Giving is good.

Hello. Happy Holidays everyone. Let's share our favorite gift (given or received) for either Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or any other religious holiday during December.
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Last year my grandma got me a black watch with white stitching and a silver outline around the face.
sweet poon of course
Oh, I lied.

Dance dance revolution.
Does sitDiary get any money from linking the "i'm listening to 'blank' music" to Just interested.

Kwanzaa isn't religious man... it's a fabrication to create some kind of cultural identity...umm i guess like Christmas... err.. not Chanukka chihuahua!
Heh. He's so cute..
I like the mistletoe. But the fact that it has zero-affect on me (or anyone... nope, wait, just me) kind of defeats the purpose of mentioning it just now...

So...Er... I like hugs.
Onitsuka Tiger by Asics
Mexico 66

Hello, how do you erase or delete an account?
someone asking me out :) a couple days getting a boyfriend ive wanted for a long time. OO and anything that has to do with music
My friend [scottyboy] gave me a kick-arse Ravens Shirt:O)

On the topic of mistletoe, we have mistletoe at our house but everyone just ignores it. Oh, it's also at about head-level for me, so if I'm "standing under the mistletoe!" then it's on my head.
o yes ive been asking you how do you delete ppl b.c i wanna delete ppl from my freind list cuz they dont write in the site thing ok thenxz giving my mom this pretty light blue scarf...i think tahts kinda special...i guess...
Happy Christmahannukwanzaka to yoooou...
Ah, great commercial.

Anyway, best presents. Well, this year, it's hard for me to say because:
A. I don't buy other people gifts except my family.
B. The only things I'm getting are video games and clothes.

As for past presents, it's hard to say there because I really just got toys. And video games.

I'll go with pink socks with monkeys. I got them for someone in a secret santa thingie.
Urgh, got cut off (ish).

Anyway, it was the best gift I've ever gotten. There was a $100 bill in the box with it too ^_^ Unfortunately the watch was lost in a moshing incident... heh.

The best thing I've ever given... was a fuzzy home-made scarf in a tin with a brand new zippo nestled in on top of the scarf. My friend had wanted a fancy name brand lighter for some time, and she just loved the scarf.

It was... 1 hour ago. I'm happy.
love & friendship
i want everyone i know to be happy
i dont want any presents
just that
merry xmas
i wrote my mom a poem about how she is the best mom on earth and how i couldn't get her a present to match how much she means to me....i got my dad a toy moose with a chirstmas hat.
My guitar
merry chrismahannikwanzika

can u delete my other journal?

How do we delete people off our friends list?


PS: Happy Holidays!
how do i delete ppl off my friends list?

this is weird...

umm... best present, guitar. aweosme.
Ummm I want to delete some friends... and block some people... please!!! And I don't like how we can read the latest entries of our friends, because I have a private diary and just because I'm on someone's friend's list, they can read it... which makes it no longer private!! Please fix that! And let me delete friends.. and block non-logged in users and block other certain people!! PLEASE! thanks, sorry I am a pain!
i just wanted to say that the new thing with the friends list is genious, it makes it a lot quicker and less of a hassle to read/comment on our friend's latest entries. one thing tho, im hoping you don't forget to give us a way to delete friends who don't come online anymore etc.! thx a lot for fizing up the site
hey guys, i have no idea how to email you or anything so im leaving a comment

how do i change my age to 16? i turned 16 on the 20th of december, and it hasnt changed my age....write back
merry christmas! =)
er, well that one* christmas ornament.

Excuse the obvious cheesiness - the Christmas specials have got to me
sorry to bother you but my header info has disappeared and now it wont save anything that i put in it. please help o.o
The Muslim holiday of Eid a few years ago was in December--I got tickets to see Sonic Youth and Blonde Redhead, together.

Also, a lot of Dior. Who could say no to Dior?
Well, my favorite christmas gift is my cat LB. Oh and my snowman! -heather

If you all have any ideas for this, it's for my boyfriend. You can comment back on my diary.
make up a band name...that has 5 words that start with...R M G J D... then tell me ur idea


you cant forget Chrismakkah lol
Oh Chrismakkah!... a reference to the OC.
yes much holiday love to you!


how fun are they to open when your friends give them to you? And the look on peoples face when their from you. haha.

The funnest!
i love receiving love.
well lets c... my favorite gift that was given to me was a bracelet from my b.f that is the most gorgeous thing in the world...
~*~§~*~ .:: MeRrY cHrIsTmAs EvErYoNe ::. ~*~§~*~
favorite gift that ive recieved is probably my digital camera i got last year. and gift given so far this yyyear probably the zebra wallet i got my friend
Given: What I'm giving JD for Christmas this year. ;) [I don't want to say, I don't want him to inadvertently find out]

Gotten: When I went to Rome the first time, my mother started cross-stitching Leonardo's 'The Last Supper'. The next Christmas, she had it framed and matted and she gave it to me. It means a whole lot to me because she put so much work and love into it.

my favorite gift is the one i don't know i'm getting. And it gets me all teary eyed...yeah that ont christmas ornament that my brother's grandma gave me was nice.

and my favorite gift was the one that i gave to this guy cecil. he cried. so it made me feel good.

oh would i go about deleting some 'friends'?
the best gift is the one you didn't ask for, but when you get it, you know it's what you've wanted all along.
the cheated i took a huge glance atthe gift from santa. and i will be reciving the new dell dj. so that will make that my best gift ever. so i end this by saying happy holidays
i peeked........ so far, i'm getting a gc poster, and an aeropostale hoodie.
I still have the Cabbage Patch doll my Grama gave me for Christmas when they first came out...she stood in line for hours and even got into a fight to get her for me. And 2 years ago, my great Aunt gave me a cookbook she made with recipies from my Granny that passed away. So those 2 are the best I've received. I love to give presents, I'm always trying to find the perfect thing for that particular person, so I can't pick the best I've given..yet.
i live to give.

my favourite is when i get a giant silver platter covered in steaks and sausages, put it on someone's doorstep, and lie on it naked, in the phoetal position, with a piece of glad wrap over me so i dont get cold.
My favorite gift to give is to be a good friend to all of my friends so that they always stick by myside and never run away ...
The title for this reminds me of the spice girls.. "giving is good, as long as you're getting"

This year the perfect gift for me I think would be a cookbook that showed you all the different ways of cooking potatoes...
received: sapphire ring with grandmother's intials on the inside. battling cancer for more than fifteen years, she passed away when i was twelve. the christmas after she died, we opened gifts she had left for each member of the family. mine was a beautiful blue sapphire... i keep it tucked away and wear it during the holidays to remember her.
Picnic Lightning, by Billy Collins
given: personalized yogi-phrases written on pair of drumsticks, love
My friend gave me a underoath shirt. hotness best band ever!! B)
and im getting a guitar and cell phone..
okay. . .i dont know where else to leave questions, but i promise i looked. i haven't been around much, but when i came back the friends screen was different. i like how it is, it's really nifty, but how do you delete people? O.O

Oh my! i got a talking's the best!!!
i got a fender cyclone 2 with part of my christmas money one time. i almost peed my pants...
Hi, scott! Look, my old account (sdc) was hacked by a girl called Jemma. She doesn't even use her own diary, which is (jemmarox). I was hoping you could delete my old account so she can't post any other rude stuff. THANK YOU!!!