Friendless Champions

For those of you who are just now figuring out all your old friends are gone, fear not- Check your PREFERENCES and the first thing you should see is the Transfer button. Hit that button and your old friends should populate your new friend list like magic! And please, if you wake up and find your friends list is gone, do not make a big whiney fuss about it because I just made your booboo go byebye. Now, get out of my shower. -Scott P.S. WHY did I do this? So that the hundreds of people asking to "see who has added me as a friend" will be satisfied. Just look at your userinfo toward the bottom. You'll see it.
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i dont want to get out of your shower.

i would like to delete my account how can i?
thank you scotty! i love you and i love sitdiary... as proven by my... multiple diaries.

um small question.... do YOU know how to get the entry background to be transparent???

Ever consider making a setting that only let's logged on users view your diary? Just my $0.02 .

I have a suggestion. It would probably be complicated, I don't know though.
I think it would be really cool to have 'club' type things. Where members can make and join clubs. Where people share intrests, and things having to do with their lives.
Just an idea. :)
okay question for you
how do i delete friends that have made their diary private??
I have a question too...There is this friggen psycho boy who I don't even know, who keeps leaving me nasty and rude comments, and has added me to 2 of his friends list, can you make him take me off and take me off for good,...PLEASE??
could you please delete my diary.

I was going to ask this on your personal diary, but decided not to bother you there:

Does every new person on the site get you automatically added as a friend now? Hmm. You're pulling a what's-his-face. You know. Tom. The myspace dude.
VV But that doesn't mean I love you any less.
i have issues.
i keep trying to change the pic and background on my diary but when i look its still the same.
and yes, i gave it time.
ive given it like two days.
but it still hasnt changed to what i wanted.

i dunno what to do! lol
can i get some help?
some one keeps on leaving me a messagae saying

and it is getting anoiying. isthere anything i can do?

PS- buy my book when it comes out. i dedicated it to your web site. it was here that i was told to publish my poems.
i would like to delete my account how can i?
i was writeing an entry for AN HOUR AND A HALF and when i went to save signed me off so it didnt get to save...i dont know why SitD does this..but its rather annoying...think you could fix it?..if not im just going to delete my diary.

thanks Megan
I dont understand you
I really want to know how i can delete a diary so I can start a new one.
hey there scotty boy, i don't know you and you don't know me, but I decided it would be a good idea to read some of your comments anyways, and i saw a problem that some of these people just can't seem to get around... it's simple really. to make sure you don't lose an entry, everytime you are about to save it just highlight the whole thing, and click copy. that way, if it doesn't save right, you can just try again!!! not too hard...
Phin is exactly correct. That's what I've always done and have told everyone else to do. Either that or write the entry in Word and paste it into the entry box.

So everyone needs to shut up about that.

how do you delete a diary?
If you take more than 15 minutes to write an entry, it doesn't deserve to be read.
(oh nos he didnt)
Cheers, name is leigh...and i was just wondering if you happened to know how to "remember" your password if you forgot it. I had to make a new if there is a way can you please let me know. thanks.
Leigh ♥
You knoowww you love us. (:

You couldn't live without us.



Thanks for all you do on the site, aside from the whiny babies, we all appreciate it.
Nice touch, by the way, ordering friends by most recent updates. Thumbs up.
I'm wondering what does rss suppose to mean?
Thats wonderful ^^!
haha yes ur oh so smart go u .. haha good job=)

you suck.

But what's changed in the new friends list anyway?
thank you!
personally i must say,even though i know ppl who were freakng out about u deleting friends,i didnt. i thought it was kind of good cuz it made me realize i dont pay enough attention to their names and made me notice ppl who i havent talked to in ages.i found most of my friends from going back through old entries and looking at comments.Thank you though for making it so we can add our friends back,cuz i still had a lot more entries to go through.
i was looking at the friend's list.. and i noticed i could see a new entry i couldn't see on that person's diary. so now i realize, its letting me look at their private entries.
i don't think they'd like this.
Okay dude. Sorry 4 my comment yesterday. It's juzt realy hard 4 me 2 make friends and I thought they were gone 4 good.
pretty cool.
I like the count of users and guests. That's a nice addition.

So when can we start paying you for all your hard work?

your twisted, but in a good way, i guess. at least i met new people, so thanks. and i got my old friends back, so thanks again.
Well, I think it is a good idea. What are you planning on doing to improve sitdiary next?
oh you, and your stupid shower. :D.

Aaron ?ô
Thanks Scott....

For all your hard work on the "friends lists", I will be adding you to mine.

you rock

Those four letter words on that ADDICTIVE hangman game!

They're slowly killing me.

Damn them. Damn them all.

man that shit is wack. i did that transfer thing and freaking I have two people I NEVER even had there and I'm missing some hommies up in thurr and I can't delete!!!!

Typed in the incorrect name, can you please delete this account? Thank you.
SO are you planing on making more games??? Are you planing on changing the password for my boycrazy diary like you said you were going to? I would really like it if you could do you said you would and you have not done that yet and it you did you never sent me the new password for it!
scott, you are awesome :) thank you!
hey scott,
I wanted to know how to end a diary?? could you help

Just encountered an issue that I had a question about.

Why does it log you out after a period of time? Namingly 10 minutes is it? I just spent about 10-15 minutes putting a lot of emotion and issues that I have been having with a long-time girlfriend of mine whom I was on the phone with and talking to about said issues. As I pushed the Save button, the entire entry was erased and I was presented with a blank page and indication to re-login...
...Is there an option to at least notify the party about that or is this an option with a different service than the regular login? Just frustraded about loosing my post due to it.