Bear with me, guys.

Okay, So here's what's going on.. right now, we're in the middle of a long migration. Only the front page is in sitDiary 2.0 mode. None of your diaries have been moved to the new version yet. That's because I have to move all of the entries into a central database and all of the comments, all while not losing them or references to them. Anyway, the posts are all done and all your entries are being written to the posts database already. Now I just need to synchronize the comments database with all the individual comments tables, so I can delete all the individual tables and be left with about 10 total. Right now, there are about 3 tables to each user. That's a crapload. Once that's done, I can really put some polish on this thing. For now, please be kind and bear with me. Don't jump ship just yet! We're just getting started. Anyway, I think you'll like the new user area. I'm focusing on making it more user-friendly. Mostly because sitDiary has sucked a lot for about a year now.. always breaking down and whatnot. That's the scoop. I'm out. --Scott
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this is just sad shit. i cant believe youre taking so long.
know what? i totally think there should be a sitdiary chat on here. that would rock my socks.
its cool ill be patient:)

p.s. you're way cooler than tom from myspace will ever be.
lol i agree. you are cooler than tom. sitdiary is the greatest. =]

This is annoying. I can't find a diary - it just goes straight back to the homepage.
i liked the old layout better.
*sigh* i dont think im gonna be a member much longer... eh email everyone or sumthing when you get everything fixed.
hmm, i cant make any of my entries private and urm i need to. id there anything you can do?
pain in the ass, but for old times' sake i think most of us will stick around. and if a few extra bucks will help, put up a donation box.
I understand, and it's great you're doing this, but that doesn't change you being a jerk.
Wtf? He's gotta move all our comments and entries back and forth and change thousands of individual lines of code. Give him a break, it's not a simple one day job.
dude I like the old homepage...plz don't tell me this is gonna be like myspace...I really don't feel like my parents telling me to delete my account again.

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