hello peeps, although we still have a few weeks to go, i'd like to know what your best memory of 2005 is. let's try to limit the dumb answers. have a great day!
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1. My first kiss
2. My first 'proper' boyfriend
3. Having the courage to break up with said boyfriend.
4. V Festival
5. My family & friends
My best memory for the year 2005 would have to be spending Homecoming with my boyfriend. Allthough we had gotten there late and only stayed for a few minutes, it was the greatist night I've had in a long time. I'll always remember how good he was to me and how special I felt.

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Best memory...oh man..where to show, random adventures in park slope, and meeting one of my bestest friends ^_^
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my best memory. hmmm, i would have to say going to florida with my BEST friend in the whole world and my mom. i don't think we've laughed so much in our life! if only it could happen again :(

My Best Memories (sorry, I couldn't choose just one):
- Going to the Dominican Republic with my best girls...and just ebing wild and crazy
-Bartending School, where I learned an amazing trade, and made some even more amazing friends
aaannnddd, last, but definitely not least...
- Getting engaged to the love of my life
The school lockin
The class camping trip
Being up north over the summer
AAAAND several encounters with girls

But, my best friend and I sat around outside at night drinking pepsi, talking about music, girls, life, and whathaveyou. (That is my favorite MEMORY, as opposed to me just having a fun time.)

Ah, nostalgia...

if i wanted to complain about something going on regarding someone abusing SITd, what would i do?

the memoir of living
the memoir of life's continuation presence

and also, that one time I beat the shit out of those hardcore kids near my sister's school. good times
I found out I am a Lion

Roar, Raor.

My best thing this year was finding my boyfriend.

My best memories of 2005--
-My 18th birthday party
-Finally getting to date the man I love
-Seeing my best friends do well in COLLEGE. OMg
Even if they did move away.

-my first ever warped tour.
-finding out Fenix Tx was getting back together
-making some of the best friends i will ever have & gettin into some of the craziest fights of my life
-standing up for what i believe is right & pissing a shitload of people off while doing it.

there were bad, like breaking my ankle & my grandmother dying.. but theyre still important memories. and i learned from all of them.

I have two main things that stick out.

1)whenever me and my dad go on a long trip my dad is weird and he picks out a "theme cd" and we see how many times we can listen to that cd, well we had weezer this year and we listened to it 17 times. I asked my friend if she wanted to go to new york with me, and she was thinking all big city and stuff, but we ended up going to a tractor festival and it was great.

2) eating pizza on my roof.
amazing foreplay in the yr. 2005
doing mushrooms and/or doing ecstasy for the first time. drugs, gotta love em
Meeting Andrew Dalton Wallacew.
And the fair.
And Dorney Park.
good quality time with my sistas this summer
the best thing i did all year was deciding to go to night school.
my best memory was my first mosh pit.
My Favorite Memory was getting some new friends that care about me and think like me .. they also have sitdiary's
hello how are you doing today i got a greenday and i got my chemical romance stuff leave a comment fo rme but one of the sad things is i got could relly bad names at my school
my favorite memory of 2005 was Missouri Scholars Academy. The three best weeks of my life.
my best memory of 2005 was going to the green day concert with my best friend tyler. it was fucking spectacular being right up there on the barricade and seeing billie joe up close and personal like that. we got to the toyota center 4 hours early and were one of the first 10 people to get into the arena... it was awesome... something i will never forget... VIVA LA GREEN DAY
my best memory of last year was meeting up with deadandgone... weve been going steady 11 months and 2 days and still going strong. Thanks to sit diary, i know things about him that made me love him even more... its been a wonderful year with him!
I think the best thing i've done this year was on my 16th birthday.

That was a great day :)
My favorite moment of 2005 has to be either getting together with my boyfriend, starting senior year, or the day I met Disturbed and then went to their AMAZING concert. It's a toss up between those three. Hehe.

