I think it's sexy.


-The friends only/friends list thing, obviously you know about this one already but I just thought I'd include it.

-A "forgot your password?" option.

-Ability to change the email address associated with your account.

-A "delete all entries" or "delete diary" option, maybe by email confirmation?

This site is still the most awesome diary site. Honestly.
Do you kno how to get a forgotten password? cuz i forgot mine nd need to get it
yea Im dum lol..and technologically challenged so if u culd let me no, how u get a pic or woteva it is for ur background...instead of it being plain (if that makes sense) Thanx. MWahz
i think it screams
mid 60's kitch
no really
its simply awesome/
you know what you should do, for all users thoughnot just paid accounts. more moods. i wanted to my mood the same as my other journal but you didnt have it
im lonely.
could u please allow bitmap graphic files on this site?

just asking.
woah momma.
I love sit. I would die for sit. I have introduced sit to 7 of my friends.

I love it.


This site is, and always has been, awesome.

Johnny Bravo makes me think of Haggis.
Oh, and Johnny Bravo was awesome.

Do they still show it?

Man, he was pretty.
I like it but if you download files with like 20% things in them you can't delete them it makes me mad and I like a lot of my bit files and you can't download of here but other then that ya I like sit diary
You should put something on this main page about the ads. I read that Google gives money when people click on the ads. I don't remember you guys ever mentioning it. We should start some big "ad-clicking" contest to raise money for sitdiary.

I ¢¾ SD.
It is the site I spend the most time on.
But I would really appreciate a 'forgot your password?' option.
I agree with Sarah, especially about the newsletter/mailing list idea. This site rocks, but it has the potential for rocking so much harder

Keep up the good work, Scott.

I love sitdiary its great, wonderful, awesome soooo many words to express my feeling towards sit!=P

Wow this is amazing! i love sit

Why doesn't the header info work anymore? I entered 100% correct code into it for a background picture, and nothing happened, on 2 accounts, I even copied the code from another user I helped and her background is still up, and it still didn't work. wtf?
the best online.
simple enough. i la la love it

enough said
as if fishing for fish wasnt bad enough...

i think the site needs a lot of tlc and improvement. i think you need to fix the private entries/friends list fiasco and i think you need to start paid accounts. i think you need to add the buttons you make and i think you ought to delete the users that havent updated for more than six months.

i also think you should have a mailing list with fun stuff that is neat.

i also think you are hot.
yup yup
Hehehe, I remember Johny Bravo...that was such a lame show....but I watched it because there was nothing better on. xD
sexy action news ... on the job
i love the site!!!
i love it :D
Johnny Bravo was indeed a dumb show..but I love how he said "Man, I'm pretty.." hah. Memories.

The site is awesome. It's the best diary site I've been on, especially since you inform us on what's going on.

I really have no complaints about the site.
i absolutely love this site... i wud definatly choose this one over any other online diary site in the world!! i think u did a great job on it!

~*~.:: Brittany ::.~*~
I'm fo' shizzle liking it, but maybe upload some new layouts for the main page and stuff?

And like have a poll on them or something.

Because maybe you should make a new layout... or change the colors... or something. :)
i think the main page looks fine.
i kind of want to make out with it for at least nine days straight.
is that dandruff?
love this site, im just coming bak to it after leaving for soooo long. i want to get into my old diary, but i forgot the password, any way you can help me ??

my journal name is bttrflikissz and my email is scarlet_spark@yahoo.com

please help,. thnx
I think it would be cool and a lot easier if you could block someone. I know I know, sounds a little to aim, but it would help. it gives you an in between from a public and a private diary.
It's so hot, it makes things that are hot in the literal sense seem only luke-warm.