Hey guys, Here's the story, just cause I feel like sharing. During the move to the much better and much faster server, we upgraded to a new version of PHP. This would be awesome, except-- when I first coded sitDiary, I wrote it with a bit of deprecated code which later turned out to be not so .. secure, so we turned off the part of PHP that made it unsecure. The only problem with that is- it broke poor sit. Now I'm in the process of going through allllllllllll of the code and fixing it, line by line. So as you come across different things, please let me know so I can focus on those things and nurse sit back to health. --Scott
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it wont let me make a new diary...
cannot edit entries you have already saved.
nick, just shut the hell up. The way you type is lame, what you type sucks and your attempts to write something "hip" including fedoras and whatever the hell else you write about makes me want to gag. Youre a 27 year old who sounds like a 16 year old girl when you leave comments like that. He asked for people to tell him what was wrong because he cant see everything, so fuck right off.
Man Kyle... I love you. But maybe you should stop flaming people you ... you... you big... BOOGERFACE.

No one wants your internet cooties.


Fuck, Im cool.
Oh Yeah... keep up the good work Scotty.


Skipants for life.
ive noticed if you comment with apostrophes it doesnt work.

hence the lack of correct punctuation in this comment.
even if a diary is private the newest entry is put on the main page of sit. is there any way to change that?
You are so awesome (: Thank you.
Image manager. Oh for the love of Christ ol mighty, fix it.
would not delete comments left on my entries can not access image manager can not sign up for new account thank you for your time
when i try looking at my previous entry by clicking on "back 10", the page refreshes but remain at the recent entries i was aleady viewing.
this has been a problem for a very very long time! thank you for fixing up sit!
when I go type my current music and select my mood, it wont save it.
but thanx for the hard work!
- bran-d
setting my diary to private doesnt work.

keep up the good work
when i save an entry it saves it three times oh and if there is any punctuation in a comment it wont save
"at no financial benefit to himself"
Pfft, being nice is its own reward.

Youre a sucker Scott. Always too nice to just use the appreciated code, you just had to use the poor ol depreciated code, that is way past its prime. =P

Also, user info and image/friend managers are non-existant. (along with whatever everyone else said)

Also, whatd you do to quotes?! It shouldnt give an sql error when I try to do injections. >:(
hey i hope your having luck fixing sitDiary..i cant wait til its working completely right again! i loove it!

can you please delete my diary

hi scott... i cant edit my entries. like the "edit" button doesnt work.. can you fix it please? thank u.

i cant view entries before the last ten entries
also theres some MySQL syntax error if you type and put an apostrophe into a comment
This pops up every time I click on Friends: Error writing file (**apostrophe sat here**)/tmp/#sql356_13705_0.frm(**another apostrophe sat here**) (Errcode: 28) (1150464803) 1819

and yeah the apostrophe thingy too
Whoa I hope we can delete comments sooooon! :O Im getting comments from the ex! lol. Hope youre doing good scott!
is it just my diary? or are the image preferences not working?
think everyone already said everything, thank you thank you thank you thank you xx

Scott I dontt know what I would do without your hard work. SitDiary is amazing.
we all appreciate your hard work, thank you. however, the back button and edit entry links are not working
scot. honestly i love u and apprciate ur hard work to keeo sitdiary open for us. You dont understand

i ahte to bother u during this time but

my diary LIVINGMYWAY i forgot the password. and i dont believe i still have that email address since i moved out of my dads house. but if u could tell me the email or some other way to get the password pls.

thank u very much

<3 jamie
Yay yay.
Hope everything starts to run smoothly soon enough :)
oh wow. yayness. after a few weeks of errors. i can actuallyy leave a comment. (((=

being sitD deprived is no fun. i even resorted to actuallyy putting myy livejournal to use. bleh.

your entry has the wrong date and my diary wont let me edit an entry that has already been saved. also, my user info is not showing up and i cant change my header. thank you!
I cant delete comments from the all comments section.

Thats all Ive found so far.

Youre the best, Scott.


PS, apparently you cant use apostraphes either, which is why my comment is apostrapheless.
all my entries are gone, except for my recent one..? =[
it wont let me see my header picture on my page
thanks for working on the site and getting it back up and running.

SitD. kicks so much ass.
I am so glad that the site beginning to work again, so thanks for all you do. The one problem I just had is a saved an entry as private, and i wanted to edit it so I could finish it up and make it public, but nothing happens when I click the "edit" button.
im finally starting to use sit again now that it actually is so much better, except my diary, before I took a little break was on private and it wont switch to public... it just says yes over and over again. Thanks for working hard on this!
you need to come on AIM so we can talk scott
i cant put anything in my header. and my image manager isnt working
wow, i would have just deleted the entire site by now. thanks for all the time and hardwork. just so you know - im having problems logging out and it wont seem to let me create a new account.

le fin.

it deleted my HTML in my header section and it wont save any new HTML work. thanks for getting it back up again :]
Dude my friend and image manager are not working, what is going on?? please comment back.

Hi Scott. I just wanted to let you know that I was having problems deleting comments I put on other journals. Also, I cannot leave any comments with apostrophes. Thanks for working so hard on this!
Scott... I appriciate all that you have tried to do to the site to make it better and all... but this whole working only half the time crap is just too frustrating. Please email me at tutorgrrl@earthlink.net whenever you get the journal page deletion thing under perferences up and working. Thank you so much. <3
Scott... I appriciate all that you have tried to do to the site to make it better and all... but this whole working only half the time crap is just too frustrating. Please email me at tutorgrrl@earthlink.net whenever you get the journal page deletion thing under perferences up and working. Thank you so much. <3
i was having trouble commenting. thats what those comments down ther were for. sorry.
maybe i just never noticed this before, but i love the link that lets youu select anyy date to put for an entryy. i can even date an entryy all the wayy back to myy birthdayy. &in myy curiosityy, i learned that i was born on a sunday. (=
uh. hi. yeah. you know that option where you can complain about all the things this guy does or does not do for you at no financial benefit to himself? yeah. it totally works. kthanks.