I ♥ sitDiary!
My best Memory of 2005 was when I was mentioned to a big record company for singing It was really exciting, but I wasn't old enough.
my favorite moment was when you deleted all of our friends and then i was like, "omygodwherearemyfriends! oh, die evil sitdiary person!" and then when you let us add them all back again because we were too lazy/stupid to remember who are friends were and complained about that and also, man, when you added yourself to our friends' list even though we cannot type and do not know who you are, man that was great.
i cant change my diary back to public ..
it would have to be when me and my friends snuck out and when we came back we couldnt get through the window cuz we were laughing so hard...i could never forget that night even if i tried
its got to be MY FRIEND CASEY'S 14TH BIRTHDAY PARTY...COOL GAMES and loads of FUN!
limit the dumb answers....darn...i shall stay silent...
2005 was a prettyy depressing year for me.

but it was the year before high school where i found out who myy true friends reallyy were.

2005 was also when i got myy first boyfriend. ever. is that something to be proud of?

i don't know.
but yea.
i've reallyy grown mentallyy this past year.
i shall miss writing "2005" on schoolwork and such.

we'll see, we'll see.
the best memory of 2005 was when me and daveismylord made cookies in the shower.
takemylife he said limit the dumb answers quit sharing our secrets shhhh....
no good memories this year, hopefully next year.
is the help section still working?
Team trip to Mammoth Lakes to train for cross country, I had never really gotten along with a lot of the varsity girls before, and being up there for a week wth them really changed a lot of that. It was an awesome experience to do a run, and be able to say "Wow, I just ran 7 miles at 8000 feet"
Definitely meeting my boyfriend now, and any memory that accounts with him is a great one.
my best memory will be happening in just a couple weeks...

when my roommates from hell move out.
2005 was a good year, in spite of losing the love of my life. hah, how pathetic. but i grew so much, and learnt alot, especially about friendship. My best memory of 2005 would have to be crying with my best friend in my garden after drinking god knows how much, about how much we love each other. Weeeird. I loved it.
All the best for 2006 to all..
I know I'm gunna make it one to remember.
My best memory is the moments my son came into the world. Not only did I feel the best physically I had ever felt in my entire life [since I had no pain reliever whatsoever during the ordeal and it, thankfully, was over], my husband and I found out what the sex was, which was a joy in and of itself. That, I believe, is not only the best memory of the year for me, but also of my life.

My friend Sarah's going away party (: Even though I'm sad she's leaving, that was the best party that I've ever been to.
My best memory of 2005 was going to winchester, va with my best friend rachul to visit our's the one place i feel home.
theres is wayy to many memories.
but everything with my best friends jackie adn dillon was a blast
my best memory of 2005 was definately when rosa came to visit after i hadnt seen her in like... 3 months...

we hung around this tiny park and i swung her on a tire swing...
then we bought these ice things and sat around talking and laughing and plotting and ... yeah :)

good times good times....
concert. definitely.

and all me and cara and emily's food lion adventures. YAY!
my first warped was definetely the awesomest thing about this year
the HIM concert in November
The best part of 2005?

Def. Going out to the movies with my BF.

OH! OH! And my party last week. ^^

can you delete my account for me pleasee.
the windy night in march when i lay down in a field under the stars and had my first real kiss.
The first time I kissed my boyfriend. I now know what people mean when they talk about seeing fireworks..
finally leaving my mentally abusive, druggie ex boyfriend jonathan!! man i'm good
hmm. switching high schools to where im respected. its more a arts school than anything.and meeting the horrorpops, and singing for the opening band, for the horrorpops.

oh and seeing tiger army. that was hell.

but its summer in aust and its horrible!!! oh save me
umm there have been a few of them

♥ meeting Barry, now one of my best mates ever, good sex too :p

♥ the wonderful nights out with louise and james, they have been fab this year

♥ going to london to the BGO ( music festival. that was amazing

♥ leaving school, stupid idea at the time but now i have matured more and see that i wanna get away from here


i really like the fact that sarah and i have finally started a friendship, even if it is long distance.

i always wanted this.
best: meeting tom
trying ecstacy
worst: meeting tom
trying ecstacy.

Hey know what sucks is when the creator made the site so eventually you get logged out automatically.

I spent like an hour to hour and a half on one and it booted me off
my first boyfriend breaking up with me. if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have the guy I have now
best memory of 2005...

the week i spent in Marlborough sounds. best week of my life to date.