probably figure it out from my anniversary), but all my entries have the year 2009 tagged onto them!
i've had it for at least 3 years, i'm sure.
please fix this!